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Josh Alpaugh

~*~Life*Suck's*Then*You*Die*S  o*Smoke*A*Bowl*And*Get*High~*  ~~*~Why*Drink*And*Drive*When*  You*Can*Get*High*And*Fly?~*~~  *~Peace*Not*War~*~

8/4/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 25, Luv 87
  • from United States
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Last active: 6/18/08
  • www.bebo.com/alpoethestoner
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I grew up on a farm most my life. I got alot of backwoods hillbilly in me. I like to think of myself as a Hippie. I belong to the Norml Chapter. Im all for green peace,and I love smoking pot. I grew up with ADHD so i was always getting in trubble.
Bong Hitting, Blunt Rolling, Cheefen Motherfucker
~*Scared Of*~
Not A Fucking Thing!
~*Happiest When*~
.With Girl's Or Hanging out With my family & Friend. Or chillen on my homie's grave A. J. A. R.I.P.

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  • Brittanie J
    luv Brittanie J

    i miss you soooo much josh u dont even know even tho we fought all the time lol but we always called eachother family i love you alpaugh R.I.P ill never forget you or the times that we have shared!! love you

  • Kaidie
    luv Kaidie

    R.I.P. i love you!!!

  • Sierra Dawn Marie
    luv Sierra Dawn Marie

    ii really really miss yew... your in my mind every moment of the day.. me and Victoria talk about the memories we had and yeah... Never forgotten and always loved...!! Mwah Love Ya Josh... Sierra**

  • Ak McIced
    luv Ak McIced

    I miss u homie. We had some pretty good times blazin it up. i'll never forget u. Watch over all your homies and keep us all safe. R.I.P Alpaugh.

  • luv Tasha

    i still cant believe ur not with us anymore.... it sucks... it seems like just yesterday we was sittin there cheefen ona blunt.... miss the times i had wit u n chels. love ya n miss ya dawg... R.I.P... wnt eva 4 get u!

  • Kaidie
    luv Kaidie

    I miss you more than anything... you're so amazing.. you're a great guy and a lot of people didnt get to see that side of you, i'm glad i was special enough to be able to.... you'll always mean the world to me.... god i miss you soooo effing much....you're flipping amazing... i love you joshua!!!

  • Id Poke That
    luv Id Poke That

    Ima miss u josh..

    3/8/08 via Mobile
  • Sperls- Daniel James Sperling
    Sperls- Daniel James Sperling

    puff puff pass, in your memory bro

  • Sierra Dawn Marie
    luv Sierra Dawn Marie

    R.I.P Josh... ii love yeww and ii will never forget about yeww... ii remember our good times we had and our bad... LOVE YEWW FOR EVA

  • Babygurl
    luv Babygurl

    hey buddy!!! it sux i didnt get to say bye!! watch over us! we love you and we will miss you!!!

  • Maleki Jansonius
    Maleki Jansonius

    Uhm..There's nothing else that I can really say that is ever going to change what has happened bro..I miss you, always will, everyday..Ima stay looking up to the sky while Im ballin, just like you told me too..Good luck on your new journey bro..I Love You Mayne...Rest In Peace Alpaugh..

  • Kaidie
    luv Kaidie

    i love you..

  • Kaidie

    awww i miss you too!!! when are we going to get married? hmm.. yeah you're right you would have to stop smoking before that ever happened... and i honestly dont see that happening.. you wouldnt give that up..

  • Shortie

    You've been hit by ................ ............|\ ............| \ ............|__\ ...______|__________ ..\___ A BOAT_____/ ....\_____________/ WHICH MUST MAKE YOU PRETTY ANGRY. I BE PISSED TOO. BASTARD CAME OUT OF NOWHERE

  • Kaidie
    luv Kaidie

    hey babe i havent talked to you in FOREVER!!! Where have you been?? I miss you lots... it makes me sad when i sign into MSN and you're not online, because usually you are. Is something wrong?? Well.... let me know what's going on when you get this... <3, Kaidie