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Jamie Terrill


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  • from The Folds-of -your-arse Ville. it's like newcastle...
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About Me

insert deep meaningful quote here!
Me, Myself, and I
Urm waht to say? what. to. say?! well i live in wales was born in leicester enjoy playing guitar and music in general support man u and leicester football clubs. enjoy a nice cold lager and a night a stupid merryment!

lots of love


adam shave's his ass

The Other Half Of Me



South Park, Cannibal the musical, Team America, any funny/stoner/high school movies, family guy, scrubs
Football = Manchester United +leicester FC
Tiddlywinks = Luxenbourg TWC
Scared Of
HEIGHTS!!!! (well the idea of hitting the ground after a height)
BONZO DOG DOO DA BAND!!! Black Label Society, Led Zeppelin, (early)green Day, Black Sabbath, Blink 182, Psychostick, Bullet, RATM, Guns n' Roses, Trivium, Ozzy Osbourne, Eminem, The D, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Mr.Big, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Dragonforce, AC/DC, The Cure, Hendrix, B.B.King, Pantera, MCR, Johnny Cash, Shadows fall, Killswitch, Devildriver, John Lennon, George Formby! anything with melody, feeling or a solo

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Wake me up when september ends - static root

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  • Adam, Static Root, The munchkins and a whole lotta lube

    Many people ask me how i managed to join Static Root, well this tale of love, friendship, anal porn and a monkey

    Many moons ago, i met a young man who would change my life for ever, we would go on to form an amzing musical bonf the likes of which were neevr seen again, but unfortunatly he got hit by a car and passed away. at his funueral i met a wirery, blacked haired chap who was singign anti-semetic songs at a suprisingly jewish audience. His lyrics were liek a breath of fresh air, i had never before heard anyone rhyme the word antidisestablishmentarianism with anything before. after the lad had finished throwing terminaly ill children from the stage i accosted him and told him i was a guitarist and part time tiddlywinker, as i sed this his eyes lit up and his trousers appeard to get shorter. He invited me to do a guest solo on one of their cover song, as a i jammed away on my one stringed out of tune guitar i felt a sense of achievment. i was soon invited to the static root rehersal space, which wasnt so much as a space as a squeeze. there was naked munchkins everywhere, ut bizzarly wehn the drummer arrived they all scampred away screaming. i was soo introduced to this drumming genius. even though he only had one arm and half a penis to operate with his drum fills were second to none. after 3 hours of practising the bassist finaly apperad. at first i thought a i giant piece of candfloss had floated in, but soon i realised that it was the infamous marc. standing at 8 foot ten and his body covered 90% by hair he struck an imitating figure. we soon got down to bussiness and cut our first record.
    Our first single "whole lotta lube" rocketed to number one in every chart imaginable and the followup "sodomising munchkins" (joe's ten and a half minute opus) out sold any single ever. then after a year of tourign tragedy struck, ina bizzare hoovering accident marc had been struck down in his prime, at his funeral joe jumped onto his casket out pure emotion, unforuantly he was pulled into the kiln along with the remains of marc. Static Root was seemingly doomed, but me and adam salvaged a carreer playign at care homes and social events playing our unique blend of punk rock, porn music and gansta hip hop. all went swimmingly until we were both arrested and prosecuted for undecent exposure towards midgets and sea animals, we deny all charges but the sea otter made a convincing case against us...

    in the memory of marc and joe

    4 Comments 245 weeks

  • nicked it off ber

    Full Name: Jamie Richard Terrill
    Nicknames: J
    Birthday: 13th May
    Place of Birth: Leicester
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus
    Male or female: Male
    Grade: Year 12
    School: Llanfyllin High school
    Occupation: Student
    Residence: Dorma bungalow!
    MSN Screen Name:Jamie
    Hair Colour: Drowned rat
    Hair Length: long
    Eye colour: Blue
    Weight: fat fuck
    Height: 5'8" perhaps, at a stretch??
    Braces? No
    Glasses? No
    Piercings: No
    Tattoos: Yes
    Righty or Lefty: Righty


    Want Kids? Yes
    Want to be married? yes
    Careers in Mind: film + TV production
    Where do you want to live: A penthouse overlookin a canal in manchester!
    Car: Dodge viper!

