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Lou Aka Bb

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  • Female, 21, Luv 213
  • from Redditch
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 16,943
  • Member since: February 2006
  • Last active: 4/29/12
  • www.bebo.com/X_x_princess_lou_x_X
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About Me

i love tess my bum chum
Me, Myself, and I
Theresa & & Louise + + Bathtime = Sexytime

i love tess 4 eternity! me n yu 4eva! nothin will change that! of corse i will miss yuu wen yu go! but i got get used to it! love yuu x dnt miss me too much at uni

<---- Pretty Damn Hot

Tess & Lou = MotherFuckin' Whores
ღ*+T3SS+*ღ a.k.a tessy poo a.k.a tessresa
Its Pretty Simple . . . We Love R Bathtime! . . . We Laff So Much It Hurts! . . . Love Yuu Tess X x X
I Love My Life Just The Way It Is . . Altho There Will Always Be Those People Who Are Dick Heads N Always Them Girls Who Want Yuur BoyFriend . . But Yuu Just Got Get Used TO it . .

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    that you think about them. Just do it. Send it in a comment and then, if you have the guts, repost the question and see what people think of you.

    Repost if you feel you can handle the truth and expect a reply.

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  • my family ~:D:D

    My Bebo Familly!
    Wt U Wna B ??

    ♥// My Anything =:D Xx luke smith xX:D
    ♥// My Pemo =:D Xxsmxc bky jonesxX:D
    ♥// My Husband =:D Xx stiggy xX:D
    ♥// My Mommy =:D Xxgawgus georgiaxX:D
    ♥// My Daddy =
    ♥// My Bestest Cuzin =:D Xxhannah phillipsxX:D
    ♥// My Son =
    ♥// My Daughter =:D Xxamy stewartxX:D
    ♥// My Big Sista = :D Xxsmexc tess vaughanxX:D
    ♥// My Big Bruva = :D Xx jay cookie xX:D
    ♥// My Lil Sista = :D Xx Stevie xX:D
    ♥// My Lil Bruva =:D Xx sam tilley xX:D
    ♥// My One And Only Love = :D Xx josepii xX:D
    ♥// My Fairy Godmother = :D Xxsexy emzi rogersxX:D
    ♥// My Bumchum = :D Xxamy stewartxX:D
    ♥// My Sexy Boy =:D Xxsexc duggyxX:D
    ♥// My Sexy Girl =:D Xxsmexc tess vaughanxX:D
    ♥// My Secret Admirer = :D Xx jordan banner xX:D
    ♥// My Dirty Dancer =:D XxravenallxX:D
    ♥// My Shlaag = :D Xxsmexc tess vaughanxX:D
    ♥// My Telepathic Twin =
    ♥// My Bezzie Maytee For Life =:D Xxamy stewartxX:D
    ♥// My Shexilicious Sista =:D Xxsmcx tess vaughanxX:D
    ♥// My Baby Boi = :D Xx wiggy xX:D
    ♥// My Baby Gyal = :D Xxsmxc rachel hxX:D
    ♥// My Baby Pwincess =:D Xx smxc hannah CxX:D
    ♥// My Partner In Sexual Crime = :D Xxamy stewartxX:D
    ♥// My Playboy = :D XxravenallxX:D
    ♥// My Bit On The Side = :D XxravenallxX:D
    ♥// My Girlfriend =:D Xxsmexc tess vaughanxX:D
    ♥// My Boyfriend =:D Xx josepii xX:D
    ♥// My Diva = :D Xxamy stewartxX:D
    ♥// My Hair Dresser =:D Xxgawgus georgiaxX:D
    ♥// My Stalker =
    ♥// My Shopping Guru =
    ♥// My Porn Star =:D XxJordan BannerxX:D
    ♥// My Pimp = :D Xx stiggy xX:D
    ♥// My Hoe = :D Xxsmexc tess vaughanxX:D
    ♥// My Idol =
    ♥// My Shining Star =:D Xxsmxc franxX:D
    ♥// My Baby =:D Xxpaul bessentxX:D
    ♥// My Lapdancer =:D XxravenallxX:D
    ♥// My Make-Up Artist = :D Xxsmexc tess vaughanxX:D
    ♥// My Boss =
    ♥// My Sexual Slave= :D XxravenallxX:D
    ♥// My Bad Boy = :D Xx conway xX:D
    ♥// My Bad Gurl =
    ♥// My Rude Gal =:D Xxsmexc tess vaughanxX:D
    ♥// My Rude Boy =:D Xx conway xX:D
    ♥// My Bezzie Boy Mate =:D Xx jay cookie xX:D
    ♥// My Party Animal =
    ♥// My Gossip Queen =:D XxKatie morrisxX:D
    ♥// My Babe For Life = :D XxJordan BannerxX:D
    ♥// My Sexual Healer = :D Xxdavid milesxX:D
    ♥// My Hero = :D XxJordan BannerxX:D
    ♥// My Dancing Queen = :D Xx jimmy spray xX:D
    ♥// My Father Of My Babies =:D Xxsxc martinxX:D
    ♥// My Dumb Blonde =:D Xxsmxc bky jonesxX:D
    ♥// My Sxc Bodyguard =:D Xxsexy emzie rogersxX:D
    ♥// My Everything = :D Xx stiggy xX:D
    ♥// My Bitch = :D XxtorixX:D
    ♥// My Wavin Buddy = :D Xxluke hammondxX:D
    ♥// My Best Biatch = :D Xxsexy emzie rogersxx:D
    ♥// My Bestest Loverr In The World =:D Xx josepii xX:D
    ♥// MY Sexual friend = :D Xxbenny boi brownxX:D
    ♥// My Ledgend = :D Xx wiggy xX:D
    ♥// My Late Night Buddy = :D XxravenallxX:D
    ♥// My Gangsta Friends = :D Xxsmexc tess vaughanxX:D
    ♥// My Piss Up Grl =
    ♥// My Rude Gal = :D Xx annie xX:D
    ♥// My Piss Up Boi =:D jay cookexX:D
    ♥// My Modelling Buddy =:D Xxbootilicios bthieeexX:D
    ♥// My sexilicious twin = :D Xx annie xX:D
    ♥// My CSI buddy = :D Xx david Smith xX:D

