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Jodie Actually

Well well well :)

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  • from Hogwarts..blates.
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About Me

you don't even like dave.
Me, Myself, and I
Baby, I'm Back, Kicking and Screaming

Jodie has to say that the best people in her life at the moment are -
Issy, Sammi, Adam, Katie and everyone else who cares no matter what.

Lovely people.
The Other Half Of Me


He goes well with Peter ;) Of course :D

The thing about love is it cannot be made.It has to happen, naturally, organically, magically. Its different from romance, very, very different. Romance can be created, but love, true love never can.
- faith bleasdale</u>
What My friends think (MORE!)
Sammi -Many appologies to my dear besty Judie is Coolwhip.
I lobe her dearly.
She was founded the pope of Sweden in 1972.
We are Moonshine...the double act.
tara - I've just married Jodie Matthews. It was love at first sentence. We are planning to elope to Vegas in green tracksuits and dip-dye everything. I love you wife.
Alba - Who's That Erotic Asian Chick? Ohh, must be Jodie.
Joe I love Jodie. Because Jodie is being nice to me. And Jodie is my sister. And Jodie makes me feel loved. And Jodie makes me feel like I have a point in life. Ed - Hmm... your a genious darrrling
Emily - 'Joodii style
It originated in England, but has a Japanese name, to represent how it uses styles from many countries and eras, to create one massive jumble of awesomeness'
Oh if only i knew the key to sing to make you mine
Artic monkeys. Akon. And then i turned seven/jamestown story. Alphabeats. Amy winehouse. Blink 182. Bowling for soup. Bloodhound gang. Busted. Butterflies on strings. Cute is what we aim for. Calvin harris. Duffy. Dashboard confessional. Eminem. Elliot minor. Fall out boy. Foals. Flyleaf.Gwen stefani. Guns N' Roses. helloGoodbye. Ingrid Micaelson. Kimya Dawson. Kate Nash. Lily Allen. Lonely Bones. Lost prophets. less than jake. Mcfly. New found glory. Nickelback. No doubt. Not tonight josephine.One night only. Offspring. Panic at the disco. Peggy sue and the pirates.Postal service. Regina spektor. Remi Nicole. Rihanna. Saving Aimee. Sara Barielles. Sum 41. The all-american rejects.The wombats. The fray. the Shins. The afters The ting tings.</u>
If this is a romcom, kill the director
Juno - Stardust - ferris Buellers day off - gothika - american Pie - the golden compass-dodgeball- The ring- Lord of the rings *cough* :D
Hacked =)
I Hacked Your face Off... Okayy Thats Just Nasty!
Now Ive Hacked This Profile I Dont know what to do ..... Urmmmm...
This feels like such an achivement to have actually hacked Jodies Profile, And Now Ive got on it i could Do anything i Want!
So This Is What Im Gonna Do..
Update Your Saying
Change Your Profile Picture
Create This Space
Leave A Few Annoying and Random Comments On some somes Page
Find A Video Box I know Youll Hate!

Well there we go, Im not a very scary Hacker But i Did It !

That was Issy not me.
waking up and feeling good. Having something to do. making new friends.train journeys. Writing. Having money. Earning money. Spending money. America's next top model. making art work out of stikle bricks. Attempting to make clothes. Getting new clothes. rearranging everything. Buying stuff for my room. Canvas prints and paintings. Colour photos. Guitars. fashion TV. Receiving things. Pretending to be grown up. Sitting in cafes. Being with my friends. Leaving comments. painting my phone. Nail varnish and red shiny lips. Drag queen eye lashes. men dressed as women. and women dressed as men. Short hair. Long hair. 'Coon stripes. My middle name. laughing, uncontrolabley. feeling in control. Knowing things. Getting something right in maths. Substitute teachers. getting dressed. necklaces.My rosarys. Horoscopes. Conversations Lyrics. Watching stardust with katie. People Knowing what Im into. Feeling sorry for myself. Suceeding. The last question on an exam. Cards. Unturuthfulness. govnong.
being ignored. being shouted out. Tidying anything. School shoes. Drama written exams. People who seriously care greatly about GCSE MOCk results. people with enthuiasm towards P.E. not being able to spell words. Having to repeat myself.Having to correct peoples Grammer. Having to repeat myself. My lack of leg height. people who use paint to edit photos. The excessive amount of indie bands. Self titled albums. People with no imagination. People wearing my clothes. looking like anyone else. Supermarkets. Especially morrisons. Kids programs. Lost. People who brag. Tourists. Waitressing outside. Older people who think they know everything. Acting Nice. Taking bad photos. Saying goodbye. Having a late birthday. People who forget. Forgetting. Long grass. Swimming. People who say 'salid'. People who think they are original. Microphones. getting something wrong. failing. the first day off the holidays. taking out all my tiny plaits. Baths. Drizzle. frizz. Life.

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  • bloggie.

    'You don't even like dave''s first ever band battle here we come. WOO.
    we will be jammin' jammin' jammin.

