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Claire Shinigami

Yeh - I think I typed a little tooooooo much!! Haha, anyways.. speeds things up. :D

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About Me

luckest girl in the world
Me, Myself, and I
Claire Red, she has two brothers.
James and Aiden Red, she doesn’t see them much.
But the write to her too let her know everything is alright.
Claire has been through a lot in live, but still stays emotionally strong.
Her life changed a lot when she met a strange girl in the snow.
Claire used to be a photographer before all this.
But still how did she know that speaking to this girl would change her life.
Once she helped the girl, she offered her to stay. The girl seemed odd, she didn’t know a thing, and her voice was much different.
It was like meeting someone from those enchanting fairytales. She had the sparking olden day type princess dresses on. She had a tiara and never knew what a microwave was. Months after the girl was still with her, Claire named her Julie Red and pretended to everyone that it was her cousin.
The Other Half Of Me
Hawk Shinigami

Hawk Shinigami

guess people call that a soul mate...

more on claire
Julie thought she was some type of super vampire, so did i. She looked so young and never did age, plus there was the time when she tried to bite me.
She had these white long sharp fangs. At times I was scared to sleep; I thought she would turn me. But she token care of me, which was nice any guy tried anything, she burnt them to ashes.
That was scary to; I never knew vampires could do that.
Maybe that’s why she named herself a super vampire. But years later we found out more about her, when Amy showed up.
Amy Black. And Julie Red is really A Ruby Summers, a princess. A powerful one. I wish I could help more, help her understand her past.
Ruby has two other sisters, Crystal and Gemini.
I’ve been helping them, after all what can I do now. How can I go on in life?
Knowing one day this could all be over, knowing that humans are not the only beings who walk the earth.
Yes im just a little human girl.
But I will help them all to the end; sure I will get more injured than all of t
Scared Of
losing hawk again
Happiest When
im with Hawk...he is turely amazing in everyway.. i love him soo much...

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    The mother of Rose, Amy and Alyssa Black. Rachelle is the mother of the Blacks or so they say. Rachelle isn’t exactly one with a heart, she is the type of person who will meet her own needs and no one else’s. Then again there is some that she will look after, by that it means be slightly kinder to them than others, but the people she treats differently is the people that Rachelle likes, which it isn’t often that she becomes fond of someone. Meeting Rachelle’s expectations isn’t exactly easy, she is someone of high standards and will not scope down to the level of the peasants, as she calls them.
    ((Not finished))

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  • ORlA'S STORY!!!

    Ok this was al made by my lovely friend Orla... i just typed it up lol :D
    Anyways decided to add it here cause im weird..anyways you might not be able to understand it lol...cause it based slightly on the story i wrote for her about killing my boyfriends ex... No im not evil..maybe slightly ..but i had a good reason to write a story like that lol...HATE EVIL EX's !!!! Anyhoo its another way to get rid of all the anger from me... better than killing her in real life...Dont you think?

    Anyways enjoy :D

    Orlas story -

    Something ominous hung in the air, we all knew we couldn’t count on luck this time.
    We had made some narrow escapes in the past, but none came close to being locked inside a tomb in the middle of an old Victorian cementary whilst a poisonous gas slowly filled every centimetre cubed soon to be drown into our lungs.
    “We are all Fucked” - Generously summarised Stephanie laying her heads against Naomi’s arm who looked incredibly occupied with flinging her beautiful long brown hair over her shoulders. “That’s an understatement of the year” - I offered, idly playing with Naomi’s hair, in defiance to the end-of-the-world (well, as we know it!) scenario unravelling before our very eyes. Because, what is the world worth without my stunning Naomi and Stephanie’s excellent oratory skills used to such perfection when making us look like a pair of twats? Not much. This is when James texted Naomi “Hi”. As always in such situation - we all received a text from James and we all wondered - when the hell is he going to GET a life? And how sad it was, we wouldn’t live to make him regret wasting ten pence on a mere gesture of politeness. “How dare he? How many times do I have to tell him I have no credit to waste on him” - Naomi screamed, turning green. Her muscles become more defined, eyes turning crimson red, hair flew over her head in waves - in summary, she looked HOT, Smoking hot. (And environmentally friendly) She got up and punched the door, busting it down and dragging me and Stephanie - still cheerfully entangled in her hair, across the cementary behind her. “Lets go to KFC, I’m hungry”- she said, shaking off bits of marble and groin its, she had destroyed only seconds before in her outburst of cold fury. “Ok” - me and Stephanie replied, making attempts at smoothing down our clothes and ignore the fact it was all ridiculous - after KFC uses disfigured chickens.

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  • Claire Redfield

    The younger sister of Chris Redfield, Claire is a light-hearted, articulate modern woman. While she can be a bit of a tomboy at times, she is somewhat wild. Self-confident and extroverted, Claire is typically the first person to try something many others would not.

    Claire's inquisitive bent makes her more than just an ordinary college student who loves riding motorcycles. She went to Raccoon City in search of her brother Chris, who was missing under mysterious circumstances. But almost immediately she became involved in a series of eerie incidents engineered by the Umbrella Corporation. Teaming up with rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, Claire managed to escape the city. Three months later, she now heads to Europe, following up on clues about Chris. However, she is soon caught by the Umbrella Corporation and transferred to the corporations prison on an isolated island.

    Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2), searching for her missing brother. She arrives in Raccoon City to find the town being overrun by zombies. Claire meets up with Leon Kennedy, but along the way she is separated from him. Then she is focused on attempting to escape from the city alive. She maintains radio contact with Leon and teams up with a young girl named Sherry, while fighting against the various creatures infesting the precinct, including a mutated William Birkin. Later Claire escapes from the lab along with Leon and Sherry and eventually the three of them manage to destroy the mutated Birkin.After all of this Claire left the city in order to continue her search for Chris, while Leon and Sherry were retrieved by the US military. (Code: Veronica), After an unsuccessful infiltration of Umbrella's medical branch in Paris, Claire finds herself imprisoned on Rockfort Island. She escapes and teams up with fellow prisoner Steve Burnside following another viral outbreak, this time caused

    by a rival corporation of Umbrella's. During the escape, she manages to discover the whereabouts of her brother and sends a message to Leon Kennedy, telling him to get help from Chris. The pair escape from the island, only to find themselves in another of Umbrella's secret labs, this time in Antarctica, before they are taken captive by Alexia Ashford. Chris trys to save his captured sister from Umbrella. He finds his way into the Antarctic lab and rescues a captive Claire before the final battle with Alexia. The siblings escape from the facility via jet and they vow to put an end to the Umbrella Corporation's activities. (Degeneration), Claire is revealed to have later joined the organization known as "Terra-Save", dedicated to helping the survivors of bio-terror incidents. She works alongside Leon after the Harvardville Airport outbreak of the T-Virus.

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Resident Evil 5- It´s Not Over

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  • Rosanna Astasia Blackheart
    Rosanna Astasia Blackheart

    Cool, thanks for the link.
    Before I do anything, I will watch Doll House, so I can get a better idea at what I need to do with the roleplaying. Right now though I'm watching the mummy so I'll be going now. But I will be on tomorrow around 8 or later. It was nice talking to you, hope things go well with your story.

    5 days ago
  • Rosanna Astasia Blackheart
    Rosanna Astasia Blackheart

    Ok then, I'll watch some episodes before I go to bed :)

    Well I guess I can help with the roleplaying and if any ideas that might fit in with the story comes to mind then I'll let you know.
    What group page is it?

    5 days ago
  • Rosanna Astasia Blackheart
    luv Rosanna Astasia Blackheart

    Ah, right. I'm sick of the hold copyright stuff everyone keeps moaning about. Sigh.

    It's just one of those periods were nobody will come online and then bam everyone does come online and the roleplaying gets going. Like at this current moment:P

    I don't know that tv series, I'll go look it up. Erm sure, nothing is really happening at the moment so I don't mind. Is it a roleplay or just a story you want help with?

    6 days ago
  • Rosanna Astasia Blackheart
    luv Rosanna Astasia Blackheart

    Facebook? Did they buy bebo or something. I remember that Bebo was in the news a few weeks ago but it was something about the original owner buying it back .
    I'm only on for updates, I've not rolplayed in months and truth be told, I can't be bothered:P
    Nothing new with me sadly.

    6 days ago
  • Rosanna Astasia Blackheart
    luv Rosanna Astasia Blackheart

    I did that sometimes, don't know why they took it away. I'm good as well, thanks. Anything new with you at all?

    6 days ago
  • Rosanna Astasia Blackheart
    luv Rosanna Astasia Blackheart

    I never even noticed that it was gone :P
    I'm fine thanks, been a while since we chatted. How are you?

    6 days ago
  • Ruby Summers
    luv Ruby Summers


    Love you lots!!! Sexy bday girl!!! :)

    Jun 9
  • Seraphim Midnight Woman
    Seraphim Midnight Woman

    ok miss my man :/

    Jun 2
  • Lawrendeniece

    Thanks for the add

    Jun 1
  • Persa Mckay
    Persa Mckay

    hey there care to roleplay?

    May 29
  • Seraphim Midnight Woman
    Seraphim Midnight Woman

    hey, how are you?

    May 29
  • Ruby Summers
    luv Ruby Summers

    SuperVamp: Forgot your love!!

    CATCH!!>>>>>>&  gt;>

    May 28
  • Ruby Summers
    Ruby Summers

    SuperVamp:Emm ok. I'll be there, need a new outfit for your b'day. Eeek!! Can't wait!! Haha.

    May 28
  • Ruby Summers May 19
  • Ruby Summers
    luv Ruby Summers

    319 lol no idea where I got the seven..

    May 19
  • Ruby Summers
    luv Ruby Summers

    Supervamp: 378 get your butt online?

    May 13
  • Seraphim Midnight Woman
    luv Seraphim Midnight Woman

    am good thanks Missing my midnight and you?

    May 7
  • Seraphim Midnight Woman May 4 via Mobile
  • Hawk Shinigami
    luv Hawk Shinigami

    Lol Bonjour Silly~Girl hows you and that fish?

    May 2 via Mobile
  • Midnight The Shinigami
    Midnight The Shinigami

    OOC: Its no problem. Thanks for accepting my request.

    Apr 24