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About Me

i love my retard, her name is mollie hart (:
Me, Myself, and I
hey gang, i can't really come on here much as I just have so much work to do. As mollie hart said: "Lucy, you REALLY need to do some work".

The Other Half Of Me


together forever baby ;) CHARLOTTE x1 ! ; )

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  • things you can do in hadleigh

    admittedly, this list won't be particularly long, however it will be full of fun, vibrant interesting things that no other town has. pffttt.

    -aggravate old folk/mad lil
    -take a stroll down the high street. why not pop into the co-op whilst you're down there.
    -go fishing in the river brett. hey, the best fish you'll get are 2cm long, but that doesn't matter, right?
    -walk to an equally uneventful surrounding town/village/hill such as layham, semer, boxford, polstead, kersey, bildeston, etc.
    -go bargain-hunting in buy right
    -spend all free time outside the beer barrel, eating doritos and drinking euroshopper coke.
    -go to fast food place(s) or exotic restaurant/take-away
    -go the gym, where you will be laughed at by pupils as gym is situated in high school. small world ; )
    -worship in one of the three hundred churches
    -make yourself ill and pay a visit to the health centre
    -read the hadleigh community news
    -gaze in awe at the beautiful countryside (!)
    -waste life on bebo or other social networking site

    i'm sure that there are lots more sparkling activities to do in hadleigh, which i have forgotten about, so please comment! thanks for reading!

    15 Comments 205 weeks

  • a rant ; )

    i am writing to my blog, as the current world we live in is a shambles ;)

    will someone PLEASE hurry up and do something about the whole 'global-warming' stuff, cause i'm about to ;) .

    and explain to me again about how 'rap' is actually music? surely it isn't just words that are SAID, yes SAID, to music? how the hell is that an actual SONG?! :L

    and will someone PLEASE make an actual decent scary film?! cause me and georgia ;) have watched both:
    -Night of the Living Dead
    -The Exorcist (more scary than the above)
    both classified '18'. hhmmmm, more like PG !
    although, to be fair, they were made decades ago ;)
    'timeless classics', apparently

    anything else guys? write a comment then.


    Gordon Brown is a shit politician, as are the whole of the Labour party. They make promises that they have never actually fulfilled. If they call this country's education a success, then, please, come along to HHS and enjoy the freak show :)
    Frankie Boyle is in no way good-looking, but he is pretty funny :P
    The Exorcist altogether like, totally, one of THE best movies of all time, eh geo;)
    America is a country Liam. More dominant than even Great Britain now (:( ) so watch yourself. (!!)
    Whether Britain has any decent tennis players is debatable. They basically haven't. Andy Murray is an annoying twat. ROGER FEDERER FTW!!
    The size of Nicholas Cage's forehead is unscalable:L

    And... Tesco's. I would much rather a Tesco's than Co-op, well said jake:D
    Benton Street's road is a calamity anyway, so lorries just... don't go there. Literally. They would obviously have to come around the other way. But tbh, I'd much rather have Sainsbury's in Hadleigh. You can't beat it. Except Tesco's, however seeing as they are Britain's biggest landowner , I think we have enough of them tbh. I mena, we already have TWO in ipswich!

    And sam, thanks for going to so much trouble to answering Liam's quesstion :D
    saves me a job :D

    Anything else gang? :L

    253 Comments 230 weeks

  • My cool names dudes... (Y)


    ... Lucizzle.


    (favorite color and favorite animal)
    ... Green Lion

    (your middle name and the street you live on)
    ... Victoria Close

    (cool :L )

    (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)
    ... Evalu

    (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink).
    ... Black Water :)

    (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, 2nd letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your mums maiden name, 3rd letter of you dads middle name, 1st letter of a siblings first name, and last letter of your moms middle name)

    ... Uaianme

    (parents middle names)
    ... Anne Jonathon.

    (bloody and the name of one of your pets)
    ... Bloody Snail.


    or bloody billy (Y)

    19 Comments 250 weeks

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hello charlotte
well, i've only been friends with you for about a year because last year we didn't speak in textiles and all the other crappy subjects that we're lumbered with, but i don't think that ANYONE would've approached me last year cause I was a total twat not much has changed really has it? hhmmmm.
BUT, we somehow started talking at the beginning of this year, most probably becasue... uhh, tbh i don't actually remember, but i hope i'm in a class with you next year because tbh i'm really gonna miss our textiles lessons
it's always so funny because neither of us know what the hell we're doing, and mrs (is she married? idk ) graham is always 'following' us, and asking us what we're doing. we never really have a decent answer do we

and you always make me laugh and you're such a good friend, i'm glad that we're prats together in unnecessary shit like DT

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  • Georgiababy.
    luv Georgiababy.