    22 Comments 347 weeks

  • plz do ma blog??

    Q1.Who are you?
    Q2.Are we friends?
    Q3.When and how did we meet?
    Q4.Do you like me? how much?
    Q5.Would you kiss me?
    Q6.What nickname would you give me? (only if you know me proply)
    Q7.Describe me in one word!
    Q8.What was your 1st impression of me?
    Q9.Do you still think that now?
    Q10.What reminds you of me?
    Q11.If you had 2 give me anyting what would it be?
    Q12.How well do you know me?
    Q13.When was the last time you saw me?
    Q14.Ever wanted to tell me someting but you couldn't?
    Q15.Are you goin 2 put this up as your blog 2 c wat i rite about you?
    Q16.If you wer asked would you go out wit me, what you reply with?

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    Leanne Llewellyn.

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  • Kate

    Thanks for the add hun :) Aint seen or spoke to you in ageess :( x

  • Laura Willis
    luv Laura Willis

    Heyy =]]] Long time no see, missed you on our last few Sundays =D How are you ? You having a new years party tomorrow ? Ly xx

  • JS Chris Frost
    JS Chris Frost

    ello louise. you had a good x-mas? hows you doin? please please can i come to your party this year? xxxxx wb

  • Katie.
    luv Katie.

    :D ... Hahaha take it u were leg less then or hammered haha ...! Ohhhh I go clubbing anyway lol fuckin mint init ...! Yup he his haha ...! Whoop whoop .....! Have to be after chritsmas though cause I'm gettin pissed and working every weekend atm..! Tap bac Hun ... iloveyou ...x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

    12/16/08 via Mobile
  • Katie.

    alritteee hunnii...:D omgggg I havnt seen u for ages how u bin chuck...? We should meet up after chritmas babe what u fink ..? Was talkin 2 joe last night bless him he's lovly u 2 been to center parks for a week how was it..? Tap bac bum face ..! love you ..x x x x x x x

    12/13/08 via Mobile
  • Helloo Dave
    luv Helloo Dave

    I love you stinkaa....Forever and ever!! Sorry about sleeping in so late lol I love you loaaads :) x x x x x

  • luv James Hellmers

    hi lou uk? long time no speak lol wubu2 xxx jimbo

  • Amie
    luv Amie

    lol bet u had lods of killer sticks 2day with killer 1 and 2 lol it's christmas soon so u have 2 give it up cuz u said so haha or if u dont i'll just nick them againg lol o/j (they might kill me!!) thankz it cuz everyones x-mas shopping lol then the jannuary sales u got it all comeing up lol luvs xxxxxx

  • Amie
    luv Amie

    heya!!! hows life then haha so u still been killing yourself over the weekend?? lol i've applied 4 a job at sports world :0 hope i get it or other wies i applied for this weekend job at that german shoe shop next 2 HMV but i wanna get the sport world 1 lol hows work going 4 u?? luvs xxxx (non-killer lol)

  • Helloo Dave
    luv Helloo Dave

    I Love Youu :) xx