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Ralph Hickey

21st sat hope u' can make it...nil satis nisi optimum

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  • Male, 24, Luv 1,032
  • from Crumlin
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 31,198
  • Member since: February 2006
  • Last active: 12/5/10
  • www.bebo.com/ralphie17
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My Timeline

close About Me

The night time is a dark time for me!!
Me, Myself, and I
<<<< A couple of the lads in Crete
I don't like to lose, and that isn't so much because it is just a football game, but because defeat means the failure to reach your objective.

Edinburgh/Home Alone ---- 1st October
My 21st --- 21st November
James Morrison Concert --- 6th December??

Starting 4TH YEAR in Tallaght I.T,studyin marketing,currently single well by currently i mean the last 5 years :( :( haha no girl wil have me!!!!i em kind play hurling n gaelic for crumlin and college from time to time...love goin ou having a laugh wit the lads n lassies,all the socials in college have bin great so far cant wait for the rest!!!,I work in boots in d jervis its a good laugh.
Edinburgh '09,Ayia Napa '10????its gonna be great
JAMES MORRISON.......i like d arctic monkeys, the kooks, oasis, kings of leon, snow patrol, the strokes, the klaxons n all them type of music ppl...othe music ppl i like are dean martin, frank sinatra, the chemical brothers, mozart(really)ha, tim
 baland, the coronas, jt is cool and a couple of others here n there...
My favourite films are armageddon, remember the titans i so cried at the end of them to films!!haha...any given sunday is deadly too, well they are d serious ones in anyway, like i love anchorman, freddie got fingered, road trip, old school, talladegga night and blades of glory pretty much everything wit will ferrell r tom greene plus all d naked guns and airplanes should get a mention, newbies like step brothers, role models, sex drive....
i support man.utd, carrick is well the best player they have!!!i play for cashel celtic in goal...i play hurling and gaelic for crumlin but em kinda havent been playin it too much lately, jus gettin to a bit lazy i suppose haha...i played for me college teams last year and we won d fergal mager cup wahoo haha...
Happiest When
im happiest when ou wit me mates, yis all know who yis r coz d last time i did a list i forgot some ppl and they moaned at me haha...like goin ou to town to dance d night away...love goin up to the astro on mondays wit the lads, like playin me sports and winning, coz i get a bit moany if i lose...
The Other Half Of Me
Rebecca Kavanagh

Rebecca Kavanagh

Bestest friend!!!xxxxxxxxxx­xxxx

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Precious Love - James Morrison W/ LYRICS

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  • My Thingy

    . Full Name: Ralph Hickey
    2. Nicknames: None really
    4. College: IT Tallght
    5. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    6. Male or Female: male
    10. Residence: Crumlin
    11. MSN Screen Name: watever song i'm listening to

    __Your Appearance___
    12. Hair Color: brownish
    13. Hair Length: short
    14. Eye color: blue
    15. Weight: in and around 13 stone
    16. Height: 6 ft 1 r somethin
    17. Braces?: nope
    18. Glasses?: nope and defo dont need them ha
    19. Piercings: none
    20. Tattoos: nope
    21. Righty or Lefty: Righty

    ___Your 'Firsts'___
    22. First best friend: Earl
    23. First Award: ehhhh best student in 3rd class,then won d same in 4th,5th,6th class and first year
    24. First Sport You Joined: football
    25. First pet: goldfish
    26. First Real Vacation: Spain
    27. First Concert:the strokes
    28. First Love: ???

    ___ Favorites___
    29. Movie: Remember the titans
    30. TV programme: South park
    31. Color: blue
    32. Rapper: Emonem
    33. Band: The Strokes
    34. Song Right Now: Masterplan by Oasis
    35. Friends: Rebecca,tomo,fago,jay,doyler,earl,
    36. Sweet: galaxy
    37. Sport to Play: gaelic
    38. Restuarant: camden court
    39. Favorite brand:Adidas
    40. Store: River Island
    41. School Subject: Physics
    42. Animal: My pet tiger tat i won
    43. Book: Harry potter all d way
    44. Magazine: none really
    45. Fears: no fear ha

    46. Feeling:fidgety
    47. Single or Taken?: Single..
    48. Have a crush: ye
    49. Eating: nothing
    50. Drinking: tea
    51. Typing: this shit
    52. Online?: obviously
    53. Listening To: tryin to tink which song to listen to
    54. Thinking About: wat song to listen too
    55. Wanting To: do nothing
    56. Watching:the computer
    57. Wearing: nothin ha,top and tracksuit bottoms
    ___Your Future___
    58. Want Kids?: one,an only child like myself ha.
    59. Want to be Married?: no but my parents have an agreed marriage planned
    60. Careers in Mind: Marketer!!!!!!!
    61. Where do you want to live: America
    62. Car: any
    __Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___
    63. Hair color: browny/blondey
    64. Hair length: wat eva
    65. Eye color: blue/hazel/green
    66. Measurments: not too fat ha
    67. Cute or Sexy: cute
    68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
    70. Short or Tall: in d middle
    71. Easygoing or serious: easy going
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: spontaneous
    73. Fatty or Skinny: skinny
    74. Sensitive or Loud: both but not too loud
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: hook-up
    76. Sweet or Caring: ??? sweet and caring
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One:hestitant

