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Aoife Mc Ginley

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  • from Calhame!!x
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About Me

"I Love the colour of it all!!!"
Me, Myself, and I
The Birthday Girl and Me!!:D
The Other Half Of Me
Sarah Mc Donald

Sarah Mc Donald

She's with the public sector...Fucked!!!!­x

Love at the minute...
Passin my exams!!! Yay!!:D The weather when its sunny n when my hayfever isn't drivin me crazy!!!! The Hangover!! Actually hilarious!! Cream Crackers! Don't forget the lyrics!!;)
Don't like so much..
Most of the gang bein away for the summer!!:( Hayfever!! Not bein able to drive!!! One Tree Hill, Grey's and Prison Break bein over!!! Bein broke!!

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  • Ma Gall n d G-Tech crews dictionary!!!!

    *Ya mite wanna- u better do something
    *Divine- gorgeous or really good-looking person
    *New effort – something brand new, e.g. have u heard nelly furtados new effort
    *Im feeling that – I like it a lot.
    *Oh I actually am – when u really really are
    *Diego- name of our kettle
    *Rudebox – name of the telly
    *Im fuckin toast- when ur really really hot
    *U have no manners- she’ll say this to u if she really doesn’t like you.
    *Jim and Jack- Me n sarahs teddys, although neither is called Jim.
    *Give me a slice of that- used when talking about a really hot boy.
    *Mounting- to straddle or ‘get up’ on someone
    *I went through him for a shortcut- Maria giving abuse to someone she really doesn’t like.
    *Devour- to also give abuse
    *Swallow- the opposite of devour, when sum1 is overly friendly e.g. she practically swallowed me.
    *Doof- to be hit by sum1 or in Maria’s case to hit sum1.
    *Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww- general word used in Griffith.
    *You are away with it- sum1 that is away in the head.
    *Floored-extremely drunk
    *Doing a hash- on the beer or going crazy.
    *Fairy- a poof
    *Hungover Hallway- where we hangout on a very hungover morning.
    *Its not optional- Marias reply if you ask her if shes going to college tomorrow.
    *1 out of five- the amount of days maria goes to college.
    *GGE- Glenomena ginger elite.
    *Crawl away creep- perverts
    *Fly away frigid- opposite of pervert
    *Stick the dick in her- no definition needed, jus a common saying of marias.
    *Run, run, run- everytime aoifes fone beeps, which is about 100 times a day.
    *Sexytime- whenever someones brought back to Griffith or is in the room with one of the girls.
    *Strap a dick to me- an operation which maria is saving up for (strapadicktome)
    *Howl- to laugh really loud
    *Leg- ledgend
    *Cha- shortened version of chat to u later
    *Petal- a retard
    *Svenska- fuckin cheap vodka shite!!
    *Stock up on the tins- whenever we are in dunes shopping
    *Flood the place- whenever we cry on a nite out or at home and away.
    *Asia- the population outside our window which funnily enuf consists of Asians!!
    *Calippo- blowjob!!
    *Hughie Mc fadden- Ledgend aka sarah’s grandad
    *Pikey- knacker or skanger
    *D4- opposite of pikey, found in the Dublin 4 area and out in UCD!o my god we r like sssssssssooooooooo D4 roysh???
    *Its all gone pete tong- Its all gone wrong
    *Kinky shit- same as sexytime only kinkier!!!
    *Kinky Heartbreakin shit- when one gets attached to d kinky shit!!
    *Silver glove- maria's favorite play thing...Billie jean baby!!!
    *Hooverin- maria's favorite technique!!
    *Kitkat- maria's favorite biscuit cos it has 4 fingers..jst d way she likes it!!
    *Hemaphrodite- An ugly persn dat looks like a hermaphrodite!!
    *It's not rape if ya want it- maria's reply to bein atacked by a random taxi driver in dublin!!!
    *Creatur - just a creatur
    *Head on the first floor - sleeping with more than 1 pillow!*Snoop a loop - anywhere random
    *Tout La Fruit - Noel's way of saying Goodbye
    *If i went to the press - considering whether we have enough shopping in
    *Bom Chicka Wah Wah - Aoife
    *Desist promptly - just stop it
    *Tee Hee - when laughing
    *Tra la la - Republicanism
    *Glossy eyed - general statement when watching Home & Away
    *Bones - razor sharp pelvic hip bones
    *Molecules - Noel & Aoife
    *Nonce - used in conjunction with crawl away to Maria
    *Civil Service - Sarahs past-time
    *Le Chance - When referring to one of the Chancers
    *Sporting - to wear and look good while doing it
    *Do do do do do - when

    1 Comment 326 weeks

  • Aww**xx

    ♥You know he loves you when someone
    else makes you laugh & he smiles
    for the simple fact that you're laughing.<3_x♥

    ♥there will always be those people you
    can`t believe you were friends with..
    guys you can't believed you kissed, and
    people you can't believe you lived without..♥

    ♥!~*DANCE:As if no1 is watchin!~!*♥
    ♥!~*((SMILE)): As if everythin is perfect~!*♥
    ♥!~*+(GIVE)+:As if u had everythin~!*♥
    ♥!~*>*KISS*<:As if it was ur last time!*~♥
    ♥!~*•LOVE•:As if u'd never been hurt!*~♥

    ♥* God gave us 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet, 2 hands, but he only gave us 1 heart.....Thats cos he gave d other one to some1 else & its ur job to find it!!*♥

    **Sometimes u ave to let go jst to c if theres nethin worth holdin on too!**

    ♥ Da hardest thing u will ever ave to do is watch d one u love , love someone else....♥

    A day without laughter is a day wasted.

