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hey hey

4/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 63
  • from Milford Haven
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: Mar 12
  • www.bebo.com/SquirrelLovesNuts
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go get sum nuts!!
Me, Myself, and I
hey my names nathan . my niknames are squirrel , chaffe n tits lol
and i am a proud father of a monkey called melvin .... hope im soon reunited with him lool

so.... moving on ummm my hobbies r hunting .. drink whiskey lol n campin out with my m8s once in a while.... o ye n i sumtimes play a bit of the gitar on the side lol :P ... sum ppl say im different outside skool, well i suppose i am abit lol ... my fave food has to be chineese n my fave drink is whiskey lol :P

my msn addy be:

sarahs kool
&Gemma Lee [:

Vik was Here =D on this profile.. as she is very bord =D hiya squiggs :D
arch enemy , lamb of god , children of bodom , slipknot , hatebreed, stone sour, chimaira , trivium , mudvayne , avenged sevenfold , bullet for my valentine , caliban , dimmu borgir , god forbid , hurt locker , in flames , korn , lacuna coil , murder dolls , necrophagist , roadrunner united , pantera, slayer, breed 77, blink 182, guns n roses, all that remains, all shall perish, oasis, buthole sufers n black sabbath
music videos , comedies, anything with good actors in it.
bands seen live
shadows fall, arch enemy, dragonforce, trivium, machine head
Grandma ... never forgotten :( n mobey... u were more than a dog u were my best fuking m8:(
Happiest When
drunk or with my m8s or even both n camping
favourite place
house party, a pub , with my m8s, campin :P , the weir
dead baby joke
How do you know when a baby is dead?

It doesn't cry if you nail its feet to the ceiling.

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  • stole it from sum1 lol

    How old do I look?
    [ ] 11
    [ ] 12
    [ ] 13
    [ ] 14
    [ ] 15
    [ ] 16
    [ ] 17
    [ ] 18
    [ ] 19
    [ ] 20
    [ ] 21

    How good do i look from 1-10 (1-ugly / 10-HoTT)
    [ ] 1
    [ ] 2
    [ ] 3
    [ ] 4
    [ ] 5
    [ ] 6
    [ ] 7
    [ ] 8
    [ ] 9
    [ ] 10

    Would you rather..
    [ ] Do me
    [ } Date me

    Would you rather be on top or bottom?
    [ ] Top
    [ ] Bottom

    Do I have pretty eyes?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    Do you like my body?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    Would you be sad if I moved?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    Would you come visit me?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    Am I..
    [ ] Hott
    [ ] Beautiful
    [ ] Sexy
    [ ] Cute
    [ ] ugly

    Would you rather..
    [ ] Makeout
    [ ] Cuddle
    [ ] Fuck
    [ ] Go out

    Do you want to go out with me?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    Would you give me your number?
    [ ] Yes () <-----leave ya numba
    [ ] No

    Are you going to repost this so I can answer for YOU?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    2 Comments 316 weeks

  • things and shit about me lol if u even care lol

    my fav drink is whiskey lol any hoo knows me wen i drink will know this alredy lol . i had 21 shots of the stuff n i fell asleep in a stream so they say lol . n i fell on my hed n made it bleed but i didnt realise lol ..................................
     ............................ yeh so i do like my whiskey but i av to say its disgustin lol i do prefer to nak bak afew bottles (chill drinkin ) in other words :P

    3 Comments 359 weeks

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What Assassin are you?

My result is: El Mariachi

You are a hard-ass bad assassin, but killing those who are bad themselves. The reason you kill is because of revenge. El Maricachi knows how to use a weapon and never hesitates to kill. He has a guitar case which he disguisses his weapons in. In this includes guns, greandes and knives. You are fast, sleek, agiliful and strong. El Maricahi would have to be one of the most Combative and quickest thinking fictional assassins ever.
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    iya bub

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    Merry Christmas, SQUIRREL.

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    Lies It's cos you hate me! Na, been up to fuck all. you? :) xxxxxxx

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    long time no speak motherfucker (:

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    yep i sure do my adys sophz_raymo_x@hotmail.co.uk :) :) xx

  • Raymo'S

    yeah same as i was walking around like an old woman haha fair play our group got pretty grumpy at times haha um it was when everyone came back from the pub and you walked into that common room thing with ben and you got half way across the floor and just fell down and the others were trying to persuade you to go to bed but you wouldnt haha oh my word everyone was so funny tho fairplay including steff i think it was not sure haha he was sooo funny he couldnt walk straight this morning lol xxx

  • Raymo'S

    heya yep i sure did!! im sooooooo tired now tho haha how did it go with you?? you feeling good?? cos last night you just walked in and fell on the floor after the pub which was pretty funny haha wb xx

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    Mr. Mills

    £2 haha

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    Rosie Neale

    Heyaaa... You Okaii? Good weekend?

    6/29/08 via Mobile
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    Mr. Mills

    Got a car (: