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8/5/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Fauldhouse =)
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

I Love My Boyfriend =) & My Princess Leah
Me, Myself, and I
Shauna Denholme

I Am The Proud Mummy of Leah Mari Ann Mckee
Leah Was Born On Her Exact Due Date :) 19th of December 2008 :)
She Was Born At Exactly 5:22 pm :) Weighing A Healthy 7pound And Half An Ounce:D She Was 49cms Long And Has Been The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me.
I Wouldnt Change My Life For The World. Who Needs Partying And Drink Every Weekend.
Its So Much More Fun Watching Your Little Girl Grow Up, Beginning To Smile And Crawl And Walk.

I Love Kevin Mckee With All My Heart <3
2nd of September 2007 =):)

Want To Know More?:)
Leave A Little Comment And I Will Get Back To You As Soon As I Can ;)
Xxxx <3

The Other Half Of Me
Kev Mc

Kev Mc

My World...I Love You With All My Heart Babe &lt;3

Kev Mckee__♥ &#39;&#39;MyBetterHalf&#39;&#39; ilo
I Love This Guy So Much, He's My Entire World. =) I Hope I Never Lose Him. But I Know That Won't Happen. We Are Stuck With Each Other =) He Is Someone For Me To Look Up To And A Shoulder To Cry On. We Have Been Together Over 2years Now And It Has Been The Most Exciting And The Best 14 Months Of My Life. There Will Defo Be Loads More Months/Years To Come Aswell. We Are Together Forever Babe =) I Love Him With All My Heart, Even If We Do Have Our Ups And Downs. Who Doesnt! We Always Manage To Get Through Everything That Comes Across And We Will Keep Doing It Forever. We Are There For Each Other. I Trust Him 100% And Would Never Want Us To End. We Have Great Memories. These Are Mostly Amazing, Though Some Are Bad But Who Cares. We Still Love Each Other. He Keeps Me Happy And Never Lets The Tears Roll From My Face. I Try To Keep His Smile On His Face. He Treats Me Like A Princess And He Protects Me With His Life.I Love His Gorgeous Eyes And Beautiful Smile =)
Hes Just The Most Amazing Boyfriend xxxx
We Had A Beautiful Baby Girl In December And It Has Made Us Grow Closer Than Ever. He Is An Amazing Dad =) He Helps Me Constantly Including Cleaning And Bum Changing :D What More Do I Want Ae? :) He Supports Me In Every Way. And I Try To Do The Same For Him. He Lifts Up My Spirits When Im Down, My Little Biscuit Boy =) He Means Everything To Me And Would Never Do Anything To Hurt Me. We've Got It Great =)
I Love You So Much Babe Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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    I Woυld Bυild A .. Jυѕt Foя Чоυ

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    Iғ I Coυld Sing Чоυ Anч Song It Wσυld Bє ..

    Wє Coυld .. Undєя Tнє Staяs

    Lovє Fяoм ..

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    13. What do you like best about me?
    14. Ever wanted 2 tell me something you could'nt?
    15. Could you ever love me?
    16.Are u gona put this on ur blog and see what i say bout u?
    17.Anything to say before you go?Just Do It ..=)

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  • Babes

    Did You Get Your Invite :) ? xxxx

  • Clare Boyle
    luv Clare Boyle

    happy birthday honey did you have a good day? can't wait to visit! i love you so much sweetie :* x

  • BD
    luv BD

    happy birthday:) x

  • Clare Boyle
    luv Clare Boyle

    love back angel, ilu x

  • Kev Mc
    luv Kev Mc

    get off bebo now lmao i love you xxx

  • Sara Mullholland
    luv Sara Mullholland

    hey the stuffs great thanks! lol aww thats a wee shame lol, how is leah? x x x

    8/11/10 via Mobile
  • Sherlynn.
    luv Sherlynn.

    shaunaa! how u doin? no seen u in a bit!! what u upto now that uv left? u scared for ur exam results:P ? have a wee love since am missin you:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jordon Victor

    hii i am jordon it is a random addin hope u dont mind it xx

  • Kelsiee
    luv Kelsiee

    Shaunaaaa :D i am gooood babes, how are you and my gorjuss wee leah gettin on? haha ofc i miss youuuu! ooooft, not long now eh, where ya thinking of goin? i'm 20 this year :( shhhh no really, i'll be 19 forever haha love you missy xxxxxx

  • luv Babes

    Aww That's Good Then :D A Was Gonna Pop Up & See Stacey Etc. Shauna Not Cheecky :L iloveeyoouu , xxxx

  • Babes

    Yeaa Well Am Headn Up Too Fauldhouse At Onee Point Soo Just Lett Meh Knoww ?? You & Kev Okayy ?? Aww Cheecky :P .. Not Likee Her Mum :L ... Iluuuuu , xxx

  • Babes

    You Noh Talk Too Me Nae Mere No :P ?? xxx

  • Jennifer
    luv Jennifer

    Hey:D ahahaha look what im listening to:L member these songs:L http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0TLV... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjPTc... aww how funny :L have luv:D xxxxx

  • luv Babes

    Heyyaa Love :D How's The Babyeee ? How You Getting Ohn ? Need To Catch Up Sumtyme Soohn Hehe :L WriteBack's , LoveeeeLoveeee xx

  • Liisaa.Xo

    hello stranger. how you been keeping? what you doing with yourself these days? tell everyone am asking for them. x x

    5/21/10 via Mobile
  • luv Nataliee

    Heyaaa howaa you ?? Xxx

    4/29/10 via Mobile
  • luv Babes

    Hey SexiieeLadyyeee =D Awkt Okay Thanks You ? Me & Mitch Finished =( But Hey Ho!!! =P How Your Lifee & The Baby'ss ? Writeback Kiss'sss & Cuddless

  • Clare Boyle
    luv Clare Boyle

    yeah, big 18 now lol shauna ye know its been like 2 years ! hows the wee yin :) wit you been dain wae yerself anyway ? when ye cumin to visit me :O ye need tae pm me yer number hen :) ly x

  • Vicki
    luv Vicki

    Love Chick xxx

  • Kelsiee
    luv Kelsiee

    loveeeee for shauna! :D dancing tonight?? hope soooo :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx