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Cally Hayes

R.I.P grandad jim missing you loads x x x

2/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from gloucester
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loving you x x
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Ryan Knight (88 - 05 Aged 17)
Jamie Davis (88 - 08 Aged 20)
Tailor and jaymie good luck & hurry up and get home
r'n'b and ragge
HORROR and comady
R.I.P Jim/Grandad
You will always be missed and in our hearts, Cory always ask's me where you are and i tell him that your in the sky, dnt no wot else to say to him so now he looks up and says theres grandad mummy. Just make sure you watch over us more importantly my gran lookafter her ok love you for ever xxx
Scared Of
Spiders i hate the things they can be small or big i dnt care i hate them. And i hate clowns they are nasty fucking things.
Happiest When
Partying, getting pissed, going out wid my mates shopping and spending time with my family and more important spending time with Cory my little prince
R.I.P love ya Ryan and Jamie
We miss you both its not the same with out you, you both are allways in our hearts and thoughts miss you (Ryan1988-2005) (Jamie1988-2008) love you both very muchXxXxXxXx
† †R.I.P RYAN† †
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[x] Remember [x]
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[x] That Ryan [x]
[x] died x.x.x[x]
wot i dnt like
2faced people, people hu lie!4no reason, i dont like stinkin crakheads n gurls wat bitch bowt u cus ther jealousy!i dunt like people tellin me wt 2do its my life i run it my own way!!!if u dont like me den dunt add me n get of my fucking page!!!!
The Other Half Of Me
Paul Rigby

Paul Rigby

we both love you xxx

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  • poem

    I look at my friends then i look at me.
    without my hunnys where would i be?
    my friends,my sisters,my world.where
    would i be without my girls?
    tears,giggles,smiles and laughts,
    late night calls and cute photographs.
    ill be there 4 you till the day of my death.
    best girlies foreva,t...

    Roxanne 0 Replies
  • my b-day

    hey all if ur cumin out on the 27th my birthday we r meetin in he regal at 7.30 ish 8.00 hope u can make it

    Kerea 0 Replies
  • my b-day

    my b-day you have bin invited to kerea 19th bithday on the 27th oct plz cum we are going up town n dressin up as angels or devels hope you can cum n would love u to cum luv ya kerea

    Kerea 0 Replies

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  • Stacey Jordan
    luv Stacey Jordan

    Hey hun my 21st was normal didnt go out or anythin. Hows u any way and the fam whens the 25th what day iv bein talkin to lee g i think we sould all meet up soon any ways give us a ring or txt luvs ya x

    2/12/09 via Mobile
  • Sophia Lovin Mohammed Ever Xx
    luv Sophia Lovin Mohammed Ever Xx

    hiya hun my mum ok shes just abit upset u no why any ways wat u been up to any tin much how is yo fam they ok anys ways ill pop up to mozz if yo in ok bab have some love love yuh lotss xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

  • Melissa Hergest
    luv Melissa Hergest

    Ok m8t did you get my texts this morning lol what you been up over the weekend write back love yhaa XXXXXX

    1/12/09 via Mobile
  • Sophia Lovin Mohammed Ever Xx
    luv Sophia Lovin Mohammed Ever Xx

    hiya hun wat u been up to i aint been up to much u ok hows every 1 i seen jaymie the ever day any ways ill pop up soon if thats ok bab xx have some love bk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx seya soooon xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

  • Melissa Hergest
    luv Melissa Hergest

    ello babe i would of came down in the week but been ill ere is my luv love yhaa mel xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Melissa Hergest
    luv Melissa Hergest

    ello babes i will been down soon to see u nothin much and u ??? how little man doin ??? ere my love back love ya 2 xxxxx

  • Melissa Hergest
    luv Melissa Hergest

    ello babe wat u been up to these days then ere is my love yhaa xxxxx

    1/9/09 via Mobile
  • Miss Independant
    luv Miss Independant

    jhljjhhjnjhkhuivvvvv klllllllllll ' ' love from cory xxn

  • Sophia Lovin Mohammed Ever Xx
    Sophia Lovin Mohammed Ever Xx


  • Roxanne

    heya chick yea im gd ta u? nothin much u? i havent got a clue wot ur onin bowt how would i know? hbk luv yah xxxx

  • Melissa Hergest
    luv Melissa Hergest

    ok i will be down about half 2 tomorrow and this is my new number 07536110836 what urs howz cory and u see tomorrow love u xxxx

  • Roxanne
    luv Roxanne

    hiya chick hows u n lil man? wot u been up 2? hbk luv yah lots xxxx

  • Shana Francis
    luv Shana Francis

    I hunni yeah im fyn thanxz for asking glad u and paul are ok marcus is fyn he out on the 3rd cant wait i have only got 7days lft so excited well give cory a kiss from me love ya me .x.x.x.x