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  • Male, 21, Luv 271
  • from Bradley stoke BS32
  • I am Single
  • Last active: 2/20/12
  • www.bebo.com/southy12345
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About Me

dont try me or dry me
Me, Myself, and I
My names Marc most people call me southy
went to ridings .....
at filton college :D
BND sport :)
Play for filton development...
working at sportsdirect ...
im from south africa originally...
but now i live in england

♫♫♫ love music :) ♫♫♫

N E W Q U A Y 2 0 0 8

bebo = dry
facebook me :P x


I Got My Swagger In-Check Like Always ♫♫

♫♫_.IN THE_♫♫

"love the life you live
live the life you love"
-bob marley

"My Mama used to tell me
if u can't find somethin to live for,
you best find somethin to die for"
UK stuff like Dizzee, tinchy stryder, chipmunk, tinie tempah all dat also 50 cent G-unit nd loads more =]
happy gilmore, bad boys 2, superbad, harold and kumar and most funny stuff
marc loves
pinky and the brain, subway, pasta, my homie's, fresh prince and the cramp twins
marc hates
scrams, pricks, ketchup, hughsie when he has a hammer, when coops makes exciting stuff boring lol and Bitch sometimes :L
dizzee rascal, frilla and newham generals, 50 cent, lloyd banks and fabulous, pendulum, n-dubz, h2o.
ridings high
going to miss everyone
best school ever
profile veiws
999, 998 times so merrr [moon]

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  • have you ever ?!

    have you ever ??

    held my hand?
    hugged me?
    looked after me?
    kissed me?
    slept in the same bed as me?
    wanted me bad?
    liked me?
    loved me?
    wanted to be my bf/gf?
    dreamt about me?
    thought about me?
    thought i was good looking?
    danced with me?
    sang with me?
    seen me drunk?
    seen me fall over?
    seen me pissed off?
    seen me cry?
    missed me?
    hated me?
    rang me?
    trusted me?
    hurt me?

    1 Comment 247 weeks

  • what do you peoples think of i ?

    01 I ____ Marc.
    02 Marc is a ____ .
    03 If I were alone in a room with Marc , I would _____.
    04 I think Marc should _____.
    05 Marc needs _____.
    06 I want to _____ Marc.
    07 Someday Marc will _____.
    08 Marc _____
    09 Without Marc ___.
    10 My memories of Marc are ____.
    11 Marc can be _____.
    12 The worst thing about Marc is _____.
    13 The best thing about Marc is _____.
    14 I am _____ with Marc .
    15 One thing i would like to know about Marc is _____.
    16 Marc should go and _____.
    17 Marc _____ me

    13 Comments 341 weeks

  • about me

    [Marital Status] single
    [Shoe size]...10
    [Parents still together]..yeh man :)
    [Siblings]..2 sisters :)
    [Color]..pink black nd blue even tho im a bit colour blind lol
    [Number] ...18 blood :P
    [Animal] ..dog-cats are about as helpful as global warming
    [Drink]...cider... lemon cider in newquay was the boy (y)
    [Soda] ..coke
    [Book]....me? .. book?.. nah
    [Color your hair?] some times
    [Twirl your hair?] been known to on occations
    [Have tattoos?] nope
    [Have Piercings?] nope
    [Cheat on tests/homework?]..not really
    [Drink/Smoke?]...dont smoke
    [Like roller coasters?] yeh man
    [Wish you could live somewhere else?] yh sometimes
    [Want more piercings?] dunlop
    [Like cleaning?] my room no, me yeah
    [Own a web cam?] not atm
    [Know how to drive?].. yeh ish
    [Own a cell phone?]..yeh
    [Ever get off the damn computer?].................. die

    [Been in a fist fight?]..yeh
    Considered being a hooker?]nah fook that
    [Lied to someone?]..Yeh
    [Been in love?]..dunlop
    [Used someone] might have
    [Been used?] probs
    [Been cheated on?] dunlop
    [Kicked someone in the nuts?].. Yeh
    [Stolen anything?]..yeah but like a freddo or sumin :L (rebel)
    [Held a gun] yeh man

    [Current clothing] Nike scram tracks :)
    [Current mood].. bord i guess
    [Current taste] umm
    [What you currently smell like].lacoste red :)
    [Current hair] spikey
    [Current thing I ought 2 be doing] having fun
    [Current cd in stereo] dno
    [Last book you read] speed and sound
    [Last movie you saw]..probs adulthood or sumin
    [Last person you talked to on the phone] ceris mum lol
    [Do drugs?] nope
    [Believe there is life on other planets?] dunlop
    [Read the newspaper?] if looking at the pictures counts :D
    [Have any gay or lesbian friends?]..umm ....paige?
    [Believe in miracles?]..dunlop
    [Do well in school?].. Improved airably !!!!!!!!!
    [Wear hats]..if my hair looks like a bag of smashed crabs
    [Hate yourself?]..naah
    [Have an obsession?]..nope
    [Have a best friend?]..yeh a few
    [Close friends?]..Yeh man
    [Like your handwriting?]..i write like a 2 year old with no fingers
    [Care about looks?].yupp

    0 Comments 343 weeks

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Gangstaaaaaaaaaaasss... what's up guys?

No you're not. No one's McLovin. McLovin's never existed because that's a made up dumb FUCKING FAIRY TALE NAME, YOU FUCK!


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    begged ;) you wish.. ;) ill be nice and give you some :D xx

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    hello my darling; are you alright babe? writeback; i love you lots xxx

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  • Alicee

    :P Coool beans,...urm just school:( lol fun fun fun :) xxx

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    elllooo again;) Goood,...glad to hear it:) Same thanks:D Nice...urmmm school(N) and training(N):L Doing much 2moz? THanks you;) have more..:L :P xxxxx

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    nuffink long yeh famdemz ;) x

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