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nilesh needs to get R:FOM

12/4/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • do this! funny leave comment sayin wt u gt!!!

    Take the first letter in your first name:
    A: I licked
    B: I bit
    C: I sucked
    D: I moved
    E: I rubbed
    F: I smelt
    G: I did anal with
    H: I blew
    I: I stopped
    J: I Photographed
    K: I turned on
    L: I shoved
    M: I tickled
    N: I munched
    O: I turned off
    P: I set light to
    Q: I twisted
    R: I gobbed on
    S: I chucked up on
    T: I looked at
    U: I walked on
    V: I kicked
    W: I played with
    X: I fucked
    Y: I did 69er with
    Z: I glared at

    Take the day you were born on:
    1: The queen
    2: A horse
    3: A dildo
    4: A butt plug
    5: A teacher
    6: A car exhaust
    7: Michael Jackson
    8: A male striper
    9: A pikey
    10: An ugly fat kid
    11: Tony Blair
    12: A cheeseburger
    13: A slut
    14: My dad
    15: An adult toy
    16: A plaster
    17: A paint brush
    18: My mums used tampon (on a heavy day)
    19: A wig
    20: A Flute
    21: An old man
    22: A fish
    23: A mammal
    24: A carrot
    25: A pubic hair
    26: A bogey
    27: A pencil sharper
    28: A school tie
    29: Some used loo-roll
    30: Some Y- fronts with skids
    31: A fit model

    Now take the first letter of your last name
    A: For money
    B: For fun
    C: Because I’m loved
    D: And hated it
    E: To pass time
    F: For a bet
    G: Because I wanted to
    H: Because it was dry
    I: For a free pencil
    J: To get onto a game show
    K: Because my mum said it would turn her on
    L: And loved it
    M: For a pet monkey
    N: Because I was horny
    O: For a free cuddly toy
    P: To win a Ferrari
    Q: So I could get a boob job
    R: For a hob nob
    S: To win X-factor
    T: All for pleasure
    U: For a laugh
    V: Because my pet hamster was dying
    W: For £100000
    X: To skip school
    Y: Because I thought my hair looked cool
    Z: So people will talk about me

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  • stop racism

    A black man walked into a cafe early one morning and thn realises that he is the only black man in there as he sat down a white man behind him said,

    "coloured people arnt allowed in here!"

    the black man then turned around and replied,

    "when i was born i was black"

    "when i grew up i was black"

    "when i was sick i was black"

    "when i go in the sun i am still black"

    "when im cold i am black"

    "when i die i am black"

    the white man paused n just looked

    and the black man then said,

    "when u were born u were pink" "when u grew up u were still pink"

    "when u r sick ur green"

    "when ur in the sun u go red"

    "when u r cold u go blue"

    "when ur dead u go purple"

    but still you have the nerve to call me coloured!!!
    Stop racism!

    Copy This To Your Page And Show You Support Racism

    0 Comments 325 weeks

  • luv hurts

    girl* hi
    boi* hey
    girl* i got somin to tell u
    boi* ok
    girl* well ..... umm i think i luv u
    boi* ok
    girl* WOT DO U MEAN BY OK
    boi* i mean i dont like u in dat way
    girl* y
    boi* i tell u next time we c each other

    so from dat day on every time she sore him she asked y and all he said was the same thing ILL TELL U LATER

    girl*im really anoid now so just tell me
    boi* do u really want to know
    girl* yes
    boi* its because ur ugly as fuck wots da point of goin out wid some1 if der ugly
    girl* oh

    boi just then walks away leaving the sitting der crying her eyes out then her cell phone rings

    mum* hello
    girl* hi mum
    mum* ill b home in 2 hours so can u get home now please
    girl* ok

    as soon as the girl gets hom she runs up to the bathroom

    girl* not pretty enough

    2 hours later her mum comes home and can here the water runnin

    mum* hunnie u alright

    she runs up to the bathroom to find out dat the bath was over flowed and tinted red the girl was lying der with slits over her face and arms.her mum did not no wot to do


    0 Comments 335 weeks

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You make $300,000 a year.

Your car is a minivan.

If you have a husband/wife, he/she will be your age, nice, but worried a lot about getting things done.

You will have three kids.

Your job will be either a lawyer or a senator.

When you're 90, you will die of old age.

You'll make it into

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  • Marline Sharlin

    howdy Oh my God, Your cute. Hit me up on sandra20jazz@hotmail.com

    1/26/09 via Mobile
  • Nilesh
    luv Nilesh

    Okay!! I'm back ! :L

  • Sez K
    Sez K

    JimBobJames.. n i cant spell the last name :P lol xxxx

  • Nilesh

    Check out m.bebo.com from your mobile! If you login on your phone now, you'll automatically send me an extra Luv!

    9/17/08 via Mobile
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    Hey Nathan whats up? Gamezombie.tv is an up-and-coming video based website about all things gaming. It has great original content, exclusive interviews with top game designers, and is updated weekly. Thought you might like it! Check it out our channel and give us some feedback. http://www.bebo.com/gamezombie

  • Nilesh

    36 weeks later Nilesh still hasn't got RFOM ! :L Hahaha

  • Nilesh

    howdy !

  • AisLing

    soz has a z dick head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !

  • Jayy
    luv Jayy

    hahahahahaha from the comment below