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5/3/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

get off your choppers
Me, Myself, and I
      Yr 11  
      Picton High

I Live for the moments that i will never forget.
My friends,Boyfriend and family   
mean the world to me.       
i believe laughing and having fun    
is the best things you can do in life.      

I just wish i could have you back, so you could tell me what to do and i wouldn't let you down again.I Miss you

×♥× ♫.. Your everywhere to me and when i close my eyes it's you i see .♫ ×♥×

je t'aime tant


Vous parlez d'un lot
The Other Half Of Me
Tyy Yo

Tyy Yo

besties i love her, best memories out (:

-My friends are my world.   
You all mean so much to me.   
the memories we make will never be forgotten.  
We laugh so much and i never want that to change.
♥♥TyeMarie BrookeHarding AlexieWilson
AlexandriaStowers JocelynTucker♥♥
The Dudes 
Brenden, Jonty, Kooko, Reece,
Adam, Daniel, Cameron+

Brenden baby, you mean everything to me.Please know that.♥
heys mayte
your my bestest bud ever and always will be. We have the bestest fantasy talks ever, ily bitch :) :) . from ur gnarly dudett friend tye gO and get fooked because i no the bulldogs just did not beat the sharksSHIT
Twenty Ten
i have a feeling this year is going to be a blast.      With unforgetable laughs with the most important    people in mylifeTyemarie, Brenden,
Alexie, Brooke, Alex, Jocelyn,
Ashlene, Danzy, Kooko, Reece,
Adam, Jonty + so much more ppl.    
but this year im going to try harder at   
skool and pay more attention (cough cough)    
thats i will try not a garante.    
This year is all about thinking you only live once   
and you dont no what is around the corner,    
so im going to make the best of it and just go   
crazy nothing to illegal hahaha.    

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Missing You - 1st Lady

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  • Love them

    Tyler-Marie-LETS GET FUCTED UP
    TylerMarie.your my bestfriend/sister we are always laugh at the most lamest things ever but we have so much fun no matter where we are even if it is in the back of Brenny's car, we jus laughed at each other laughing and had some awsum talks in that back seat sorry my laugh was so snorting deadly.we have made so many memories in the decade+ like dialing 000, skate park reaction, Bahhhh, Optus wishes to advise that the number you have dialed is incomplete or incorect IM NOT WITH OPTUS, when u told me something in the gutter at the party n i dropped my phone, the seat at narellan cinemas, wen i ran with the plastic bag and left you, our awsum singing in the bak of the car to my soccer grand final and so many more like so many!!!! to come. and we can make up dances on the spot and we are awsum dancing on the bak of ute trays to flaunt it(we so beat brenny n daniel).we tend to quote alot of movies....oh no way i thought u were coming from over there can we re-do that. and we have alot of movies
    that we call our own but one day we have decided to make a movie ourselves nothing like any other horror movie cause some of the girls just cant act and make it so unbeleivable. we also enjoy quoting summer heights high.i would walk a thousand miles to see you, . ur my McLovin biotch i love you besties forever chesse burger sl*t. can i just say RISE UPON THE LIKENS, like jc plz xxx

    Brenden 10.07.09
    When I see u or anyone talks about u, it makes me smile so much and you make me super happy no matter what mood i am in.You know that saying about that feeling that u get riding a really kool roller coaster or going over a hill that your stomach kinda flips, well i get that feeling whenever im with u, And when im not with u i think of you constantly.I love your kisses and i love your hugs im so happy to be with you no matter where or what we are doing, even though we are retards we are the most awsumest retards ever we already have many funny moment's and i love to tease you about yerr u know what im talking bout (: I Love You Babe ......

    Denise Anne Sheehy..R.I.P-tu me manques
    Denise It has been awhile now but it seems to be getting harder then easier right now. I know i have let you down in so many ways, when people talk about u it kills me n i jus put a fake smile on my face but really im holding bak the tears. i just want u bak.people say things happen for a reason but what reason was it that you had to leave us because no good came out of it.
    .I miss everything about youYou will forever be in our Hearts
    I love you.....

    what can i say i have known you since we were lil we have gone through everything together i always know u are there for me as i am for you. we have so many good times baba black sheep-is my finger in your ally now- n wen my mum scared you and so many more to come and lots and lots more getting up to no good together. we have decide when we are older we are going to travel the world n the 7 seas listening to that song i can't wait. i love you xx

    0 Comments 185 weeks

  • The best memories we have had

    just write a favourite memory we have shared together most of you will have more then one hehehe :DD

    4 Comments 202 weeks

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It's like a fucking episode of The O.C. in here.
-Chris Miles
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  • Connor McCracken
    Connor McCracken

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    Connor McCracken

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  • luv Tyy Yo


    5/15/10 via Mobile
  • luv Tyy Yo

    bebos mother forkin shit!!!!