    Firsts or summat

    First best friend: Joel from good ol' leicester aint seen him in ten years!!!
    First Award: summat 4 i.t years ago. probably turning it on!
    First Sport You Joined: football 5th choice keeper!
    First pet: cat
    First Real Vacation: wales when i was 2 months old
    First Concert: proper BLIK 182, low key some drunk hippies!
    Best Concert:- BLINK 182
    First Love: Sally


    Movie: Cannibal the musical, classic!
    TV programme: scrubs, family guy, south park
    Colour: black or red
    Rapper: eminem, B.I.G
    Band: Blink, Black label society ther all good!
    Song: Zakk wyldes cover of lynard skynard's "i never dreamed"
    Friend: Pete+Josh+sal
    Sweet: More of a chocolate man!
    Sport to Play: Football
    Restaurant: this place in italy was amazing! It had frozen Findus!
    Favourite brand: Vans!
    Store: Rock Shop!
    School Subject: Media/English!
    Animal: Cat
    Book: The tulip touch
    Magazine: Total guitar
    fave Shoes: VANS!
    Actor/actress: Jennifer Aniston... Matthew Perry, Zach Braff


    Feeling: Bored
    Single or Taken? sort of both!
    Eating: Nothing
    Drinking: Nothing
    Listening To: silence
    Thinking About: Fuck berwyns page!
    Wanting To: Be able to stop time for all this fucking CW
    Watching: the ads at the side there
    Wearing: nowt

    Which is Better With The Opposite Sex

    Hair colour: blonde to brown
    Hair length: no mohawks!
    Eye colour: Any
    Measurements: as long as their happy with it, any!
    Cute or Sexy: cute
    Lips or Eyes: lips
    Hugs or Kisses: both
    Short or Tall: not too tall....
    Easygoing or serious: bith at the right times!
    Romantic or Spontaneous: Both
    Fatty or Skinny: Women should love themselves for who they are, and aslong as theyre happy men should be happy too!
    Sensitive or Loud: at the appropiate times
    Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
    Sweet or Caring: both

    Have you eva

    Had Alcohol: Yes
    Smoked: yes
    Ran Away From Home: No
    Broken a bone: yesleft arm and right arm and nose twice
    Got an X-ray: Yes
    Have u ever cried when some one died: no, ive been very lucky
    Cried At School: Probably, but prob got my own back!

    Do You Believe In

    God: no
    Love At first sight: Yes
    Soul Mates: Hell yeah!
    Heaven: No
    Angels: No
    Horoscopes: No, they're just a way of getting easy money!

    0 Comments 297 weeks

  • stole it off sal, whos tole it tom, who....

    ..*Wat wud u do if i...
    *Committed suicide?
    *Said I love u?
    *Kissed u?
    *Lived next door?
    *Was raped?
    *Started smokin?
    *How did we meet?
    *What do u tink of me?
    *Best memory of me?
    *How long will we be friends?
    *Do u love me?
    *Have I hurt you?
    *Wud u hug me?
    *Kiss me?
    *Do me?
    *Are we close?
    *Scale of 1-10, hw nice am i?
    *Am I loveable?
    *How long have u known me?
    *Describe me in 1 word?
    *Have u ever been mad at me?
    *What reminds u of me?
    *Do u know me well?
    *Are you going to put this in your bebo so u can see what i say about you?

    4 Comments 298 weeks

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  • Nelzo Babess
    luv Nelzo Babess

    I love you:)

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis

    Great Jamie. Im well also :P

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis

    how are you jamie

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis

    Hello Jamie

  • Nelzo Babess
    Nelzo Babess

    aye we are indeed:D haha why not? il think up a new excuse.. the beer is .. gimmie an idea:L you gave me the last one so you cant say no:L xxx

  • Nelzo Babess
    luv Nelzo Babess

    your last comment was off me heres some feel sorry for you love. Sympathetic love:) aha You working on saturday? xxx

  • Nelzo Babess
    Nelzo Babess

    Haha, well done, Im dead proud of you, but next time, wait untill im in the oub, then save chucking that pint away..;) Kiddin, dont really like beer, have no idea why i drunk it tbh:/ and lol, Im half way to turning the bebo nation into little alcoholics, who needs real life amitions(Y):) xx

  • Nelzo Babess
    luv Nelzo Babess

    :L Awww, woops:/ I wasn't joking:O :L it was too frothey, kept getting a tash of froth, was disgraceful:L How did you do with your example pint?:L :P no we didnt:D Vagall picked us up..bless him, was only a tenner..to go home..and he went back to pick up beth n chris i was bloomin shocked after our £30 to get there:L Arse holes tbvh. xx (Have Love..For My Free Half Pint:P :L )

  • Nelzo Babess
    Nelzo Babess

    Hiyaaaa You Cant Pull Pints. Haha. They Come Out To Frothy. TutTut. :) :) xx

  • Arfon


  • Alexa

    whos there??? haa xxx

  • Arfon

    I am I am I am :) x x x

  • Alwen
    luv Alwen

    HAPPY NEW YEAR . . . . . or should i say BLWYDDYN NEWYDD DDA! thank you for your wonderful serving skills last night/this morning!! :P Xxx

  • Adam J
    luv Adam J

    orite dude,any chance i left my ipod at yours? cos i heard emmas phone was left ther, n it wasin the same pocket you see. neways lemme kno :) love xxxx

  • Dani Xx
    Dani Xx

    im gud. wat u bn up2? x

    12/11/08 via Mobile