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Uneducated Alcoholics

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Diageo Self Published
D(runk)ungarvan Ireland
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
A Pyromaniac and a Diabetic join forces to do battle against the evil Pioneers of which they truely hate. At birth the 2 made a pact: That they would smoke, inject, swallow, snort, sniff, breathe and of course drink themselves silly untill one is thrown out of school with low prospects of further education, and the other has to leave the country for unknown reasons.

Peter: Lead Guitar - Smirnoff Blue Label
Scott: Spoons - Heineken

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  • Scott's Town

    Everyone come out to Capperquin and paint the town red with the biggest band in the world.........Uneducated Alcoholics!!!!! Ther'll be beer, cider, vodka....SPOONS!!!

    a date will be announced shortly

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  • Hank Keon
    Hank Keon

    pftt....bring back scott my fucknig ass.....bring him back so we can beat the living shit out of that fucking toerag...he came back into the school and got fucking exposed within 10 minuts of being there thats how much people hate the red headed faggot....lets pray he dies

  • Linda Wetekam

    ja u win caus u used the bold writing!!

  • Linda Wetekam

    that was a question not a statement!! i was trying 2 help scott to look deep inside himself 2 find the answer

  • Linda Wetekam

    because ur the only uneducated/stupid drunk person in dungarvan??

  • Scott McGrath
    Scott McGrath

    why the fuck am i the only member?

  • Linda Wetekam

    lalalalalalalalalala lala lalalalalalal la

  • Linda Wetekam

    i wud b very depressend now,if i wudnt know what ur on about...

  • Scott McGrath
    Scott McGrath

    yes andy why dont you have some brandy??? *looks triumphant* *then wonders wtf was that on about anyway???*

  • Linda Wetekam

    u dont scott :P !!

  • Scott McGrath
    Scott McGrath

    how do we know your not that kind of of girl linda???

  • Linda Wetekam

    oh well @scott:i said beer is great! well geil actually means horny but u dont say that in this contxt :L !!

  • Dr Nicola Heinz
    Dr Nicola Heinz

    OMFG. ahhhh! ur like my fave band evr evr evr. i love ur music it realy speaks to me uve got a great sound n ur lyrics are just so deep. wat inspirded u to write such powerful songs? i have all ur records and dis one time i was in town n i saw peter n scott n i ran up 2 dem hugged dem n fainted....turns out it wasnt dem thou. bu i have der posters all ovr my walls. I LOVE THE UNEDUCA....wats dat u say der not real? oh my bad

  • Brian O' Dwyer
    Brian O' Dwyer

    wow i didnt know you got a picture of me falling in there. lol. good times.