    "Anyone who can make you cry....or smile! But it takes some1 special to make you smile when you've already got tears in your eyes!!!"

    ~Nothing lasts forever~
    *So live it up*
    ~Drink it down~
    *Laugh it off*
    ~Avoid the bullshit~
    *Take chances*
    ~And never have regrets~
    *Because at one point*
    ~Everything you did~
    *Was exactly what you wanted*

    *To the world your just one person
    but to one person you could mean the world*

    **('',)**Never start frowning
    because you never know
    who's falling in love
    with your smile** ('',)**

    ~***No boy is worth ur tears and d one dat is wont make u cry!!!***~

    *Life cannot b measured by the amount of breaths you take,but by the amount of moments that take your breath away!*

    Lifes a story...
    only with the ending ripped out

    1 Comment 345 weeks

  • x-May Baby!!-x

    Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts.The Most Successfull star sign career wise. Scary when angered but hard to do. Attracts others and loves attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Not Shy towards oppisite sex. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Good imagination. Good physical. Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves traveling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Having many children. Loves children. Hardworking. High spirited.Great at kissing. Excellent in bed. Doesnt reveal true emotions and feelings easily. Mysterious at times. Not many people know a true May baby as they bury true emotions and feelings extremely well.

    0 Comments 349 weeks

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    I just scored $738 in four days spending time online! All thanks to - http://x.co/KTHu trust me, you will be happy

  • Maria Gallagher
    luv Maria Gallagher

    Love love me!!

  • Tara Povey
    luv Tara Povey

    Oh cool. I've no idea how to drive! Don't think I'll learn until I'm finished college at this stage! I am sooo freaked out about the amount o work we'll have to do this year. Eh, like the projects?! lord! Hmmm, not much news with me really at all. I'm going to Bristol on Thursday for a couple o days, and London the weekend before we start proper class.Just for a couple o days with mam n Casey like. Yeah we actually have to go out! I was gonna say that! haha! I'll be around for Monday Tuesday and Mednesday of Fresher's week anyways! If you're in Dublin before freshers week sure we can go out before then anyways. Who you livin with this year?? xxx

  • Tara Povey
    luv Tara Povey

    HELLO DEAREST! well it's mad using bebo now that I've been enlightened to the wonders of facebook. haha I haven't done my work exp report yet. screw it loike! the amount of work I've done for Boots already. I have DREAMS about United drug. haha. I'm finished on Tuesday :) Any news??? xxxx

  • Michéal
    luv Michéal

    Already exploded!!!!! :P

  • Michéal

    I actually CAN'T Wait!!!!...Its a matter of life or death at this stage!!!! :P

  • Dj Tash
    Dj Tash

    bebo me on them songs ya want me to play, and ill try and get them good da girl

  • Turbulent Eddy
    Turbulent Eddy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKpH6... Health and Safely lesson from your favourite band!!! :P

  • Aoife Gallagher
    luv Aoife Gallagher

    Oh my god, when were u in Barcelona?!! Me and Matthew were there about 3 weeks ago! And I was lookin at ur photos, they're nearly identical to mine! ha! we went to the exact same places and took the same photos of the same things! :L prob c ya 2mo nite so we can discuss this!xx

  • Maria Gallagher
    Maria Gallagher

    Aoife change that pic immediately!! I can see bra and everything!! Thats so not cool!! Find something else FAST!!

  • Michéal
    luv Michéal

    Change away Dick!! :P

  • Michéal
    luv Michéal

    why does turbulent EDDY not feature in your...Love at the minute???? :P

  • Maria Gallagher
    Maria Gallagher

    Anything will be an improvement!! Can you not see im sick?!

  • Maria Gallagher
    Maria Gallagher

    TIME TO CHANGE THE PROFILE PICTURE!! You dont want me to get nasty about it!! :D

  • Brónagh McGinley
    luv Brónagh McGinley

    Thanks for the help by the way :D :L x

    6/8/09 via Mobile
  • Face Of Ireland Competition Ltd
    Face Of Ireland Competition Ltd

    Just to let you all know that the Face of Ireland are back in Donegal on the search for the new Face of Ireland. We will be looking for girls over the age of 17 years of age from Donegal to enter the competition. To find out all the details log onto www.faceofireland.com and register today. For More Details Call 0749722913

  • Brónagh McGinley
    luv Brónagh McGinley

    I actually dont:L

    5/21/09 via Mobile
  • Maria Gallagher
    Maria Gallagher

    They exist for the molecules of the world to enjoy themselves for a wee while!! Dont act like you smoke cigarettes!! :L :L :L Im sure you will be just fine once ya get started with them all!!..They wont be long flyin in and sure i will send you a wee postcard to brighten up your world!! :D

  • Maria Gallagher
    Maria Gallagher

    Well i just think you ar bound to find out before the actual showing of the last episode!! Its all over le you tube..very hard to miss!! :D Do you realise you just wrote a whole comment with no smiley faces......feel ok?! Better get yourself checked out just incase!! :L :L :L And the countdown is on til the Noo..very close!! The pampers are on!! :L :L :L

  • Maria Gallagher
    Maria Gallagher

    Ha yeah i just noticed you online and thought i might aswell throw some form of abuse out there!! :D Guess what happened in greys anatomy............... . . . . . . ????????????? Ok i wont say.......:L :L :L :L p.s. is it true your a paddy/patricia?! Shockin!! :O