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Matthew Smith

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  • Male, 20, Luv 14
  • from basingstoke
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 623
  • Member since: November 2006
  • Last active: 7/2/12
  • www.bebo.com/BANGERBOY1
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Me, Myself, and I
basically my names Matthew

Xbox 360 vegas 2 v8powerdow

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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Biscuit Rap (Johnny And Gaz)

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  • wat would u do??

    **What Would You do if...

    I Asked You To Help:
    I Died From Natural Causes:
    I Said I Loved You:
    I Kissed You:
    I Was Hospitalized:
    I Ran Away From Home:
    I Got In A Fight And You Were There:
    I Pissed You Off:

    **What Do You Think Of My...


    **Would You...

    Be my friend:
    Tell me the truth no matter what:
    Lie to make me feel better:
    Spread rumors about me:
    Keep a secret if I told yuh one:
    Hold my hand:
    Take a bullet for me:
    Keep in touch:
    Try and solve my problems:
    Love me:
    Ditch me:
    Use me:
    Date me:
    Beat me up:

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  • just another 1

    [_] think im hot?
    [_] want to kiss me?
    [_] want to cuddle with me?
    [_] want to hook up with me?
    [_] think im weird?

    ARE WE...

    [_] aquintences?
    [_] friends?
    [_] in a relationship?
    [_] gonna have kids?
    [_] enemies?

    AM i...

    [_] sexy?
    [_] cute?
    [_] funny?
    [_] cool?
    [_] loveable?
    [_] adorable?
    [_] compassionate?
    [_] Annoying?
    [_] great to be with?
    [_] attractive?
    [_] mean?
    [_] odd?

    HAVE Y0U EVER...

    [_] thought about me?
    [_] thought there might be an "us"?
    [_] thought about hookin up with me?
    [_] found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
    [_] wished i were there?
    [_] grabbed me?
    [_] had a crush on me?
    [_] idolized me?
    [_] wanted my number?
    [_] had a dream about me?
    [_] been distracted by me?

    ARE Y0U...

    [_] happy you know me?
    [_] mad at me?
    [_] thinking bout me?
    [_] going to copy this so that i will return the favor??

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    Whats your Namee?
    Aree We Closee?
    What Do Youu Think Of Me?
    Do You Havee A Crush On Me?
    Would You Kiss Me?
    Would You Fuck Me?
    Describe Me In 3 Words?
    If Youu Had Me For 30 Mins What Would Youu Do?
    What Was Youur First Impression Of Me?
    Do Youu Still Think The Samee?
    What Reminds Youu Of Me?
    If Youu Could Givee Me Anything What Would It Be?
    Know Me Well?
    What Do Youu Like Best About Me?
    Ever Wanted 2 Tell Me Something Youu Couldn't?
    Could Youu Ever Lovee Me?
    Puttin This On Your Blog?
    Anything To Say Beforee Youu Go?

    1 Comment 226 weeks

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Deacon is a rascal, and a social deviant. he is happiest when he's causing trouble, and pissing off the authorities. A cherry bomb down the toilet or tagging his name? Who knows what Deacon is going to do next!
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Chips: $587
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Matthew Wrote at 12:55 pm on Feb 26
yo m8
Stiff Wrote at 11:10 am on Jan 18

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