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sick of life at time's c'mon somthink good!!!!!!!!! i need it if ur out there find mee

8/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 407
  • from Gotham city or now call'd Яamesgate
  • I am Down for Whatever
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iv allways feelt that family is much more then blood
Me, Myself, and I
Simon ian crawford Chittenden
im 50% English rest irish and scotish
born camden/london have a Kent ascent
im a good weight dont want me falling onya now
but thers more of me to love :P
I am"18" Go 90's Nu-metal serge:D
and alcopops

(I enjoy)
*chinese take out *KFC *good music *KoЯn *good cover's *Gig's *nice girl's ;]*skiing *moshing *anime *art mainly jim Lee,allso manga & japanese tattoo artwork *my few funnie friends *getting so drunk i feel no pain*marvel & (dc) sotry line's *TK max Yeahboiii were its at *eBay *rippin the posh ascent*party's *asia *swimming in the cold and terning
^¬ wired colours for some reason


DowLoad 2009 was awsome:D :D :D

my favorite guitarist is Brian "Head" Welch:P
KoЯn seen them twice:D :P , SlipKnot seen them twice, ILL NINO , P.O.D. , TriviuM seen, Linkin Park , S.O.A.D , bloc party , inner, party, system , LimpBizkit seen, soil , puddle of mudd , Machine Head seen, Lacuna Coil , ADTR seen, Megadeth , Deftones , Head , blink182 , DIVINE HERESY , panic cell seen, Three Days Grace , Fear Factory , paramore , Static-X- seen, Dommin , Skindred , mushroomhead , flyleaf seen , Airbourne seen , MSI , R.A.T.M , Mudvayne , CoLd , 5FDP seen , Disturbed
superbad, Step brothers Sex Drive , mirrors , spider man123, Shawn of the dead, lord of dog town, dear devil, POTC, the last samurai, "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People", blade 12trinerty, most anime, battel royal, ball of furry
skating skiing moshing
Scared Of
loseing what i have got meaning my family and friends
Happiest When
with her , joking around with friends , hangin with me papar , seeing korn , goin out on the piss
things i do for fun
out drink people, skate, ski, jumping, try and play guitar
lovers ♥♥X♥♥
(dan holems)
(owen morgan)
(lauren fairbrass as i now her)
(sam turner)
(hannah wimbush)
(jack mitchell)
(Josh BeeF burke)
(Jonathan Davis)
(Hannah Percival)
(Dan J)
The Other Half Of Me
FAmily Guy Rules

FAmily Guy Rules

100% guy love

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Hatebreed - In Ashes They Shall Reap (Music Video)

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Characteristics: People born in the year of Sheep are artistic and elegant, and they are highly accomplished in the arts; Most of Sheep people are timid, shy and pessimistic, and they worry about their future sometimes; Sheep people are warmhearted and compassionate and they enjoy helping other people; Sheep people are clumsy in speech thus they do not like to deliver public speech; They can easily trust other people and are passionate about what they believe in.

Best Career: doctor, artist and beautician.

Marriage: most compatible with Rabbit, Pig, and Horse people but not compatible with Ox people.

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  • let me see what u think my last one was way to long and gay =]

    wen & how did we meet?
    are we close?
    wot do u think of me?
    do u like or luv or simply h8 me?
    would u kiss me?
    would u do it agen after:L ?
    have i eva hurt u in any way?
    describe me in 3 words no w8 make it 6?
    if u had 30mins wive me wot would u do?
    wot was ur first impression of me?
    do u still think that same?
    wot reminds u of me?
    if u cud giv me anything wot would it be?
    how well do u no me?
    wot do u like best about me?
    cud u ever love me?
    give me a nickname and explain why?
    what anoyes you about me?
    do we have a song?
    whats are saying?

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  • there so keul





    0 Comments 305 weeks

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  • Wendy Lanese 8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Lavinia Verheyen
    Lavinia Verheyen

    heyyy whats up souls.† They all spring from the ?Mysterium Magnu

    8/23/11 via Mobile
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  • Anthe Prunty

    Hey come chat with me on MSN janeloveme.47674@hotmail.com

    7/30/10 via Mobile
  • Psyduck
    luv Psyduck

    yeah it is shit but i am really stupid lol i only have one gcse

  • Psyduck
    luv Psyduck

    no im to thick ::(

  • Psyduck
    luv Psyduck


    11/14/09 via Mobile
  • Kara Mcneese
    Kara Mcneese

    my brother and his wife aren't losing the estate anymore! after they found http://www7759.9news.org.thecitychro... ...PRAYER WORKS! lol

  • Psyduck
    luv Psyduck

    Hey.lifes ok i guess lol.how are you? :)

    8/25/09 via Mobile
  • Alyce.
    luv Alyce.

    awwh we left! didnt see you either :( haha thast actually why we went, loadsa chavs turned up and then some 12 year old went psycho and started biting briony :L and yeees i will see you at the fireworks! :D and at panic cells :) i'm awseome thank you (: and you? xxxxxxxxxx.

  • Alyce.
    luv Alyce.

    hey hey :) ahh its ok, i didnt know you did either! haha, until i saw a comment from you on someones photo >_< i'm pretty awseome thank you (: a little tired tho haha. you? and nothing much actually, just stayed in today, like always xD you? xo.

  • luv Hii

    I really don't like you.

  • Psyduck
    luv Psyduck

    lol thats ok :D

  • Psyduck
    luv Psyduck

    Yay for being good! :D .can you get me a job? Lol :)

    7/11/09 via Mobile
  • Psyduck
    luv Psyduck

    Im fine you

    7/10/09 via Mobile
  • Psyduck

    Oh d.w about that i was drunk and the way the shelf looked i thought you had cut it into three parts hehe ^_^

    7/9/09 via Mobile