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Beautiful Ataahua

not quite the same as facebook thats for sure but awsome fotos i havent seen in a while

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  • from long time visitor in Ruakaka bred in Tok
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  • Trisha
    luv Trisha

    hi sis, yeah been prety busy hea. Cant wait 2 cm hm 4 10 daz & do da catch ups, wif da whanau. I work 6 daz so havent seen joshy & awhina yet. Yep mum stil rings me cryn, she wants me 2 go home 4 good. Bt we got gd lives hea. I mis mi m8s hard so i plan on drinkn wif dem 4 a day or 4.lol k much luf sis.

    3/21/10 via Mobile
  • Beautiful Ataahua
    Beautiful Ataahua

    We are all great over here spent a couple days with ur mum in htown te hiiwa all grown up and doing well i reckon. Up north all good another moko coming in October Troy and new wife I spend more time on facebook but know this is the only place you have online haha

  • Trisha
    luv Trisha

    hi sis jus dropin u aline for ow daddys birfdae today. HAPI BIRFDAE DADDY. anyway me gona get pissed & have a smoke been ages for a smoke but who cares, not me today. den me gona have a cry, i know he wont approve but he not hea 2 tell me off lmao. den go nanaiz for work 2moro lmao. hows things back there hows the whanau. how the weding go. hea mi last love for the day miss u all heaps how the wedding go.

  • M O E
    luv M O E

    :DD heey aunty! ohh yeaah!..waahs gudd funn n rag`s onn new year`s! :O OMG!..dd troy gt hitchhd aunty?!..WOW!..congrat`s kuzz! dane reckn`s hee wahs spoze2head^2your`s D otha dae widd hs fwen`s aunty! naww..yu muhs haff a|weady bn⪈ 4rm pickn up unc|e!..wee sday nt farr 4rm airport aunty!;) i|| |ukk4yu onn face book2! he!he! :* |ove yu!

  • Trisha
    luv Trisha

    hi sis yep me & dee stil alive lol. We jus been workin ow maori asses off 4 dez no hopa lazy ozys. Im team leada 4 mi job, love it 2. & dee gets made managa 4 her job nex wk. Gr8 strt so far 4 ow nu year. Cha ricco got a beatiful baby. Wel hope al is wel wif al da whanau luv u all heaps.

    1/4/10 via Mobile
  • Hautz

    which photos?haha!all ov dem? sweet as;)

  • Noema Purnell
    luv Noema Purnell

    we been having 28 degree days and thunderstorm nights where it just been pissing down, not the best weather, just living with the aircon on. dog has to sleep in the shed cos he barks at the thunder all night. not long till i come home now

  • Trisha
    luv Trisha

    hi sis lol no poker jus u lmao hows things bak home, shit i miss home & mum so much. i talk to mum al the time, go over to litle henrys heaps, bit ov that whanau contact. hows ow wedding gong you miss me aye catering on lmao.

  • Vida Vatoz
    luv Vida Vatoz

    lol u carzi get back to work lol, yeh b.day soon probz jus get out sum dvds n hav a munch at home ya know life isn't az exciting as once b4, but all is well, gurls are growing up to fast, how is all the prep going for the wedding??

  • Noema Purnell
    luv Noema Purnell

    that sounds kewl how long u down there for

  • Noema Purnell
    luv Noema Purnell

    oh tru thats crazy. ill send u an email

  • luv Ayden Purnell

    we mived to a new house and it took awhile to get the net sorted. howz everything back home i heard bout that tsunami scare

  • Noema Purnell
    luv Noema Purnell

    hey aunty we moved house and had shit service from everyone like the telephone people the real estate, just got the internet on today we had to get a new number even though we've moved 5 streets from our last place. only just got our rubbish bins today so finally got somewhere to put the rubbish. havent been doing much just work, touch starts this weekend but only awhina goin cos ive got work, hows it with everyone there?

  • -Te Hiwa
    luv -Te Hiwa

    yep ive been good azz tu nan ive finnaly growin uhp nd put nan before my self bhut yeah