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Tom Your Father

wats brown and doesnt work !!!! ?half of britain hhahahahha

3/16/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from wolvo
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About Me

ii love star...my crazii biitch...<3
Me, Myself, and I
[Likes]...bikes and women

Hey! i really like 2 have fun and party! i am a twin and have 2 yonger brothers and an older sister!my twin brother is a bit of a bender !!! hahah my best frends r alex,darren,bobby,ashley, we all have a briliant laf when we r drinkin @!!! the best lukin girls i no r !!!! star, jade , zoe , danniel , lidia , hannah kim , chelsea
My English pride I will not hide
MyEnglish race I will not disgrace
My English blood flows hot & true
My English peeps I will stand by you through thick & thin
till the day we die
Our English flags Always stands so high
I yell this poem Louder than all the rest cuz every 1 knows
WE English ARE THE BEST...

star is georgeous and i love her 2 bitz shes a crazy bitch...love you x
green street, football factory, snatch...
football, motocross, rugby boxing
Scared Of
what can i say shes fuckin gorjus and a rite lauff i love her 2 bitz...<3
best times
pissed haha
shit times
not pissed

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    Ben Robertson

    I just pulled $830 in five days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://goo.gl/lcJB8 Your going to be so happy!

  • Jessicarr.

    eugene. you suck nipples .. big ones. your a ladies magnet, who gets pissed off vimto and has to get mommy to get you up in the mornin cus its got to your head. x

  • James Poultney

    ite nobrot i passed my theory and put in fo rmy test today, wubu2 get on facebook

  • Smileyy

    orightt matee hows it goin? where are you at the moment en? wb niall

  • Rhiannon Gorman
    luv Rhiannon Gorman

    haha u muppet! was soo drunk sat onli went 2 harleys hahaha!! went home then! still feel ill. wats ur msn dudeee? xxxx

  • Rhiannon Gorman
    luv Rhiannon Gorman

    oriiiteeee steamin hahaha!! u make me laff with ur crazy dance moves ha! u cummin out 4 paiges birhday this sat? xxxx

  • Xx Jess Parry Xx
    Xx Jess Parry Xx

    so wens this party thn mr sxc cullen ha xx

  • Big Bob
    Big Bob

    give us a ring soon mon

  • Big Bob
    Big Bob

    wat u on lad?

  • Chels X
    luv Chels X

    hiya dude you okay wubu2? when you next comin down st.martins ? wb love chels XxXxXx

  • Xx Jess Parry Xx
    luv Xx Jess Parry Xx

    hey tomtom yup im doin gud thanx!!craigs gud 2!!uk?havent heard from u in ages tom!!y??hahaha! yeh il defo cum il bring niz nd rhi yea wen u havin it?? x

  • Dannii
    luv Dannii

    matey! long time no speak! howz u hun? yer defo..wel av 2 arange it :p hope all is well with u! take care...lurv yoo xxxx

  • Star
    luv Star

    ii LOVE Yhoo loads babe please phone me 2niite :/ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx soz bou falliin out x

  • Star
    luv Star

    lovage xxxx

  • Chels X
    Chels X

    hiya dude you okay long time no speak lol!! wubu2? when you next down st.martins vikky vikky wee weee lmao? wb x