    Hello Jules, i cant come to the staff meeting tomorrow, you'll have to tell Cathy i cant be there. Jaimie is leaving for Italy tomorrow and i have to say goodbye before the private jet takes him there. thanks a bunch, Hows the bedsit hunt by the way? much love, Your more intelligent friend, Lynds x

    10/29/09 via Mobile
  • Mbp.
    luv Mbp.

    hey lucy :) spoke on msn earlier about this so heeeeeeeey. aw, i am ok thanks (: xxx

  • Mbp.
    luv Mbp.

    heeeeeeey;) haha, english is funny watching georgia posing and being a spac with your glasses:L nope, still not started essay & yes that is a stupid question LOL. :* xxxxxxxxx

  • C'G'M
    luv C'G'M

    thank you babes. (:

  • Jess.

    yesss ((: sorry i have run out of credit! imy is on holiday this week, so will have to arrange a date for when she is back. (: x x

  • Molly.
    luv Molly.

    Heyyyaa, (: it's been weeks, i haven't seen you in ages! how've you been?

  • Lauren.

    Hi Lucy! :D Thank you.... that was taken in france in the swimming pool! lol We bought an underwater camera! :) feel free to comment on it! ;) i'm fine thnx... have you done your jane eyre essay yet??... what teacher have you got next year for english??.. wot options have you chosen??... how r u??... sorry about all the questions! :( wb xxxx

  • Oliviaa
    luv Oliviaa

    beautiful how you doing babyy? and yerr it was amazinggg. hope your summa is going gurdd. :)) yesums babyyy, see you soon. love youuu. xx

  • Georgiababy.
    luv Georgiababy.

    hey lu! i havent spoken to you in like forever, how are you? what you been up to, how was wales if you went? ;D :D have to see you sometime ;P lyy x

  • Molliee.

    ohh Granny Lu ;) well no i have spent 10p thoo :DD ohh get in granny lu hope ur slow reactions dont hold you back if you know what i meann (; i think we should goo bingo : ) ahh it would be an experience + a halff :B i love you retardd!!! xxxxxx

  • Charlotte-X

    lu x3 !!! yes finally back to civilisation !!!!!!!!! yup we defo gotta meet up next week !!!!!!!:D ily x x x x

  • Sophiee.

    Lucy :d U okay ? How was ur holiday ? T.b loveyou xx

    8/8/09 via Mobile
  • Molliee.
    luv Molliee.

    Ol' granny Lu(; yesss you take a while to react to things, yup as soon as you get back from your hols we shall do sumthing, GALA BINGO ? granny lu ;D ? ahaaa. iloveyou retarddd.

  • Mumble Bananas
    luv Mumble Bananas

    well well well Lucy! no way you are gone for 2 weeks! it will be sad with out you!! i will be very sad until you come back!! i will try not to miss you so much! it has been some sprits 50m and 25m though kern getting blocks out soon so we practise our starts!! it is going to be really fun!! lol :P i can tell you are amazing at sarcasm!! it is brilliant creation! i will tank you so much and you have a nice holiday! were are you? Matron wow she must care about you for phoning in the holidays!! my dont and i dont care to much!! i think you do have a brilliant relationship with your matron it is the best way to have it!! whatever!!! lol loveyou 2! x x x

  • Molliee.
    luv Molliee.

    hello LU well i hear you awayy on holiday, well i hope while yourr there your thinking of your retarrdd (: i dont know where you are ? butt i can sense your presence allwayss. anywayy what i bowled over to your page to say iss;; WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING IN THE HOLIDAY :D welll have funn dont you ggo doin anything i wouldnntt (; - ahh i love you. xxxxxxxx

  • luv Kaazz

    Heeeeey.x Imm good thank you : ) Yeahh i probs c youu sooonn : ) Im going to poland but thats not exactly a holiday : ) LOL You have a good summa tooo : ) iiLoveyou..x (L)

  • Charlotte-X

    LU X3 yup art + textiles is over i cant quite belive it :P ok have a good tyme :D yup text me !!!!!!! we should so do that lol :S see ya soon :) ly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kaazz

    Lucccyy ..x :D youu okayy?? Wb.xx Kazz Lovee youu

  • Mica
    luv Mica

    hey im actuly on for the first time in ages so now u can stop saying i dnt come on anymore cuse im actully on heve some luv

  • Jess.
    luv Jess.

    sounds good Lucifer :D :L will doooooo :) that day was legend, and hilarious! loveyousweetie (L) x x x


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