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John Boylan

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  • Male, 28, Luv 5
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  • Last active: 8/13/09
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
If Liverpool won the Champions League,it would have been the greatest accident since the Titanic....
cant beat a bit of friday nite pop in the george..tis hot stuff altogether.my fav song has to be money money money by ABBA

seriously...oasis still the kings, athlete, artic monkeys, U2, killers, ac/dc..the list is endless...G-UNIT!!!!
no cinema in cavan but it has to be City Of God with Lil Ze and Rocket and all d lads.
Football Factory, Goodfellas, Scarface
ya couldnt beat a bit of gaelic football (il murder anyone that says gaa) Man U will finish ahead of d pool.FACT...liverpool are batty boys....D'Haise for the intermediate championship this year.chalk it down
Scared Of
some "sound fella" from dublin coming down to cavan and stabbing me cos i was with his sister...AT LEAST 3 TIMES.....


Big fringes...(conor lyons, andy E)
Joe 90 ringing to go out..fuck why isnt he on bebo? wonder if he's ok? someone may check on him
Happiest When
In cavan....drinkin tea...eyeing up sheep
In Dublin....cans, splifs, city of god, killers, cham sambos..with the usual heads...
i love it when liverpool scum loose
Fav Quotes
"Cans in yours"...phil brennan, andy e, crampy
"i hear they have the internet on computers these days"...Homer Simpson
"she wasnt the best".......Ricky
"straight forward enough question, straight forward enough answer"....Linda d loother duffy
"bitch took me shoe".."such a spa"......conor lyons
what i hate most
waiting at the freakin library door for people to go through...do yas not fuckin realise that theres a double door which when opened could allow a jumbo fuk'n jet to go through..
Also the next person that tells me there fucked in the exams is gettin stabbed....i dont care!!!! we're all fuk'd
International finance and monetary policy........
jim hanlys notes

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Manchester United -v- Bayern Munich (Champions League Final)

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  • Culchie Commandments

    01) - Thou shalt always ate the skin of yer rasher.

    02) - Thou shalt always stand at the back during mass,
    or even better, in the porch talking.

    03) - Thine Wife shalt emulate Biddy from Glenroe.

    04) - Thou shalt emulate Miley.

    05) - Thou shalt pretend to know all about "The

    07) - Thou shalt have no "Revershing" lights or number
    plate on your trailers.

    08) - Thou shalt wear your Ivomec Pour-On fleece with

    09) - Thou shalt not use but half-inch Wavin or "a
    good Sally Rod" for beatin cattle.

    10) - Thine sons shall play GAA.

    11) - Thine daaawwwthur shall marry the local centhur-forward.

    12 - Thou shalt ate "Hang Sangwiches" at all GAA matches.

    13)- Thou shalt hate "Those Backstard the Tans."

    14)- You shalt carry the A.I. Man's mobile number on
    you at all times.

    15) - Thou shalt not visit Dublin ( except to Croker
    and to bring the wife shoppin' on the 8th of December

    16) - Thou shalt not fail to attend the Ploughing Championships

    17) - Thou shalt use balin' twine to hold up thine trousers.

    18) - Thou shalt not miss an episode of "The Weather."

    19) - Thou shalt wear cap crooked.

    20) - Thou shalt love all Big John Wayne's fims,
    especially "The Quiet Man."

    21) - Thou shalt shoot stray dogs.

    22) - Thou shalt drown cats.

    23) - Thou shalt taste all barrels of Molasses.

    24) - Thou shalt never leave the country.

    25) - Thou shalt read the Farmer's Journal.

    26) - Thou shalt always support your county GAA
    team whilst curshing them for being "pure shite" at every
    given opportunity.

    27) - Thou shalt only be aware of strippers of the
    bovine kind.

    28) - Thou shalt refer to Soccer as "The Foreign game."

    29) - Thou shalt always receive Communion on the
    tongue, licking the priest's hand in the process

    0 Comments 349 weeks

  • Savage sayins

    Sweating like a nun in a field full of cucumbers
    As mad as a box of frogs
    Jaysis shes a set of milkers on her that would feed a mart
    Ive a horn on me that would bait pavorriti away from a pizza
    Ive a horn on me that would bait a donkey out of a quarry
    Shes a face like a chewed toffee
    Im so sick id nearly get into bed with me sister
    That lad would drink tar from a Wellington boot
    Im so hungry id ate a tinkers toenails
    Im so hungry id eat a horse and chase the jockey
    Shes a cu*nt like a wizards sleeve
    Me mickeys so hard id club a whale
    I'm as sick as a small hospital
    I'm so hungry I'd eat a small child
    She had a face on her like a well slapped a*se
    Your' re as welcome as a f*rt in a spacesuit
    My mouth's as dry as a nuns cr@ck
    He has rubber-lined pockets so he can steal soup
    He thinks manual labour is a Spanish musician
    As funny as a burning orphanage
    He's so camp, he sh1te tent pegs
    I'm as sick as a plane to Lourdes
    I feel like a boiled sh1te (hungover)
    (when leaving) I'm off like a debs dress
    She had a face on her that would drive rats from a barn
    As busy as the dalkey dole office
    Sweatin' like a paedophile in a Barney suit
    As tight as a nun's knickers
    I'm so horny I'd get up on the crack of dawn
    I'd crawl a million miles across broken glass to kiss the exhaust of
    the van that took her dirty knickers to the laundry.
    Up and down like a hoor's knickers
    No show pony but would do for a ride around the house
    Did your mother find out who your father is yet?
    What would ye expect from a pig but a grunt
    I left her with a face like a painters radio
    A mickey the size of a double-value can of Right Guard
    Jaysus, she could breastfeed a crèche
    As fit as a butcher's dog
    She's got more chins than a Chinese phone book
    Not even the tide would take her out
    Mother Teresa wouldn 't kiss her
    Daz wouldn't shift her
    Des Kelly wouldn't lay her
    A sniper wouldn't take her out
    Jaysus, ya wouldn't ride her into battle
    If I'd a bag of bruised willies I wouldn't give her one
    She has a face on her like a bulldog that's just licked p*ss off a
    She wouldn't get a kick in a stampede
    She had a f@nny like a badly packed kebab
    If I'd a garden full of mickeys I wouldn't let her look over the wall
    Give her a boot in the hole and a bucket of mickeys would fall out of

    1 Comment 374 weeks

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  • Kev Kelly
    Kev Kelly

    I just earned $199 in a few days typing online! I used - http://x.co/KTAE Dont forget to thank me!

  • NormaJean

    hi john how are you? did you get over nude friday ok?? how are the calves?? :D

  • Steven Rooney
    Steven Rooney

    wats the biggest defeat real madrid ever had in the champ league and wat team??? fact

  • Barry Briody
    luv Barry Briody

    heard your goin to be an artist soon! meet ya there!!!

  • James Greenan
    James Greenan

    Im not liking this anti south ulster vibe im gettin from the all star nominations.....All politics John boy....

  • Philip Brennan
    Philip Brennan

    oh i how i long for that day again.round up the troops.session.ronaldo is going.dublin stil in it

  • Mark Ryan
    Mark Ryan

    Well lad, ye were blessed last night! can't believe they let JT hit that peno!! Good win for the breffni last week...could this be the breakthrough year????

  • Claire Treacy
    luv Claire Treacy

    I can't wait - it'll be great - just looking forward to leaving responsibility in dublin airport. Not having to answer to anyone!!!! So i have to make it a christmas to remember!