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Luvin summer, let's reck ih!

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
My name may not be obvious, but if you had a brain better than mine you would know it.
I never make sense; I say the most pointless things; I never think before I speak.
Being sarcastic is fun, you should try it sometime.
I get bored easily, I need a change.
I like to keep myself most of the time, I don't like alot of attention.
If you don't have a good sense of humor or you don't make me laugh then you are boring.
I am easily amused.
I've decided that I'm going to be more truthful these days.
Most people annoy me, it will be very rarely that someone doesn't annoy me at some point.
There are very few people who know me inside and out.
Taylor Lautner, Josh Franchesci, Enrique Iglesias are the hottest men alive.
I love music, i'd most likely die without it.
I never know what to do, life is too complicated for my liking.
I have an addiction to tea, diet coke & cherry lucozade, i'm now immune to it;)
Comment me I get bored.
The Other Half Of Me
Sarah Flozey O'Brien

Sarah Flozey O'Brien

I can honestly say she means alot(:♥

There's six people i met by sheer randomness and everytime i talk to them, they just bring a smile to my face i adore talking with them and im so glad i met them, wanna know who these people are? Well ones called Jane and the others are the gorgeous Katie, Sarah, Ali, Lauren & Maeve<3
Words cannot describe how much i miss you but i know your up there watching over all of us. You were always there for us and we'll never forget you!...r.i.p. love you always and forever xxxxxxx
28th October - Me, Katie, Jane & Maeve
Real Names: Al Bino, Tim Burr - Katie, Willie Stroker - Maeve, May Ann Naze, Walter Melon, Marsha Mellow - Jane, Dan Druff, Anita Bathe, Ben Dover, Dick Head - Me, Dick Tator, Dr.E. Ville, Harry Cox, Carrie Oakey, Crystal Claire Waters, Dick Bender, Dick Bush, Earl E. Bird, Olive Yew, Gaye Barr, Joy Rider:L

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  • Boredness :Z


    x. Slept in your bed: Obviously:L
    x. Slept in a bed with your: teddy bear
    x. saw you cry: almost everyone
    x. Made you cry: mostly other friends..
    x. You shared a drink with: I don't share my drinks:L
    x. You went to the movies: The girls:)
    x. You went to the mall with: Jane:)
    x. Yelled at you: my mam:/
    x. Sent you an email: eh..
    x.Kissed You: Wezz


    x. Gotten in a fight with your pet: haa no:L
    x. Been to California: I wish
    x. Been to Hawaii: In my dreams..
    x. Been to Mexico: nahh
    x. Been to China: nope
    x. Been to Canada: nope
    x. Danced naked: Of Course;) haha JOKE!
    x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day? omgg! yeeah:O
    x. Do you have a crush on someone: yesss:)
    x. What book are you reading now: Fallen:)
    x. Worst feeling in the world: someone dying..
    x. Future son's name: Danny or Nathan:)
    x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: like who doesn't these dayss:P
    x. What's under your bed: drawers.
    x. Favorite sport to watch: RUGBY!!!:D
    x. Siblings: two big sisters and little brother.
    x. College plans: dont know yet..
    x. boyfriend/Girlfriend: Nahhh :)


    x. Do you do drugs: Nooo:O
    x. Do you drink: Nahhh...
    x. What are you most scared of: heights, death & going dwon escalators:(
    x. Where do you want to get married: Meditarranian;)
    x. Who do you really hate: Dont hate, just dislike a few people..
    x. Been in Love: Hmm that's a tough one:P
    x. Do you drive:whyy YES, a bicycle style;)
    x. Do you have kids: :L you messing..
    x. Do you like being around people: Of Course:)


    x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: yeahh:/
    x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go for? Don't think so..
    x. Want someone you don't have right now: hmm..
    x. Are you lonely right now: quite the opposite actually:)
    x. Song that sticks in your head a lot: LinkinPark - New Divide.
    x. Do you want to get married: of coursee:o
    x. Do you want kids: yesss:)


    x. Room in house: bedroom(:
    x. music: Anything really..but at the moment Paramore:)
    x. Bands: YMAS, Paramore, CobraStarship, BoysLikeGirls, Muse & LinkinPark
    x. Colour: Blueee :D
    x. Perfume: Ghost
    x. Month: SUMMER
    x. Feeling: Greattttt.


