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Remeber Those Who Are Risking Their Lives Everyday For Us. Take A Moment To Think About Them :)

11/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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Love u Heather
Me, Myself, and I
Hey, im Adi!!!!
i am easy to get a long with, kind, trustworth and reliable but also has no sense of timing and can be completly brain dead depending on the day!!!!!!

Heather's my girl n i love her to pieces!!! she's amazing and beats me all the time on wii hehe!!!

Mexico is the greatest place on earth!!! love to raquelle, jesus, poppy and livi or susan lol!!!!

(='.'=) This is Bunny. Put him on your
(")_(") homepage and help him on his

----♥♥-♥♥----Put This
---♥♥---♥♥---On Your
---♥♥---♥♥---Bebo If
---♥♥---♥♥---You Know
-----♥♥♥------Who Died
This is for anyone who has died of Cancer!!
Lets hope that when you get up there, the suffering stops!

P.S= my MSN is = adi93@hotmail.co.uk
Okie Dokie!!!
Britney Spears!!! JOKE !!! LOL !!!
Titanic lol, Gone in 60 seconds, Goal, War of the Worlds and School of Rock hehe!!!!!
Footie, Tennis, Babmington, Rugby, Swimming, Cricket and loads of others aswell includin F1!!!!! Lewis Hamilton World champ!!!!
Scared Of
Psyco's with a loaded gun + death!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
Happiest When
with Heather!!!!!!!!
Favourite Food
Spaghetti Carbonara, fish n chips and Chocolate, lots of Chocolate!!!!!
Favourite TV show
That 70's show, Hollyoaks, Eastenders, The simpsons, family guy, F1, TOP GEAR, FIFTH GEAR and
TWO PINTS OF LARGER AND A PACKET OF CRISPS!!! legend program, so awsome!!

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  • HedgeHog

    Omj YEAH Like Addicted :L Oli Lonsdale (Y). x.

  • HedgeHog
    luv HedgeHog

    Aha Dave! Long Time No Speak (N). How's Everything? Love :D Xx.

  • A Bee
    A Bee

    Heyy Rememer me ? ... Abi Cooney =]

  • Heather M
    luv Heather M

    that is sooooooooo random i love strawberry milk :)

  • Yasmin

    You are my PET!! go on my bebo to see what you might be .., Loves Yassi xxx

  • Heather M
    Heather M

    lol because you like milk?

  • Heather M
    Heather M

    lol you really are a mooo hehe

  • Emma.

    HA. you got totally rinsed by mrs watton for sucking face..... LMAO... (:

  • Heather M
    luv Heather M

    Happy Valentimes for tommorrow :) :) even though i shall be with you hehehe i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Heather M
    luv Heather M

    hehe :) :) :) taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i thinks the worl of you also :) :) ly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Heather M
    Heather M

    yer umm yer school is crappy o i dont know where you hangs around, and i also do not know who you hangs around with so yarrrr tellll

  • PAblo

    hi yep lol yer not bad bmx shit like that

  • Heather M
    luv Heather M

    merry crimbo and a happy new years to you also i shall adds you and then yeeeer its boring alot atm, to cold, to poor and yaaaaaar lol heres some luuuuuuuuurve

  • Yasmin

    Merry Christmas adyy xxx

  • PAblo

    hi uok wubu2 r.b