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Nicola R

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  • Female, Luv 60
  • from Armagh
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 3,036
  • Last active: 11/6/12
  • www.bebo.com/x_niki_x_123
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
<me and andrew, my special little chicken. lol

hi, im nicola and i just love partyin and havin fun wit my mates and my boyfriend Andrew.
i love goin to the coach becuz the music is lethal.
i also have a real obsession with shoes and i cant stop buying them. i may never wear any of them but theyre my babies.

Fairy liquid makes my hands all soft
and my dishes all floppy

……………… MЧ BUSiiИЄSS....
…… AiiИ'T ЧOUЯ BUSiiИЄSS....
The Other Half Of Me
Andrew Conly

Andrew Conly

love him. hes the best

the prodigy, teisto, lisa lashes, judge jules,
yogi, anne savage, n dubz, scott project,
anything off a gatecrasher album, the killers and wotevers good in the charts but no country, happy hardcore or that dick lady gaga. lol
twilight is the officail most incredible movie iv ever seen it. love it!!!!
i play the wi so that counts as exercise and i walk to work. thats about it. oh and occasionally stretch. :)
Scared Of
im scared of losing my teeth and rats. theyre disgustin.
im now also scared of myself when i drink champagne. i go completely of my head and i yell at people. i dont normally do that. ;) gina knows wot im on about!
Happiest When
when im out partyin wit my mates and i love spendin time wit my boyfriend cuz hes the best and i love him loads and loads. im also very happy shopping.
i also love my wee sisters shannon and clara and my wee bro josh from maghaberry. they are so cool!!
i love all my mates and they know who they are. dont really have one particular best friend because its not fair to pick 1.
people know im their mate cuz i be nice to them. if i dont be nice then it probably means i dont like ya. lol
only jokin, im lovely really.
i just love my boyfriend andrew. hes so sweet. been together for 3 years now. wow.
love him so much. xxxxx
not many people would share a kebab and chip with ya and let u eat most of it. he knows that the way to my heart is my belly. lol
love ya bbz ***

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  • different types of pissing

    Excitable Type
    Pants are twisted, cannot find hole, rips pants in anger.

    Sociable Type
    Joins pals for a piss whether he wants one or not.

    Timid Type
    Cannot piss if anyone is watching, pretends he has been and sneaks back later.

    Noisy Type
    Whistles loudly, peeps over partition to have a look at the other fellow's tool.

    Indifferent Type
    All urinals being occupied, uses sink.

    Clever Type
    Pisses without holding tool, shows off by adjusting tie at the same time.

    Vain Type
    Undoes 5 buttons when 2 will do.

    Absent-Minded Type
    Opens jacket, takes out tie, pisses in pants.

    Worried Type
    Is not quite sure what he has been up to lately, makes a furtive but close inspection of tool while pissing.

    Disgruntled Type
    Stands for a while, grunts, farts, tries to piss, fails, farts again and walks out

    Sneaky Type
    Drops silent farts while pissing and looks at the bloke next to him.

    Sloppy Type
    Pisses on shoe, walks out with flies undone, adjusts himself ten minutes later.

    Learned Type
    Reads a book or newspaper while pissing.

    Childish Type
    Watches bubbles at bottom of the urinal while pissing.

    Strong Type
    Bangs tool on side of urinal to remove drops.

    Drunken Type
    Pulls out tool, sees two, puts one away, and pisses in trousers.

    Embarrassed Type
    Covers tool with both hands and pisses through fingers.

    Cock-Eyed Type
    Stands in one cubical and pisses in next one.

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  • Cool insults for immediate use!

