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cm punk

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Chicago, iillinos United States
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Wrestler: C.M. Punk

Real Name: Phil Brooks

Birthday: October 26, 1978

Hometown: Chicago, ILLINOIS

Marital Status: Once Dated Daffney

Once Dated Tracy Brooks

Once Dated Maria Kanellis

Height & Weight: 6'1" - 220 lbs

Trained by: Kevin Quinn, Ace Steel & Danny Dominion @ Steel Domain Wrestling School

Debut: 1999

Finishing Move: Go 2 Sleep(WWE), Anaconda Vice, Pepsi Plunge

Favorite Moves: Shining Wizard
Welcome to Chicago, Motherf*cker
Split Leg Moonsault
Devil Lock DDT/Hammerlock DDT
Punk-Handle Piledriver
Inverted Hurricanrana
Crooked Leg Moonsault
Suicide Dive
Neckbreaker over the Knee
Delayed Vertical Suplex
Pepsi Twist (Hammerlock into Clothesline)
Catapult Sommersault Senton
Tiltawhirl Backbreaker
The Jackie Chan
The Face Wash
Running Low Yakuza Kick to Corner
Rolling Samoan Drop
Flying Corkscrew Crossbody
The Blockbuster
Arm Wrench Mule Kick

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  • CM Punk CAW For SD VS RAW 07

    head morphing: 9,-37,0
    forehead: 0,5,0,0

    face morphing
    eyebrows: -100,19,0,3
    Eyes: 0,-28,-30,-4,19,-4,-17
    Nose: 0,14,9,0,9,-19,0,-5
    Cheeks: -100,0,0,-20
    Mouth: 0,-70,-15,-14,-10,-10,-43
    Jaw: -1,0,24,-39,-25,0

    Face Parts:
    eyes: 2/8 (shade -19)
    brows: 1/54
    hair: 21/50 (76/-81,-65,100)

    11. Goatee: 12/13 (90/0,0,65)
    12. Peircing: left lip
    13. Knee Pads: 15/15 (-100/-100,-84,100)
    14. Shoes: 2/29 (-100/-100,-84,100)
    15. Design: left shoulder 97/137 (smallest v, 2nd smallest<>)(-100/3,1,9)
    16. Design: left shoulder 97/137 (smallest both ways)(-19/0,0,44)
    17. Sign: left shoulder page 1(~)(45/-100,5,50)
    18. Design: left elbow 135/137 (-100/17,23,0)
    19. Design: right shoulder 90/137(-100/0,8,0)
    20. Design: 135/137(-100/-22,0,0)
    21. Design: right elbow 45/137 (-100/-100,-28,14)
    22. gloves: 6/17
    23. Design: left hand 102/137 (-100/-100,-44,77)
    24. Design: right hand (same as 23)
    25. Design: left hip 103/137 (-100/46,48,64)
    26. Design: right hip 103/137 (-100/46,48,64)
    27. Design: stomach 10/137 biggest <>,smallest v (-100/-100,-45,0)

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  • Personal life

    Punk was born, raised and lived in Chicago, Illinois with a father with alcohol problems,[69] two younger sisters[9] and a brother who grew up to also be a professional wrestler, using the ring name Mike Broox,[5][6] however Punk and Mike had a falling out several years ago after Mike embezzled several thousand dollars from the Lunatic Wrestling Federation.[72] While viewing his alcoholic father and reading that alcoholism may have been hereditary Punk made an agreement with himself to abstain from drinking alcohol to prevent the situation from occurring.[3] During high school Punk discovered the punk rock music genre, most importantly Minor Threat, and by extension found the punk subculture which in turn lead to the discovery of the straight edge culture, which Punk himself adopted.[3] After high school and beginning his wrestling career Punk moved out of the family house and lived for a time with fellow professional wrestler Allison Danger.[3] Punk later moved into an apartment with Ace Steel,[9] however since then Punk has made reference to living alone in Chicago. Punk worked other jobs to support himself in his early career, the last of which was as a laboratory technician for Underwriters Laboratories until he was fired due to poor conduct and work ethic in October, 2002.[3] Punk has stated being fired was the happiest day of his life and promised himself to never work a day job again.[4]

    In relationships Punk has made reference to two ex-girlfriends, though not by name, in his early career[3] and later was romantically linked to professional wrestlers Shannon Spruill[73] and Tracy Brookshaw,[9] both of whom had managed him in ROH. Punk is currently dating WWE Diva Maria, which she confirmed in an interview with The Sun after pictures of the two kissing surfaced on the Internet.[74]

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  • Notable Feuds:

    Classic Colt Cabana
    Chris Hero (IWA)
    Raven (ROH/MLW)
    The New Church (TNA)
    Steve Corino (ROH)
    Ian Rotten (IWA:MS)
    Jimmy Rave (ROH)
    Brent Albright (OVW)
    Shad Gaspard (OVW)
    Neighborhoodie (OVW)

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