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Kecky D

The Answer :)

6/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 26, Luv 62
  • from Valhalla (Cookstown)
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Reflections of Truth and Sorrow

    When the party swings right, with plenty of beer and broads, being an Angel is a pretty good way to go. But on some of those lonely afternoons when you're fighting a toothache and trying to scrape up a few dollars to pay a traffic fine and the landlord has changed the lock on your door until you pay back the rent...then it's no fun being an Angel. It's hard to laugh when your teeth are so rotten that they hurt all the time and no dentist will touch you unless the bill is paid in advance. So it helps to beleive, when the body rots start to hurt, that the pain is a small price to pay for the higher rewards of being a righteous Angel.
    This wavering paradox is a pillar of the outlaw stance. A man who has blown all his options can't afford the luxury of changing his ways. He has to capitalize on whatever he has left, and he can't afford to admit - no matter how often he's reminded of it - that every day of his life takes him farther down a blind alley.

    from Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson

    363 weeks

  • Roger Waters speaks the truth...

    People going into rock'n'roll are pretty self-centred. I am. To write what I've written, you have to be self-centred. To write the words that the lonely people can connect to, the authenticity in that, whatever it is, that you discover in the lyric and the music, there inevitably is narcissism in that, and you have to accept that's what it is. That's what all art is.

    3 Comments 365 weeks

  • Ode to the Working Man

    Arise still tired, clock in at dawn,
    So starts the grind, the system's con.

    The shutters drop, with them your mood,
    Five hours pass, now time for food.
    A paltry snack, a pack of crisps?
    That won't releive your aching wrists!

    Supervised by a brain-dead fool,
    Get a headache just keeping your cool.
    The final stretch drags on and on
    And on...self-pity, you've been conned!

    Arise still tired, clock in at dawn,
    So starts the grind, your freedom pawned.

    2 Comments 365 weeks

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