    01. Any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental!
    02. Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion?
    03. As an outsider, what do you think of the human race?
    04. I'd like to kick you in the teeth, but why should I improve your looks?
    05. At least there's one thing good about your body.It isn't as ugly as your face!
    06. Brains aren't everything. In fact, in your case they're nothing
    07. Careful now, don't let your brains go to your head!
    08. I like you. People say I've no taste, but I like you.
    09. Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home?
    10. If I had a face like yours. I'd sue my parents!
    11. Don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent!
    12. Don't get insulted, but is your job devoted to spreading ignorance?
    13. Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent!
    14. Don't you love nature, despite what it did to you?
    15. Don't think, it may sprain your brain!
    16. Fellows like you don't grow from trees; they swing from them.
    17. He has a mechanical mind. Too bad he forgot to wind it up this morning.
    18. He has a mind like a steel trap-always closed!
    19. You are a man of the world-and you know what sad shape the world is in.
    20. He is always lost in thought-it's unfamiliar territory.
    21. He is dark and handsome. When it's dark, he's handsome.
    22. He is known as a miracle comic. if he's funny, it's a miracle!
    23. He is listed in Who's Who as What's That?
    24. He is living proof that man can live without a brain!
    25. He is so short, when it rains he is always the last one to know.
    26. He is the kind of a man that you would use as a blueprint to build an idiot.
    27. How come you're here? I thought the zoo is closed at night!
    28. How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?
    29. How much refund do you expect on your head now that it's empty.
    30. How would you like to feel the way you look?
    31. Hi! I'm a human being! What are you?
    32. I can't talk to you right now; tell me,where will you be in the next 10 years?
    33. I don't want you to turn the other cheek; it's just as ugly.
    34. I don't know who you are, but whatever you are, I'm sure everyone will agree with me.
    35. I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works.
    36. I could make a monkey out of you, but why should I take all the credit?
    37. I can't seem to remember your name, and please don't help me!
    38. I don't even like the people you're trying to imitate, if you are at all.
    39. I know you were born silly, but why did you have a relapse?
    40. I know you're a self-made man. It's nice of you to take the blame!
    41. I know you're not as stupid as you look. Nobody could be!
    42. I've seen people like you, but I had to pay admission!
    43. Why are you so stupid today? Anyway, I think that's very typical of you

    0 Comments 348 weeks

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  • Hannah Fox

    . . . And nt 4getting hw ul miss th pleasure of my company everday!lol. Yip, cheers u couldnt resist rubbin it in lol. . Xo

    3/6/10 via Mobile
  • luv Hannah Fox

    Heloo u, wat b's th crc?? Nt long nw to u is leavin us . . Aw lyf after emersons. . hw will u ever cope! lol x x

  • X Easy-Tiger X
    luv X Easy-Tiger X

    Lol .. Ok just the usual .. hws u ?? Wens Louise bk from uni?? wen use cumin dwn u afta get dwn n c my wee pup lol.. Ull like her lol.. xxxxxxxxx

  • X Easy-Tiger X
    luv X Easy-Tiger X

    Went 4 dinner, the zoo and cinema lol wbu?? xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • X Easy-Tiger X
    luv X Easy-Tiger X

    Heyah big sis :)) Hws U?? xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hannah Fox

    Lol.. yip.. i wer sliiightly rote aff.. as u can tell lol x x

  • Hannah Fox

    helooo.. u lyks th bunny outfit?? lmao.. mad weekend! x x

  • X Easy-Tiger X
    luv X Easy-Tiger X

    Thank u :)) Love ya xxxxxx

  • X Easy-Tiger X
    luv X Easy-Tiger X

    Yeah il geet it on 4 u asap.. :) Its a wee shitzu pup :) lol .. Shes abit calmer than leo :)) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Judith C
    luv Judith C

    Yep had wee boy hes 18 mths nw it has flew in! She prob doesnt no u nw its been yrs

    1/4/10 via Mobile
  • X Easy-Tiger X
    luv X Easy-Tiger X

    Havin been on bebo in ages lol. R u nd louise gettin up b4 she goes bk to uni ?? got my wee pup lol u have to cum c her ;) xxxxxxxx

  • Judith C
    luv Judith C

    I am grand. Every1s gd! Hows ur mum? So wat u been up 2?

    1/2/10 via Mobile
  • Judith C
    luv Judith C

    Hi ya stranger, hows u been?

    12/30/09 via Mobile
  • Jordon B
    luv Jordon B

    wat u at on new years day

  • Louise C
    Louise C

    yes you should. it would be funny..

  • X Easy-Tiger X
    luv X Easy-Tiger X

    Im nt sure yet i myt be if u get louise ta txt me n il let ya no . xxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Andrew Conly

    Hi bbz got ma bebo fixed just thought id leave u ma love xxx

  • X Easy-Tiger X
    luv X Easy-Tiger X

    Lucky u ... Were going to castle archdale on thursday for claras bday she has demanded to go camping for her bday lol ... Shes nuts alreadi and shes only turning 8 :) We all reali do miss yous both lik, we cnt leave it as long as we did last time :( xxxxxxx Love You xxxxxxx