    5 whole moths today. yes MOTHS. Moths TODAY IS THE DAY OF FIVE MOTHS right adam?


    0 Comments 232 weeks

  • My vent

    15th december.
    This is where i vent. I HATE HATE HATE it when people are ungrateful. SO SO SO much. I just want someone to drop something REALLY REALLY REALLY heavy on their head.
    But y'know....I'm not that bothered.

    oh oh oh. and also, happy birthday joe!

    0 Comments 241 weeks

  • Funny things appear in my bloglet.

    Aimeeeeeeeeee.... Misses fish boy says:
    urm.... choose a victim. grab all your friends and do a wild jumpy dance all around the victim so that they can no longer walk in a straight line. do it everytime you see your victim.


    This is 'larious..you type your name and sex(think issy was male) and you become a pirate!
    Emily: Lackey Ann The Brown
    Joe:William Bloody Leg
    Adam: Deckswabber Arthur Treacher the Honest Arse
    issy: Landlubber Honest Man
    Sammi: Capn Jane The Fearsome Stubble
    Mine: Wench Rough Arse.
    I dannae believe it
    The epic one* says:
    do you... like cake?
    Emo face* says:
    no matter what i did im still right....as i get older my opinions may change, but not the fact i am always right.
    The epic one says:
    but do you.... like cake?

    *Names have been changed :P
    Ricky Gervais 'Obesity is a disease...no it's not is it? its not. You just like eating, don't you?'
    Aimeeeeeeeeee.... Misses fish boy says:
    haahahahaha they just mentioned pork pies on TV hhahahahahaha
    Bear says:
    a man forgets his wifes birthday and shes says to him that he better get her something that goes frm 0-200 in 6 seconds or she is kicking him out of the house. The next morning there is a box outside of the garage so she goes out to see what it is..So she brings it in and opens it to find a pair of scales.
    he hasn't been seen since.
    "I 'carry' L. He is Reverend Sexiness. I may eat him just to get his powers. Then I shall be L! Bwohaha!" - Joe.
    'I have enough coppers to kill a tramp....
    or maybe two if it's got a dog' - paaarick.
    favourite guy friends making me smile..
    'lets face it the word jodie matthews just means REMARKABLE.'
    'Jodie You emmit excellence'
    'Jo.die your always going to be the coolest/smartest girl ever'
    me:' Im half bulimic..'
    Tara: Puzzled face
    Me: I do the eating..i just don't throw it up
    Tara: Almost chokes on KFC
    Megan: 'i promised myself to never eat in here...but damn, lets do it.' (about kfc)
    Megan: 'lets go in KFC, not mcdonalds.'
    After KFC, megan : 'Why didn't we go to mcdonalds?'
    Me: Wanting megan to die now.
    Me: Sammi, are your parents going out?
    Sammi: well jodie, they did date before and they are married now..

    6 Comments 253 weeks

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    hey im deleting my bebo acccount, if you still want to hook up......add me on myspace - http://goo.gl/d6ieU

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    Little Miss Grey

    heey hun u ok ?

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    luv I Am Lucy Perry.

    WARRA FAKKING LIBERTY Hello ^.^ love love love xxxxx

  • I Am Lucy Perry.
    luv I Am Lucy Perry.

    Hellooooo :D How was your day? Did you get my sexy letter? I feel wel hardcore, I'm on my uncle's lap top in t' back of the car cos we're off on a shopping spreeeee :D Talk soon<3 Ly xxxxxx

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    BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF In my lovely Yorkshire accent of course ;) xxxxxxx

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  • I Am Lucy Perry.
    luv I Am Lucy Perry.


  • I Am Lucy Perry.
    luv I Am Lucy Perry.

    I got the letter. And lolled. Thank you for the picture :D I liked it Jodie Actually. God I love doing that. I'll write back and post it tonight gay boy ^.^ xxx

  • I Am Lucy Perry.
    luv I Am Lucy Perry.

    Hahah oh yes. With my totally posh accent and simple address. Unlike yourse :P Luvluvluv :D xxxxx

  • I Am Lucy Perry.
    I Am Lucy Perry.

    hahah I'm sorry :) xxx

  • I Am Lucy Perry.
    I Am Lucy Perry.

    Hahah :P No worries :D We might get the songs done eventually! :D xxx

  • I Am Lucy Perry.
    I Am Lucy Perry.

    Hahah. Did it make your day? ^.^ Allah and bacon frazzles have made mine :D xxx

  • I Am Lucy Perry.
    luv I Am Lucy Perry.

    Ahah, have it back ^_^ xx

  • Tard

    Neither can I! I am too ill (N) Ooh, I shall very much try! I really want to hear this voice of yours! I am sure it exceeds expectations! I'll try and squeeze some deets out of Jamie and I'll drag a load of my mates along :) xxxxxx

  • Tard

    You may have the pleasure of my company if you are going to be at the ship on friday :D "We have to stop meeting like this" "yeah, it's just getting weird now" xxxxxxxxxxx Love you Jodie- my wife!