    x. Cried: Yeh:/
    x. Bought something: ehmm...yeahh:P
    x. Gotten sick: Havent been sick since '08.
    x. Sang: yahhh :)
    x. Want to tell someone you love them: kinda :/
    x. Met someone new: Yehh:)
    x. Missed someone: yeeah :(
    x. Hugged someone: coursee, i'm a huggable person:)
    x. Kissed someone: Nahh.

    I N F O R M A T I O N

    Name: Christine:)
    Status: Happy:)
    Sex: Female
    Birthday: 12th June 1994
    Sign: Gemini
    Eye color: bluee:)
    Height: 5'9, quite tall i know:)

    F A S H I O N | S T U F F

    Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? Anywhere really:)
    Favorite designer?: Don't really have one..
    What is your sexiest outfit?: My Queen of hearts outfit from halloween;)
    What is your most comfortable outfit? My new shirt, skinnies, a tank top & converse:)
    What do you usually wear? skinnies, shirts, converse or a skirt.

    F A V O R I T E S

    Foods: My Mam's stir fry& Stuffing..Vegetable soup:)
    girls name: Amber, Mollie, Gracie:)
    Boys names: Danny, Nathan, Russell & Dylan.
    Subjects in school: English & Art:)
    Animal: Big Dogs, Cats, Horses, wolves, tigers & dolhins:)

    G E N E R A L

    Music: everything:)
    Smell: Ghost & Burberry
    Desktop picture: Myself & Kirsty:D
    Film: LordOfTheRings, ProofOfLife, TwilightSaga..action:)

    A R E | Y O U

    Insecure: sometimesss:/
    Random: True True:L
    Understanding: Veryyy:)
    Open-minded: Sometimes:)
    Arrogant: I actually don't know..
    Hungry: nahh thirsty..

    Spell Your Name Without Vowels: Chrstn :L
    Are you single? yahhuh :)
    What colors do you wear most? Bluee, Black & White :)
    Least favorite color? Orange:o
    What are you listening to? the sadness will never end - Bring Me The Horiz

    0 Comments 159 weeks

  • Gaeltacht Quotes - Good times :]

    "I live beside an Aldi" - Kate

    "Is she Irish?" - Shauna... "Nah, shes from Wexford" - Christine:L

    "DOOOOPE" - Ellen

    ''Omg, I'm talking like a cuulchiii'' - Kate.
    ''I knooooow!'' - Clodagh.

    ''You shall be my squishy. And I shall call you squishy!'' - Me & Kate.

    ''Elvis Boner Island'' :D

    "How is she supposed to know what the currency of Malaria is?" - Kate

    "There's chicken in chicken soup?? REALLY?" - Shauna:L

    "MOLE!" - Adam

    "Joke, haha" - Ellen

    "Kate just threw a fanny pack at my head!" - Ellen

    "Why does my zip keep falling down? is it TRYING to tell me something?" - Kate:L

    "SPATULA" - The Lads

    "BÁD" - the lads

    "Do you think i was born in the last shower?" - Ellen :L

    "You go glencoco" - Kate & Christine

    "We have spider sex with spider sperm" - Kate and Shauna Mc

    "You can suck on my BIG DUB COCK!!" - Kate

    "Whats LEINSTER?" - Shauna Mc:P

    Teacher - "What are the counties in Ulster?" Kirsty - "Mayo!

    "KIRSTY!! are you building a fricking bridge in there?!?" - Kate

    "I get horny when i see cactuses!" - Adam;)

    "You're just jealous coz shes a millionaire and you're a tenneraire" - Kate, referring to Miley Cyrus

    "Eww, i would hate for someone to fist me" - Christine (you really had ta be there to get it )

    "Our room is such a kip" - Kate, *while throwing her coke bottle and crisp packet on the floor*

    ''Dublin is the biggest county in Ireland!'' - Shauna.

    ''Bras are evil!'' - Adam.

