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10 c

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glastry UK
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  • Sandy Baxley

    hey babe Check me out here on cam now live, ill give you a free show if you get on now! my names Jeniffer23 www.slick-cam.com xoxo bye xoxo

    7/7/08 via Mobile
  • Kyle Spence
    Kyle Spence

    mmmmmmmmmmmm no u fck tard wee mite catch smething while wer der

  • John McBride
    John McBride

    check me page

  • Claire Lyttle
    Claire Lyttle

    sorry but im wiv kristi nd gilmore lol! we havnt sed a fing 2 kate acc! its U has made life hell for yourself lauren so stop slabberin at us...nd wel stop slabberin at u! lol luff yhoos millions xxxooxxxooxxx

  • Le Jambon
    Le Jambon

    yer kate aint like u lol shes dont tink shes is a goth and theres way more but i just cant think rite now lol and ur vampire rabbit sounds cool coz he makes u suffer lmao!

  • Kristi'

    haha eyyyooo lauren take ur pils u grase pot am wit aaron go nd disapear inta ur pink camoflage wen were we ever slabberin bout kate ! i like er lmao [b] [b] [b] :P :D :) ;)

  • Aaron Gilmore
    Aaron Gilmore

    oooooooo wat u gona du fenton dissapear in ur pink camoflauge

  • Laurenn.

    U FUCKIN RETARDS u can slabber at me but NOT MY FUCKIN SISTER waht about all da fuckin things i can say wrong about u ur all fuckin assholes and what pleasure do u have in makin fun of other people,makin there bloody lives hell,putting them down and spredin rumars how the hell can u take any pleasure in doin that make fun of me all u want just LEAVE kate outa this or ud better watch ur backs!

  • -Mat-Wylie-

    hey im still in 10c yay

  • Atlanta Stanfield

    hu made dis we alredi hav 1?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Claire Lyttle
    Claire Lyttle

    wtf is da point in dis we already hav a pge llf!! neway wateva!! xxx :L

  • Kyle Spence
    Kyle Spence

    a new wddf