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6/29/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 453
  • from Tamhlacht
  • I am It's Complicated
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The Other Half Of Me
Aakrit Shrestha

Aakrit Shrestha

his so flipping nice ..LOL

hey baby. ^, ^ aha, im in yer bebo!

juss hacking yuu ta say thaa i loves you, and thaa i can't spend my math, english, lichichur, biology wifwatt yuuu, and thaa it is sooo boring wifaaawt yurr bigbig 'HAHAHA; in my face. :) thats it. :B

happy valemtimes day biotch.

chey wuzz here. ^^
o2.13.1o xD

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1. Name?

2. When is your birthday?
26th August

3. What school do you go to

4. Can you like your eyebrows? O:

5. Favourite song atm?
haven't listened to music in awhile

6. Best movie you have seen recently
ehhh, don't really watch movies.

7. Are you picky? If so , with what?
yeh, guys :/

8. Do you like people with lots of piercings?
i suppose :/

9. What puts you off a boy/girl?
guys who want attention :/

10. Name all your contacts that start with C
i can't be arsed

11. Name all your contacts that start with M
'' '' '' ''

12. Name all your contacts that start with S
'' '' '' '' lol

13. What phone do you have?
ehh, TV mobile E81 in pinkk (;

14. How many phones do you have/owned?
probs 5

15. What is the last txt you sent to someone
''get on facebuuk betch!''

16. What does the 12th message in your inbox say
I delete them

17. 30th message?
'' '' ''

18. Has any randoms ever txted you?
''how hoilday for you?''

19. Name 5 of your dislikes
ehh, my cousin, yahoo, math, lamb meat and tuna.

20. 5 things you like
fashionn, reading, friends, my laptop and halo 3 :P

21. 10 things you did today
ehhh.... had caffine pills, internet, striaghted my hair, called people (love that word), doodled, studied, watched tv, i eatted chocolate, read a randomers blog (lmao) andd studied some more :P

22. Did anything make you laugh a lot?

23. What did you do today?

24. Time you woke up?

25. Time you slept last night?

26. Most visited site?

27. Do you go for midnight walks?
used teh

28. Are you a morning person?

29. Name something you're looking forward to
ehh meeting up with friends (:

30. Any cravings?

31. Whats a letter in your last name?

32. Do you have facebook or myspace?

33. Is adding strangers your thing?
nooo :/

34. Any bad habits?
bitting my lip and peeling the skin off my thumb haha

35. What do you do when youre nervous
doodle or study

36. Do you consider yourself a happy person?
not anymore, no

37. Favourite thing you carry around 24/7
my math book

38. 5 things you cant live without
my friends, my phone, my laptop, maths, and GTAA liberty city

39. What is your msn display name
dunno man forgot my password..

40. Ever met anyone because of bebo?

41. Spongebob or Simpsons?
spongebob man, how can yhu not love someone who lives in a pineapple?

42. Do you own a ipod or mp3? If so what type
ipod nanoi tink :S

43. What song are you listening to
muse super massive black hole

44. What do you do everyday

45. Team Edward or Jacob?

46. Do you have your own camera?

47. Are you happy atm?

48. Braces?

49. Glasses?

50. Ever worn a face mask before?
yehh, for mens! lmao

51. Last time you were drunk?
neverr ;) stay clean betchhss!

52. Has anything bad ever happened to you when you were drunk?
nahh mann...

53. On Opposite Sex: Hair colour
brown or black

54. Eye colour:

55. Personality or looks:
lil bit of both

56. Are you a moody person

57. What annoys you the most
when people touch me

58. What do you have planned this weekend?

59. :) or xD

60. Favourite smiley?

61. Have you ever laughed until it hurt?
yehh, loads times :P

62. What were you doing 5 hours ago

63. Favourite shoes?
ehh i dunno :/

64. Summer or Spring?

65. Girls: shorts or skirts. Boys: shorts or jeans?

66. Do you hate anyone in particular?
yehh loads

67. Favourite school subject

68. Is your room messy or tidy
lil of both really

69. Long distance or sprints?

70. Favourite athletic event:
relay races

71. Favourite holiday

72. What do you do whne you're bored?

73. Good conversation person?
not anymore :/

74. Social? Or shy?
i dunno

75. Is your bebo private or public?

76. Favourite quote
i dunno

77. Ever been to a live sports game?

78. What sports do you like watching?

79. Do you make your bed?

80. Extemely bored? I am.

81. Whats on tv right now?
the late late show with david letterman gives me a headache

82. Last concert/show you went to
ehhh... milan fashion week

83. What time did you receive your last txt ?
2 am

84. Who was it from?

85. Goodbye :)
seeyaaa xp

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  • Fiona.

    Hello, mocks were easaaay :L So.... Get any grades? E00E xx

  • luv Fiona.

    Awh, What did you get? In what? How long did you have to wait to got them? Nope, starting mine, the 22nd of feb! :) Nope, not that i can think of, You? xxx

  • Muad
    luv Muad

    what is it??

  • Muad
    luv Muad

    i dont know it

  • Muad

    nope but freas and rufa broke 2 chargers

  • luv Fiona.

    :L It's alright :Z Hows the mocks? :L Wanna give me some answers ;o :L x

  • luv Fiona.

    Studyin since October, but that was only a little, so basically November :B Cut myself with a knife [mistake!!] Nearly burnt the house down :L Wbu? xx

  • luv Fiona.

    Awh, :L Mine are the 23rd of February. How long how you been studying? Home come? Whats that? :L x

  • Fiona.

    Naah much, When are your mocks? It's alri, this weeks been..... eventful. :L You?

  • I.Love.Jedward

    Goin ou wit my mate, wbu?? Love you!!!:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I.Love.Jedward

    2 weeks:O Im screwed!:L Love ya more;) :DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I.Love.Jedward
    luv I.Love.Jedward

    Gud luck 2 u 2:DD Monday:O Hate dat! Im lanky??:L Love ya lots:)) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I.Love.Jedward
    luv I.Love.Jedward

    Haha im not crippled! Haha u kno me to well im defo gonna hav a throat infection the week of the mocks:L :L I havnt started studyin:O SHIT!! Wens urs?? LOVE YA:)) XxXxXxXxX

  • Fiona.

    Heyy, Havent talked to you in a while. Watsup? xx

  • I.Love.Jedward
    luv I.Love.Jedward

    Ah yano lodsa shit:L wbu?? Wat is it really 1764 in Libia r am i actin like a cripple?:P :L Lovee Yhuu:DD XxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  • Muad
    luv Muad

    funny song dere :L

  • Dribble
    luv Dribble

    :L :L yeayea whateffuuuur you can't send sarcasm through a computer you dope :P :L yeaa:B

  • Dribble
    luv Dribble

    Naah I'm not tbh :B :L I knowww :o And it wasn't that i had no internet, it was that i had no laptop :L :L Plaaaits ? :o :L Butumcha ? :L :L :L Ehmm she's alright ? :o :L :L

  • Dribble
    luv Dribble

    Aah wouldn be so sure of that khaddy ;) :L :L I've changed biaatch :D :L Really :o Khaddy with no bush on her head :O I don't believe it :L wooooo :B . xXx .

  • Dribble
    luv Dribble

    Doodlay :L Ahaaa 4 weeks eh ? Mine are in 5 :P SUCK THAT BIAATCH :L :L Woooo :B Aah sure, that's my business bitch ;) :L :o Khaddy's not yellow anymore ?! No waay :o :L :L :L :L ilaavyou :B . xXx .