    ''Okay girls, who put a hair ball on my pillow?''
    Walks into the other room. ''Who put a fucking hair ball on my pillow!?'' - Kate.:L

    "Thats what SHE said" - The Lads

    "NO!! YOU GAY HOMOPHOBIC PHONE!!!!" - Kirsty:)

    *Christine Asleep* "NO! WAIT! COME BACK!".....*Kate, half asleep* "CHRISTINE! shut the FUCK up, its half five in the morning!":L

    "They arent that big"- Shauna Mc, (Reffering to her nipples)
    "Theyre fuckin massive" - Kirsty

    "Look at my nipples Kate" - Shauna
    "I havent got my glasses" - Kate
    "You wont NEED glasses!" - Kirsty:L

    "Look, its Hitler!" - Shauna doin the Nazi stand, pointing at sky
    "WHERE?!?" - Christine....awh silly me:P

    "Hehehe look at my bug" - Kate
    (Shauna S squishes it)
    "Hey, why'd you squish my bug? I was having fun with it!!" - Kate
    "Well I was having fun with my vagina till u broke it!!" - Shauna

    "Shane is a sheep shagger" - Kate
    "Hes the president of the Sheep Shaggers Association. Meetings are every Thursday, tea and biscuits served after" - Ellen...

    "You poured my diet coke out? Im gonna come in and shave your fuckin eyebrows off!!" - Kate:L

    Aww girls, i love you all... gaeltacht june 09 - epic xD

    0 Comments 211 weeks

  • :)

    A - Available: Yeah
    A - Annoys You: People who piss me off for no reason.

    B - Best Friends: All the girls:)
    B - Birthday: 12th of June

    C - Crush: Absolutely ;)
    C - Car: No but I want one
    C - Candy: Wispaa, Galaxy, Dairy Milk :D
    C - Crisp Flavour: Salt n Vinager & Sour cream and onion

    D - Day or night: Night
    D - Dream Car: Astin Martin :D
    D - Dog or cat: Both
    D - Drink: Tea & Diet Coke :)

    E - Easiest person to talk to: Jane & Kirsty :D
    E - Eggs: Fried egg
    E - Email Adress: sxcprincesschristine_xox@hotmail.c

    F - Favorite Month: June or July
    F - Favorite colour: Blue as always :)
    F - Favorite Memory: Oh I have Loads :D

    G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Bears
    G - Giver or taker: ? Bit of Both
    G - Gum: Extra Mint ;)

    H - Hair Color: Brunette
    H - Height: 5'9
    H - Hand: Righty

    I - Ice Cream: Umm vanilla:)
    I - Idol: Ashley Green, Blake Lively, Taylor Monsem:)

    J - Jewellery: Earrings and rings
    J - Jail: Nahh not for me:)

    K - Kids: Someday
    K - Kickboxing or Karate: Kaarateee CHOP! :L

    L - Longest Journey: Eh America
    L - Loudest Friend: Ali Defo :D

    M - Milkshake flavor: Vanilla
    M - Most missed person(s): Nanny
    M - Movie Last Watched At The Cinema: Eclipse :)

    N - Number of Siblings: four:)
    N - Number of Tattoos: Maybe in the future
    N - Name: Christine
    N - Nickname: Chris, Christo, Christopher :L

    O - One wish: Get bigger boobs :L
    O - One fear: Death and Heights
    O - One regret: Ahh Theres A Few..

    P - Part of your appearance you like best: Eyes and hair:)
    P - Personality: I'm a Nice Person So Its A Good One:D

    Q - Ouiet or loud: Bit Of Both

    R - Reasons to smile: When I laugh and me being with the girls:)
    R - Reality TV Show: The Hills & the city
    R - Reasons to cry: When something bad happens...

