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Craig Thompson

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  • Male, Luv 138
  • from Scotland
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: November 2006
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About Me

You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry...
Me, Myself, and I
Work for an audio visual company as the Technical Services Manager, installing various sound systems, projectors and LCD screens etc in various places (apart from residential), and running live events like fucking tattie conferences - if you need any equipment for hire or install give me a shout!

Into graphic design too - if you want any designs for flyers/posters etc or need any photos retouched (resized, cropped, colours changed, artifacts removed etc) then just ask!

------/\,.----------- Put this on your
---<@ )--------- Bebo if you know
-----("""""¬¬/\--- someone who has
------\____/---- been attacked by a
---------||-------- chicken



Oh, and I don't like to start fires, whatever they tell you it's all lies!
Like listening to:
Tool, Aim, Coldplay, John Butler Trio, The Strokes, A Perfect Circle, The Mars Volta, Vitalic, Alexisonfire, Air, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, Mogwai, J.U.S.T.I.C.E, Busy P, Simian Mobile Disco, Mitch Hedberg (Comedian, if you haven't listened to his comedy, then do)
Films / TV
Not hugely into movies and TV to be honest, but Goodfellas, Super Troopers, Iron Man, Anchorman, Sin City, Requiem for a Dream, Jurassic Park 3 (Superb) are pretty good, also Heroes, I love that shit!
Stuff I Like
Snowboarding, big mountains, watersports, sunrises and sunsets, skateboarding, computers, Braeburn apples, swimming, playing guitar, eating, being a big tech geek, my lovely girl Jillian, a bit of maths & semi-colons.
Scared Of
Big F Off Spiders and whips
Happiest When
On a mountain with my board eating sausage butties. Though either on their own is good. Also when playing 'What would you do if I died like this...' with skidmark :)

Starting fires

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  • I must be bored....

    [A is for age:] 26

    [B is for beer of choice:] Stella Artois

    [C is for career:] Technical Services Manager for AV Company

    [D is for favorite Drink:] Apple & Blackcurrent Robinsons (no added sugar :P )

    [E is for essential item you use everyday:] Em.. toilet roll?

    [F is for favorite song at the moment:] Spies, Coldplay or Oldman by John Butler Trio

    [G is for favorite games:] None at the mo

    [H is for hometown:] Aberdeen

    [I is for instruments you play:] Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, Spoons

    [J is for favorite juice?:] We did this? Oh wait, drink ey... does juice drink count? No... fine, Apple Juice.

    [K is for kids?:] Not yet....

    [L is for last kiss?:] My gorgeous girl, Jills :)

    [M is for marriage:] No yet!

    [N is for name of your best friend(s)] Tom, Colin, Scott, Hamish, Melanie, Nick

    [O is for overnight hospital stays:] Never! Phew, no hospital breakfast for me :)

    [P is for phobias:] Spiders, big ones anyway, well sort of. That's about it.

    [Q is for quote:] 'Woman have a brain a 3rd the size of us... It's science' - does that count?

    [R is for biggest regret:] Not telling, though regrets are for losers :L

    [S is for self confidence:] Ah yeah, probably more than I should...

    [T is for time you wake up:] 7:30 usually

    [U is for underwear:] Tight pants

    [V is for vegetable you love:] Peppers, onions, spinach

    [W is for worst habit:] You don't wanna know... na, biting my nails.

    [X is for x-rays you've had:] Fractured ankle, broken nose, smashed my cheek in, think there's a few more...

    [Y is for yummy food you make:] Thai Green Curry - the best!

    [Z is for zodiac sign :] Aquarius

    Yup, that was a total waste of my lunch break.

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  • Holy shit - this is weird

    Check out this link - I have no idea how it works but it's pretty scary how accurate it is:



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  • Mojo Graphics Website - www.mojo-graphics.co.uk

    Check it out - www.mojo-graphics.co.uk

    Feel free to leave me some feedback and if you want any work done just drop me an email at info@mojo-graphics.co.uk

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  • Freya Littlefield
    Freya Littlefield

    I just made $55 in a week working from home! Check it out at - http://x.co/KT8A You will thank me!

  • Karen Wallace
    Karen Wallace

    hey im deleting my bebo acccount, if you still want to hook up......add me on myspace - http://goo.gl/uEI5J

  • Craig Thompson
    Craig Thompson

    Aw skiddy, that's my favourite game!! Hope you've found us a good holiday ;) xx

  • Jillian Lamont
    luv Jillian Lamont

    what would you do if i died like this?????!!! lets go sledging vivienne .haha. luv u really.xxxx

  • Lisa Cairney
    Lisa Cairney

    oops...forgot to say no they are not going cheap...normal price im affraid x

  • Lisa Cairney
    Lisa Cairney

    yep it would be for the sat x happy new year by the way

  • Scott Currie
    Scott Currie

    8 weeks thank you very much! viva montana!!!

  • luv Katriona Harding

    oi oi bawbag! !! naw, that profile pic is one YOU took when we went to la pants... oh sorry, la plagne!! yip, i'm in morzine, loving it, the snow is awesome, so sooo good, locals said best since 1963 or summit stoopid, but lots of fun. am working on becoming top snowboarder now, loving the board, but skiing on my guiding days, as cannae quite do the beastly blacks on the board as yet. yes, come and see me!! cheap sleazyjet flights to geneva, can get you mates rates on transfers, and then come and see me! even if its for 4 days, it would be worth it as its not too far away.... have a fab chsistmas, would love to be in scotland, but i love the mountain/seasonaire life, it is tres bien!!! see you soon???? :D :D :D happy christmas buddy!!!

  • Marilyn Blair
    Marilyn Blair

    Eh? What curfew?

  • Iain Watt
    Iain Watt

    Aye aye min, tried to call you friday night,probably a good idea your phone was switched off....got silly later on i was a mess like!!! Yeah this new job is sounds very promising only time will tell whether its the right decision but i will miss the uni mate. Hows life in scumdee doing?? job still going well? Have a proper chrimbo mate, hope you have been a good little boy!!! :L All the best mate have a good one

  • Freya Littlefield
    luv Freya Littlefield

    hey dude how are you??i cant beleive ive bin gone for nearly 4 months! how is the deen? has there been enuf snow to go boarding? im in tenerife at the moment and its 20´c only just warm enuf 4 shorts!!!!! im sailing across the atlantic to st lucia in january, i cant wait for that back in the warm again! take care dude. X

  • Scott Reid
    Scott Reid

    photos are up chief - got some from gillians bday as well - just dont know how t work me phone to get them off it - im on it, so no danger ;) lataz blud