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12/11/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 120
  • from wally brrraaappppppp!!!!!
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cuzzy its hussy!!!!!!
Me, Myself, and I
U DNO BOUT HUSSY!!!! am gonna keep it real wiv u am zambian nd proud ya!!!!

either u like me or u dnt to be honest if u dnt i dnt giv a FUK!!!

anyways am hussein aka huss like 2 see my self as a nice guy u get me but its 4 u 2 find out init!!!!


██████████] 10000%

_..:†††††† zambian ††††††_
ti king, thegame, 50 cent, young jezzy, loyld banks, eminem, young buck, afroman, dizzee rascl, tinie tempah, lethal bizzel, skepta boy and all neyo, 36 mafia, bow wow, P Didy and all the fuckin good rappers man.
Take the lead, U got served, kidouthood, bikerboys, h
 itch and all the gangster movies.and i also like scary moivies.
i like basketball its the best sport ever man and i also like football come on u got 2 like football, it's a fuckin great sport man.
Scared Of
niffin m8t niffin
Happiest When
when i hav sleepovers, partys and i also like giong 2 the cinema, i also like hangout with my friends keepin it cool man.and meetin my family u know.
my msn
if u wana talk add me

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  • wasteman wat do u fink?

    The Slang Dictionary
    Air- To be ignored
    Anything- No good, ordinary
    Alow it - leave it
    Ang Tite - To big up someone
    Bate- Obvious
    Ballin- Crying
    Beef- Want to fight
    Beast- Ugly
    Bandolo- Fool
    Buff/Bum- Looking good/sexy
    Bare- Meaning alot
    Bad mind- Just plain rude
    Butters- Just plain ugly
    Blud/Bredrin- another word for freind
    Blaze- To smoke weed
    Boid - Taking the piss
    Baffelld- Confused
    Bless- Bye
    Blud/Bredrin,breh, star- friend
    Bizzle- Ok
    Brass- Thats rubbish
    Bounce- To leave
    Breaded- To be paid
    Breeze- Talking rubbish
    Bre- Boy
    Brapp- When something is good
    Cherps- To chat up opposite sex
    Choong/Chung- Over good looking
    Cuz- Cousin
    Chick/Gash- Girl
    Clash- Music battle(MCs OR DJs)
    Click- Crew
    Chop- To have sex with
    Cotchin- To chill/rest/take up space
    Crepes- Trainers
    Convo- Coversation
    Dapper- Dirty/ a compliment
    Doughnut- Idiot
    Drum- your house
    Extra- Over the top
    Endz- Your area
    Fool- idiot
    Gunn- To see someone get cussed
    Garms- Clothes
    Gash- girl
    Hyped- Over excited
    Hench- Muscular
    Hood- Neighborhood
    Hatin- Jealousy
    Heavy- When something is good
    Inabit- See you soon
    Innit- Term of agreement
    Innabizzle - bye
    J's- By yourself
    Jigga- Ok or Fine
    Jokes- Funny
    Joker- A funny person/Not serious
    Jacked- To take from someone with permission/steal
    Long/Long-ting- Boring or wasting time
    Major- Big/Worth it/Important
    Man dem- Your crew
    Manor-where u live- see ends
    Merk, Merkage- Beat or Destroy
    Minor- Opposite of major, Insignificant
    Nang- Good
    Nuff luv- Safe, big up
    Offski - When your going
    Peeps- Very close friends
    Peng- sexy
    Peng-a-leng- same as peng but better
    P's- Money
    Prang- Scared
    Pon- Short for upon
    Quick-ting- Something that wont take long
    Regs- Regular
    Rags- Standard
    Reppin- To represent
    Road- Street, Outside
    Raaah - Meaning surprised
    Skeen- Understand
    Shubz- Party
    Screwin- Annoyed about something
    Safe- Hi/thanks/bye
    Street rat- Person on the street 24/7
    Stoosh- Deep
    Sick- Not bad meaning, but bad meaning good
    Shook- scared
    Slew- To beat or better
    Swag- Rubbish/crap
    Sekkle - go away
    Trus- Trust me
    Two Twos - Even though
    Twisted- Confused
    U get me- Do you understand
    Village- Small and not very good
    Wha gwarn- wots goin on
    War- (MC term for battling)

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  • soulja boy









    0 Comments 289 weeks

  • proud to be a nigga

    niggas 4 life...
    Roses are red
    niggas are brown
    thats my race
    so don't put it down!!
    My nigga pride
    I will not hide
    My nigga race
    I will not disgrace
    My nigga blood
    flows hot & true
    My nigga peeps
    I will stand by you
    thru thick & thin
    till the day we die
    Our nigga flag
    Always stands high
    I yell this shit
    Louder than all the rest.
    cuz u motha f*ckers know
    NIGGA Pride in my mind
    NIGGA BLOOD is my kind...haha
    So step aside and let me through
    Cuz its all about the NIGGA crew.
    it's a hardcore Life and then u pass away
    but if you are a NIGGA
    You pass away with good ass pride
    coz life is tight
    so u ave 2 play it right
    ya maz is a NIGGA 4 life
    content wiv wat he has
    so peace NIGGAS

    0 Comments 330 weeks

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  • Black Boy
    luv Black Boy

    safe nm mit be coming down wally this friday u im all gd fam u yes i blaze that weed fam wb bless

  • Benjamin Joseph.
    luv Benjamin Joseph.

    safee mann u gooood? x

  • Ben Harris
    Ben Harris

    ite bruv ant spoke to in time what u been at mate we will have to meet up soon cool safe

  • Sammey Jenkins
    Sammey Jenkins

    heyyaa Errrm nothing much lol Youu? ahhh its horrible :D x

  • ChRis X
    ChRis X

    husssiannn wubu2 thennn ? :L x

  • Libby
    luv Libby

    not alot lol.. you? didnt have enough money at the time soooozzz:) you there tomorow?? Libby needs a new other half:) ly x x

  • Paigee
    luv Paigee

    heeyaaa x nothing just got back from holiday lol, you?? goood thanks youuu?? i know lol, cz i was in spain lol :L ly xxxxx

  • Libby

    i want to suck your big black cock babes

  • Georgia Green.
    luv Georgia Green.

    FUNNNYY :D ummmm, had sex! hahaaaaa. ly xxxxxx

  • Black Boy
    luv Black Boy

    wag 1 i'm kl u over the holidays coming up bless

  • Georgia Green.
    luv Georgia Green.

    :P shhhhhhh. yehhhh :D not muchhhh relii youu? and where was you double fuking geographyy.? FUNNNNY :( shut itt haa. xxxxxx

  • Georgia Green.
    Georgia Green.

    stop giving me those weird loooks and smiles :L just coz im nearly the same colour as you!! lol xxxxx

  • X.LoisGeorgia.X

    Heeeyy =] Haven't spoken in a while .. :P Nothing much tbh .. just seeing friends, going to school, going into town etc.. and yourself? I've been good thanks, I've had my low days, and my happy days but hey .. How have you been? xxx

  • Libby
    luv Libby

    Haha good:D na my feet were just hurtin i was fine after though didnt stop me from dancin:P i ent been at much just around lol You should come benson haha:L come see me ennit x x