  • luv Tyy Yo


  • luv Tyy Yo

    huuuu broke it moiteeee?

  • Dana-Dee

    Hey :) Yeah uni is good, alot of work, but a hell of a lot less time spent in the class room.. i like that oh and the large amound of holidays.. like i have 13 weeks of this session then 7 weeks off.. awesome lol yeah school would be shit... its school.. lol yeh once you get your 's life has just got more freedoms ttylxx:D

  • luv Dana-Dee

    Hey Teegan :D how are you? its been a while since we have even seen eachother. lol. so hows school, must suck having to go back and yeh. your mum said you bought a car.. awesome!! let me know when you get your p's, lol, ill make a note to stay off the roads lol.. jokes.. well hope we chat up soon xxxxxxxxx

  • luv Tyy Yo

    wheres our illegalies? :P

  • luv Tyy Yo

    nigga cheesel. =D

  • luv Tyy Yo

    eyyya gumbyyyyy yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo......too much?? hehe, well thats paybak from wen u sed ur pool was gettin taken out ayy...u doodle puff :P hmm. get in my head from jason derulo. thats heckers. get some escaspe the fate lots of a day to remember lots of rise against i dunno ay, mayb just take my ipod home and sync it ehh, cuz ive got heckers songs :) :) over and out touch the torch ay ay ay....shh' save itt ;)

  • luv Tyy Yo

    ayy douce box! yesss tru that, i wrote u a long comment ayy...but i dont think uwrote bakk ay hmm. aw was pretty alrite ayy. needed to piss really badly. plus i got a call from tafe. HECKERS :) :) im signing outa school tomorrow haha nahh not really....but i they did call me for my travel and tourism course. have to talk to mom about it ayy. godddddddddd i have a headache JC THAT SHIT! my effin limewire betta work ayy, i want those songs lol. omg i didnt c that dude todayy ay...:| haah over and out wang noodle.

  • luv Tyy Yo

    ayya. asked my mom about sydney on monday. shuld b all sweet ay. evann if she doesnt let me..i wont wake up for school ha! :DD wen was girls nite? omg cant wait till saturdayyy ay !!!! aw nd sunday me nd alex r gunna go camping and hike! haa...shuld b heckers fun. plus apparo its raining so evan betta :) over and out

  • Ashhlenee
    luv Ashhlenee

    your pretty awsome :) :) :) ily

  • luv Tyy Yo

    ayyy dudee JIMBOB well, ive looked on like 4 different websites ayy but there all shit dude! hopefully i just get the job at kfc ayy. i applied for coles too :) :) . haa ohh yee love them heaps..love them so much they evan get chucked at me ! well the red lolly was shitt so i refused to eat that :L shuld get joc ova on fridayy ay. have another girls nite :D over nd out

  • luv Tyy Yo

    dude wat we got first ayy i lost my time table!!!!

  • luv Tyy Yo

    ayya! yee sounds good dude. just write me a list of wat u wat nd ur all sweet! ...dont think my mom is gunna let me do tafe at mossy ayy. but its my future, unless she wants me to live at home for the rest of my life...actually idm that ayy aha :D catch use wen use come up eh!

  • luv Tyy Yo

    ayyya douche box hmm, actually its not as shit as i thought it wuld b ayy. but i dont really wanna b there cuz it suks ass!! majorly. yee dude thats sweet. oi i still have to give u superbad ayy ahha woopss ay lol. aw shit school not tomorrow but the next day! AW SHIT shit shit holy shit balls over nd out

  • luv Tyy Yo

    ayya! umm i actually forgot wat poeple u were apposed to ring? aw dont get me started ayy. ;) ;) aw fookn hell i hate school already ayy. i just wanna go to bed. hmm? ah well actually was my musther hu didnt want me to ride in the wet...cuz shes a weiner and all over and out

  • luv Tyy Yo

    ayya ur a lopzer dude. ayy aw shit ay, wonder wats wrong with it ay. did u ring up those ppls to help you yo? shit ay its hot ay, but was raining this morn so culdnt go for a ride ay :( ( aw well i kinda shit myself ay, didnt no wtf happened..thought u mite of walked down the street ay....dikhead :)) aw benn ayy :DD haa over and out yo