    S - Song Last Heard: Uprising - Muse :)
    S - Season: Summer
    S - Shoes: Converse:)

    T - Time for bed: Whenever

    U - U luv someone: Yeaah;)
    U - Unpredictable: Yeah :L

    V - Vegetable you hate: Ah I Like Veggtables:)
    V - Vegetable you love: Cabbage:)
    V - Vacation spot: Portugal

    W - Worst Habits: Biting my nails :/
    W - Where are you going to travel next: Hopefully New Zealand:D
    W - Weather right now: It's alright

    X - X-Rays: My elbow

    Y - Year you were born: 1994
    Y - Year it is now: 2010

    Z - Zoo Animal: Ah the elephants and tigers!:D

    0 Comments 246 weeks

close Bored?

1.Whats your name?
Christine O'Connor ;)

2.How old are you?
15 :]

3.Are You single or taken?
Single babe;)

4.Do you have a crush on someone?
Indeed I do :D

5.How do you feel right now?
Really Happy...good music is on the tv :)

6.Do you brush your teeth every morning and night?
yeah of course

7.Are you a happy person?
Quite Happy yes...

8. wink face or  angry face or  <-- that face?
that face :D

9. cooool face or  ninja? :D

10.Have you got msn? =p~

11. Whats your favourite songg?
Hmm...I have many: Paranoid, Paparazzi, Thinking Of You, All the metro station songs & Billie Jean x]

12. christmas or new year?
Hmm Both are pretty fun times

13. Halloweeen or St patricks day ?
Halloween x] but Paddy's day was funn...

14. do you like lepricauns!?
Hmm Maeve :P

15. Do you believe in santa?
haaa yeahh x] bahahahahaha

16. <-- whats your tribal war chant?
Creeeep, Creeeep, Creeeeeeep!

17. do you talk alot?
Ha yeahhh...sometimes I'm quiet! But I'm a RIOT when I'm hyper, see! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Creep.

18. do you like star wars?
Okayyyy, I'll admit it.....I kinda do like it :L

19. Do you consider yourself a nice person?
I'm pretty nice you know...talk to meeee :) i love many people.....

20. Do you work well in a team?
Hmm depends who's in my team....

21. Kisses or hugs ?
Hmm both are lovely

22. Do you hate anyone?
Some yes...

23.Pepsi or Coke?
Diet Coke is the sex

24. Do you drink?

25. Do you belive in {a} god?
Hmmm yesss....

26. Can you cook?
Only some foods...

27. Pancakes or Easter Eggs?
Both are gorgeous...

28. Want to get married?
Yes Please... :D

29. PIRATE ;D! yaas lol
Ahoy, mateeeeyyyyyyyy!

30. are you cool like him <-- :L
I'm cooler :P

31. Vampires?  lol
Yess....BITE ME, bitchh! ;)

32. want children?

33.are you scared of clowns?
Yeahhh >.<

34. <-- whats that guy doing?
picking a spot hahaha....

35. whats your favourite boook?
I Have many...

36.Have you got a sick mind?
Yesss....I Blame Shauna & Jess

37. Do you like Eygptions?
Yes there hilarious...

38.Ever fallen off a chair?
Yeahh actually I have...

39. tea or coffeee?
Tea with Honey Please... :D

40. Do you think you would be a good king/queen?
Yes...I'd kill people I didn't like :D

41. whats the worst thing that you've ever done?
Me putting shaving foam in my friend's shoe and then the next day...I got out of the shower to find ALL my shoes had shaving foam in them...Gaeltacht 09

42.Does it always rain on youuu ? (8]
Nope :)

43.Last question .. did u injoy this quiz?
Yeahhh...laughing at questions are fun!

close Other Half Box

Sarah Flozey O'Brien

Aah Sarah. I Love her loads. She puts the The in psyhcotagerpy....cause she's a psychopath.
Picture taking buddies :]
That's a wild child right there.
WhAttA StUnnAhhhhhhh, riiiii! ahhh good times....love you, babe xxxxxxx

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What Style Are You?

Scene Kid

Scene kids are really adorable and usually extremely nice.
Always very lively and fun to be around.

