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Paris Of The Middle East!

1/17/08 | me too! | Reply

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Kūllūnā li-l-waTan, li-l-'ula wa-l-'alam Self Published
Lebanon Australia
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

The Family, Cousins, Friends, Gatherings, Weddings, Music, Dabkeh, Dancing, Tabouli, Olive Oil, the Country, the Flag, Cedars, Salib, Food, Jeben, Coffee, Bizzer and the tabbel ( leb drum )

This is all of were about and more…

But Just Remember…
Not all Lebanese are the same!

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  • Funny Lebo Habbits

    • At weddings, it takes the bride and groom 4 hours to kiss all the guests
    • Your Wife/Husband is also your first cousin
    • You put olive oil on EVERYTHING and brag about how healthy it is.
    • 3 or more relatives live in your neighborhood
    • Your mum cooks a meal that lasts three days
    • Your Father swears at you with words that effect himself (Yilaan Abouk, Ya Ibnil kalb.)
    • saying "Chinese" refers to all asians, and asian" is lebanese for "agent".
    • You own or play a "Tableh, dirbakeh"
    • Your middle name is your fathers first name.
    • You play cards till the break of dawn.
    • You NEVER run out of "Bizzer" (leb nuts)
    • You can't have a meal without Lebanese bread
    • You feel proud when someone famous or a celebrity has ANY Arabic blood in them. (Shakira, Salma Hayek, Paula Abdul, Hazem El Masri)
    • Your Mum has a creative nickname for you like "Susu" Fofo, Mimo, Zuzu, Jojo..
    • You have someone tell you your fortune through your coffee cup
    • You say "Bolice" for "Police"
    • You get really excited and call your whole family to the room when there is a special or a documentary on Arabs on CNN or SBS
    • You have a 1 eye brow... and if you don't, you pluck it.
    • Members of your family start to come over your house at 11:00PM and don't leave until 3:00am
    • It's perfectly OK to put chairs and tables in the street by the curb to socialise.
    • You hose down all the cement in front of your house every night
    • You are awaken at night by a member of your family yelling over the phone to overseas "Kifkoun Bil Libnan!!!!!!!!!".
    • The words "shu" "Bro" and "Cuz" is part of your vocabulary.
    • It doesn't even cross your mind NOT to Bar-B-Q at two in the morning.... on your front porch.
    • you must film all the food on the table when you have a special occasion.
    • You say "close the light" instead of " turn of the light"
    • The word "Wallah" has replaced the the word "Really" in your vocabulary!
    • You think bankstownsquare food court is the coolest place to be on thursday night.
    • Your parents wave there hands up in the air and yell " Yehrideenik akoo sharmouuta " if you get suspended at school or done something bad.
    • Your parents have to buy everything that’s half price.
    • Your cousins and relatives sit in the garage all night playing cards and smoking the ARGILLI and watching the YARAH.
    • Your parents love and adore LBC and ART.. just sitting there watching it 27/4 and you burning shitless
    • Your mother calls you "Mommy" or "Ma" and your father calls you "Dad"
    • You've heard Amro Diab's "Ya nour el ein" 764363 times in ur life. also, 3ala dal3ouna
    • You get pissed when an Arab is displayed as a Terrorist in a Movie.
    • You know there is another meaning for kiss.
    • There is no such thing as quiet time
    • You use Arabic bread as a utensil
    • You would never call it Pita Bread
    • You have at least one gold chain with a cedar, or a cross on it
    • you know what the dabki, a hafli, and a derrbakki is/are
    • You make coffee before leaving home, when getting to the office, after lunch, when having guests, before the guests leave, after the guests leave and before going to bed.
    • When shops have sale they call your mom.
    • You call an older person you've never met before "Ammo" or "tohnt".
    • You hide everything from your parents, but they still think they know
    • everything about you, and make you believe that they actually do.
    • When you FLY BACK home you find 20 people uv never met befor waiting for you at the airport.
    • Every time you fly back home you meet relatives you never knew existed, and they look nothing like your family.
    • Your relatives alone could populate a small city. .
    • When you go on a date you start thinking of shit places where nobody would go to so you won’t bump into family or friends.
    • You end up in a shit place and still bump into the relative

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  • Lebanese Famous People.

