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m e g h a n n. xo.

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  • Female, 20, Luv 7
  • from United States
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  • Member since: February 2006
  • Last active: 2/7/09
  • www.bebo.com/meghann72
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
♥welp i love being myself!!! which is crazy *&* fun!! i am blonde with black, bleach blonde *&* brown high lights. i am about 5'2..ya i kno i am short!!...lol but i like being short. i am outgoing i love having a good time *&* hanging out with my friends! i love my friends, family =] if im not smiling or not talkin then there is most def something wrong! which isnt usally common fo that to happen!! hehe!...lol well if you need anymore information you can ask me alrite!! peace loves ya'll!!♥ iM SiNGLE <33
♥um..well i like a few types...i heart emo\punk rock and hip-hop\rap!!♥ ♥MIKE JONES!!♥
♥Malabu's Most Wanted, Remeber The Tiatins, A Walk to Rember, You Got Served, Grind, Dirty Dancing...an more!!♥
♥well i heart SOFTBALL!!! which is so much fun!!...lol Megan..♥
Scared Of
Happiest When
♥well i am happiest when i am with my freinds..family..shoping...i love to sleep also!!...lol
My mom, dad, cousins: Karli, Emili, Kelsey, Lauryen, Cheyenne, Elija, Matt, Aunt Lori, Aunt Chris..(both)..aunt angie, uncle brett!..all my grandparents!, ALL of my family pretty much!
Ashli, Krista, Kelsey, Jackie, Wendy, Shelby, Jessica Carter, Alexis, Danielle, Stephaine Roland, Kisii, Maria, Brittany, Haley Wright, Kylie, Damion, Dalton, Kyle, Jason, Thomas, Jake Book, Jake Parker, Alexx, CLayton, Colin, Megan S, Meghan N, Whitley, Sabra, Jeremiah, Lauren, Matt, Ashley, John, Johnny Carter, Justin Carter, Jeremy Carter, Kayla, Zeb, Blake, Joise, Ashton, Felicia, Maggie, Colleen, Kasi, Jessica G, Shelby Herman, Lyndzee, Alix, Nina, Jeff, Kyle Friend, Aaron Koons, KAYLiNO, Kellie, *&* MANY MANY more!!!!!

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  • Things you prolly didnt know about me! =]

    * My full name = Meghann Lynn Bell
    * I dont like it
    * I am a hopeless romantic<3
    * I have a hard time letting things go.
    * I love the sound of the rain.
    * Long car rides are fun
    * Anything that sparkles or shines like rocks my world
    * I love to cuddle
    * If you randomly start playing with my hair ill love you forever.
    * When people sing to me...i think i fall in love with them. hehe
    * I love sports
    * Spending time with my family is fun
    * Dancing and Singing = love
    * I am like obsessed with music...music=life
    * I love recieving phone calls
    * Random late night phone calls make me happy
    * I don't like to be alone
    * I love the color pink
    * Most people dont think im as young as i am...people normally think im like 16
    * I get annoyed very easily
    * I'm way too nice
    * I fall in love to easily...and then end up getting my heart broken
    * I'm pretty much random at times...and can be really sarcastic
    * I love hugs : )
    * I'm always myself...dont really care what people think about me
    * I'm a dork...deal with it
    * I hate smoking...i think its gross
    * Its fun when people ask me questions
    * It doesnt take much to make me happy
    * I have a habit of putting things off until the last minute
    * I take forever to get ready
    * I really like to wear make up
    * I love water
    * I hate getting my picture taken...they always look horrible
    * I hate cold pizza
    * Bridges amaze me
    * I sleep with 2 pillows
    * Getting dressed up is super fun
    * I love spending time with my friends
    * People think im really flirtatious...and i pretty much am...its hard to control
    * I had my first kiss when i was 12
    * I dont like to watch tv
    * Movies are amazing though
    * The first thing i notice about the opposite sex is eyes and their hands..weird
    * I am absolutly terrified of clowns
    * Ambulances make me very nervous.
    * I'm really hesitant with trust.
    * I always misplace things.
    * Giggling is fun...and i laugh too much
    * When i get nervous i start to giggle
    * Vanilla isn't better than chocolate
    * I love watermelon
    * Spring is my favorite season.
    * I'm indecisive sometimes...deal with it
    * I get excited easily.
    * I love taking walks late at night with someone i care about
    * I enjoy brushing my teeth! i would do it all day if I could!
    * I can't stand watching people i don't know eat..it makes me sick.
    * I don't like people watching me eat or brushing my teeth...haha

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    * ♥ * I Want ...

    someone who will love [me for me]
    someone who will call me just to say I love you
    someone who will drive an hour just to see me for 30 minutes
    someone who will take me to Taco Bell over Fire Mountain
    someone who will recite movies with me
    someone who will feed me ice cream
    someone who will write a [poem] whenever i want one
    someone who will cuddle with me all the time
    someone who i can call at 2:47 am
    someone who will gaze at the stars with me
    someone who doesnt do drugs
    someone who will make a promise .. and keep one
    someone who will hold me when im cold
    someone who will eat pancakes at 10:00 for dinner
    someone who i can trust
    someone who will send me flowers to school
    someone who will let me sleep in his clothes
    someone who will lay his head on my lap
    someone who will write me back [when i write him]
    someone who will dance in Wal Mart when im in a crazy mood
    someone who will take a nap with me
    someone who will remember our [first kiss] forever

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  • he he im brown eyed!!:D

    •••••Brown eyes•••••

    ♥People with brown eyes are very attractive, adorable, love to make new friends. Will do anything for that special person. Kind and polite Can make anyone laugh or cheer them up. Loves to please the one they care or love for,greatest kissers of them all seriously.♥

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  • Alexx Bauer
    Alexx Bauer

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  • Robin L
    Robin L

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  • Adeline Muir

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    8/15/08 via Mobile
  • !!melissa_ann!! ♥i will miss u!♥
    !!melissa_ann!! ♥i will miss u!♥

    hey hun whats up??? u need to call me sometime!! i am so bored. i am in fort wayne at mah brothers house!! it is so boring here!! well i will call u sometime!! ily. comment me back! ♥MELISSA ANN♥

  • Morgan

    haha; its my desarai picture. she has one of those on myspace and she so effing white. eek; run:] well i love you and we havent talked in forever. miisss you:[

  • Wendy

    Hey gurly!! OMG I can't wait till our game you're gunna get it so bad... AGAIN!! HaHa the last game was the bestest eva!!! Well just thought i'd stop by and share my helloness!! HaHa new word I made up!! <3WendY P.S. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Lampson
    Tyler Lampson

    this is kelsey this tool kid wont let me on mine ha

  • Tyler Lampson
    Tyler Lampson

    hey i never got my shirt back:O ohhh no

  • Meghan N.
    Meghan N.

    hey meghann...i hope you have a good summer and good luck on friday we play ya i think that it will be a good game..welp i got to go so ill talk to you lata byebye -Meghan