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close 11 Layers of Me

11 Layers Of Me

Layer One: On the Outside
Full Name: Christine Alice O'Connor
Birthday: 12th June
Current Location: My House
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Layer Two: On the Inside
Your Strengths: Music & being a loving person
Your Fears: Heights, Death
Your Weaknesses: Tiggles
Ambition in life: Model
Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: I Loved My Dream
Your bedtime: Whenever
Your most missed memory: Nanny
Layer Four: Pick Your Choice
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
McDonald: McDonalds
Single or Group dates: Group
Adidas or Nike: Neither
Lipton Tea or Nestea: ?
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee: Hot Coffee
Layer Five: Do You
Smoke: Nope
Have a current crush: Yesh
Think you: I've liked people...
Want to get married: Yesh
Believe in yourself: Yeahhh
Think you: Yeahh...
Layer Six: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: Nope
Gone to the mall: Yesh
Eaten Sushi: Nope
Gone skating: Yesh, loved it!
Dyed your hair: Yesh
Layer Seven: Have Your Ever?
Played a stripping game: No
Gotten beaten up: Yes
Changed who you were to fit in: Kind of
Layer Eight: Getting Old
Age you are hoping to be married: Yes I am
Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
Best Eye Color: Any
Best Hair Color: Brown/Black/Blonde
Short or Long Hair: D4ish
Layer Ten: What were you doing...
1 Minute Ago: This
1 Hour Ago: Talking to Sarah
1 Day Ago: Listening to music
1 Year Ago: Being an idiot
Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
I Love: Music, Friends and Make-up
I Feel: Happy & tired
I Hate: Rain & Mean People
I Hide: Away From you...
I Miss: Nanny & Shauna
I Need: You

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  • luv Jeff

    dayum thats sexy :o like your face ;o xDD awh why (: it was a doss ;D had a half day :} xxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    what D: have you seen this bad boys ;) xDD (: im awesome how was school ? :} xxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    no , cause there that small xDD awesome (: emm just on msn ;D how're you ? :} xxxxx <3

  • Jeff

    its very nice yeah :L it is so D: make me whats up bbz ? :} xxxxx <33

  • Jeff

    psssssssssssh maybe i kinda want to D: xD thats well sexy (Y) :L xxxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    i have a mamy she MIGHT be kind xD for your sake she better be ;o xDD LOL xD ah i but i would like to know that , you should .... show me sometime ;) :L xxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    yesum :) awww awesome ill try get credit this week too (; wouldnt want too disapoint you ;o so you wont get out of bed for me bbz ? ty :33 xD xxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    you do o: its the new style dawh D: its okie o: i believe i came on msn like a hour after you went off ? :o which sucks ¬¬ xxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    sorray xD its never too cold for town D: grow a pair like <;) :L oh :] did you get it ;o xxxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    oooh now it makes sense :L SILLEH! ;D ehe <3 awright :} get free texts yeah [; im in town on saterday i think :L so get your credit in town like o; ah its kay (: <3 xxxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    i have no idea what saint money is :} xD AWESOME and ty for getting my hopes up (: <3 xDD get some tomoro kay ;D And your never on msn anymore ¬¬ ;3 xxxxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    i had no money at the time ofc D: xD i like never have money , and i m soooo shit at saving it :L nice one (; ikr aww thank you ;) xxxxxx

  • Jeff

    i suppoooooose (: i really wanted to go to them in december D: like on of my fave bands >< aww good :} did you have fun ;D okay :33 same ;o nopppe D: lost by 4 points , but the were all ireland winners two years in a row :} xxxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    okay thats abit fucked up :L i would of left the gig xDD ikr (; how was swimming :} and i didnt go town today o: cause i had a rugby match :3 xxxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    aww bbz :') i was by myself for like 20min xD and my phone was dead (: :L so it was kind of a fail xDD D: pleease get it this weekend o: im going into town this weekend btw <;) might see you there [; xxxxx

  • Jeff

    it sucks doesnt it D: i lost my friend and didnt find them till the end xD i am yeah ;o havnt talked to ya in ages bbz D: xxxxx

  • luv Jeff

    ah it would D: cause i kept loosing people >< xD About time :L miss me ;D xxxx

  • luv Jeff

    it was okay :} would of been better if you went like ;) get a fricking phone D: <3 xxxxxx

  • Jeff

    hey :} xxxxx

  • Jeff

    hey (: xxxx