    Film, Theatre, Television, and Radio Personalities

    • Paul Anka - Born in Ottawa, ON, to Lebanese parents.
    • Joseph Barbera & William Hanna - Hanna-Barbera (Lebanese pronunciation: Hannah & Berbere) Creators of the Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Yogi Bear and many other world renown cartoons that have pinned us to our couches on Saturday mornings--and other times of other days.
    • Lili Estefan - Cuban American television hostess, (niece of Emilio Estefan; Lebanese ancestry)
    • Jamie Farr - actor of M*A*S*H fame
    • Khrystyne Haje - actress
    • Salma Hayek - Mexican actress (Lebanese father and Mexican mother)
    • Casey Kasem - television personality of Druze Lebanese descent
    • Massari - Lebanese/Canadian hip-hop singer
    • Mario Kassar - movie producer
    • Keanu Reeves - born in Lebanon
    • Arsinée Khanjian - actress (Lebanese-born, Armenian ethnicity)
    • Catalina Prince - "Ford Supermodel of Lebanon 1996"
    • Georgina Rizk - Miss Universe 1971
    • Fouad Said - cinematographer (Inventor of the Cinemobile)
    • Tom Shadyac - director
    • Tony Shalhoub - television and film actor; presently stars in "Monk"
    • Wentworth Miller- television actor; stars in Prison Break
    • James Stacy - actor (Laramie)
    • Danny Thomas - nightclub comedian and television actor
    • Amy Yasbeck - Lebanese-American film and television actress, widow of actor John Ritter
    • Shakira - born to a Colombian mother of Catalan descent and an American-born father of Lebanese Catholic descent. Shakira, which means "grateful" in Arabic (شاكرة), is named after her paternal grandmother.
    • Kathy Najimy - born in lebanon, actress
    • kamal Ghattas- CNN reporter and analyst
    • Najwa Karam - singer from the Lebanese village of Zahleh
    • Zaki Nassif - musician and singer
    • Mika - (Mica Penniman), singer
    • Paul Anka - pop singer
    • Nancy Ajram - pop singer
    • Elizabeth Ayoub - Singer/Songwriter/Actress born in Caracas, Venezuela to immigrant Lebanese parents.
    • Rola Sa'ad-pop singer
    • Bassima pop singer
    • Guy Béart - french singer
    • Mido Taha, DJ (Iraqi mother and Lebanese father)
    • John Dolmayan - System of a Down drummer (Lebanese-born, Armenian ethnicity)
    • Dick Dale - Surf Guitar
    • Elissa - pop singer
    • Bushra El-Turk. British-born Lebanese composer
    • Fairouz, born Nouhad Haddad - singer
    • El Masri Abdalla, -classical Music Composer
    • Myriam Fares - Arab singer
    • Bassem Feghali - related to Sabaah, a comedian that pioneered female impersonation in Lebanon
    • Darine Hadchiti - Young Artist that has shocked the world with her debut single and albums.
    • Jalal Haddad - Experimental, classical, jazz and rock composer
    • Tony Hajjar - At the Drive-In and Sparta drummer
    • Amal Hijazi - pop-singer and dancer
    • Waleed Hourani - composer, pianist
    • Wael Kfoury - modern singer
    • Marcel Khalife - singer, orchestral composer, oud player
    • Michel Elefteriades - composer/producer/director/song-writer
    • Pascale Machaalani - singer
    • Yfrah Neaman - violinist
    • Assi Rahbani - composer (Fairouz's husband)
    • Assi el Helani - singer
    • Elias Rahbani - composer (Mansour's youngest brother) [13]
    • Mansour Rahbani - composer (Assi's brother)
    • Ziad Rahbani - composer (Assi's and Fairouz's son)
    • Sabah - born Janet Feghali from Wadi Al Shahrour, singer and actress
    • Wadih Safi - musician and singer
    • Setrak Setrakian - composer and pianist (Armenian ethnicity)
    • Serj Tankian - System of a Down vocalist,guitarist ,political activist (Lebanese-born, Armenian ethnicity)
    • Nawal Al Zoghbi - singer

    for more go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...

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