    ___Have you ever______
    78. Kissed a Stranger: Yep
    79. Had Alcohol: No dont mind them ppl sayin i drank at the debs
    80. Smoked: no
    81. Drugs: Nope
    81. Ran Away From Home: No
    82. Broken a bone: No
    83. Got an X-ray: ye
    84. Been with someone: yes
    85. Broken Someones Heart: hope not
    86. Had you heart broken: nope
    86. Broke Up With Someone: ye
    87. Cried When Someone Died: Ye..
    88. Cried At School: ye wen leavin 1st class to go over to d other school haha

    ___Do You Believe In___
    89. God: ye
    90. Miracles: ya,d ones that are shown on soccer am
    91. Love At First sight: nay
    92. Ghosts: no
    93. Aliens: no
    94. Soul Mates: yep
    95. Heaven: ye i suppose
    96. Hell: yep,if there is a heaven then there is a hell
    97. Angels: yep i know a few of them
    98. Kissing on The First Date:dont exactly date but ye in anyways
    99. Horoscopes: eh.. no but i still look

    1 Comment 352 weeks


    ♥Me Sxc Girlfriend =Denise
    ♥Me Wife= Audrey Carthy
    ♥Me Mammy=Sinead Ryan
    ♥Me Daddy=Conor Murphy
    ♥Me Lil bro= Seany Foley
    ♥Me Big sis = Vicky
    ♥Me Lil sis=Shammy
    ♥Me babe =Sarah McG
    ♥Me Sxc best m8 = Rebecca Kavanagh
    ♥Me even sxcier best m8 = Tomo
    ♥Me Bit on d side= Jake Jackson
    ♥Me fav Cuz =Jordan McDonnell
    ♥Me Cuz = Dean.Crowe
    ♥Me soul mate= Gav O'Reilly
    ♥Me Personal shopper =Ruairi Parsons
    ♥Me Slave =
    ♥Me Shopoholic m8 =
    ♥Me Lil cutie pie=Gill O'C
    ♥Me Crazy Siamese twin=Denny Cahill
    ♥Me no.1 = Paddy Steacy
    ♥Me SXC Chaterbox =
    ♥Me Hot admirer =
    ♥Me hot Messer upper =Karen Connell
    ♥Me hot Cleaner =
    ♥Me Lover = Sinead McKenna
    ♥Me Horny M8 =
    ♥Me Crazy Buddy =Rachel Deegan
    ♥Me homeboy = Mark McCabe
    ♥Me Sxc pal =Joanne Martin
    ♥Me sxc lap dancer =
    ♥Me Nxt Dor Neighbor =Olly Bulger
    ♥Me Sxc Six-Pack-Er = Aaron Delaney
    ♥Me lil girlie = Gillo
    ♥Me shoulder ta cry on=
    ♥Me inspiration =Willow
    ♥Me god =Richie McGuire
    ♥Me Stalker =
    ♥Me coolest sxc bud =
    ♥Me lil model = Karla Brenna
    ♥Me mad m8 = Michelle McGuinness
    ♥Me sham but luv ya anyway =
    ♥Me homegirl =

    14 Comments 358 weeks

  • do it,i'll let yis!!!!!!

    Wud U..
    1.Go out wit me:
    2.Give me ur numb:
    3.Meet me:
    4.Let me kiss u:
    5.Take a shower wit me:
    6.Be my bf/gf:
    8.Have a relationship wit me:
    9.Dance wit me:
    11.Stick up 4 me if was been put down:
    14.Get wasted wit me:
    15.Hang out wit me:
    16.Show me off to ur friends:

    DO U...
    1.Think im fit:
    2.Think im hot:
    3.Want ta kiss me:
    4.Want te hook up wit me

    HAV U EVA ...
    1.Taut about me:
    2.Grabbed me:
    3.Had a dream about me:
    4.Wanted my numb:
    5.Had a crush on:

    R U...
    1.Happy u no me:
    2.Mad about me:
    3.Thinkin about me:

    12 Comments 367 weeks

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  • Amy

    Hey hoe haven seen ye ina wile:( how are ye??x

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    luv LauraDunne

    Did ya hav agud nite sat?heres sum lv 4ya :DD xx

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    dimwit.... :(

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    Hey hey my union pal x

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    bout time whaaat?

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    aiya fukin napa!!

  • .Geek Off.
    .Geek Off.

    Hello pal.. Iam having My Birthday Party on the 16th of Jan in Blu Bar up in Tallaght at 8pm.. Hope to see you and a friend there..:D X

  • Tanya Ellis
    Tanya Ellis

    hate u :)

  • Jenny Massey

    oooh yeah ill try not to im so sick :O :( but i think im gettin better :DD

  • luv Jenny Massey

    huh ??????

  • Libby Dunne

    hey luv wats up xx

  • MRs O'Brien
    MRs O'Brien

    u haven sent ur girlfriend love in agesss grrrrrrrrr xx

  • Kunle Okewumi
    Kunle Okewumi

    Yea got that right baby dont worry we be there next year running it baby ha

    12/3/09 via Mobile
  • LauraDunne

    Hey pal,wats up wer ya ot dwknd? :D xx

    12/3/09 via Mobile
  • Stephen D

    Haha I got cod two so it can't be that

    11/29/09 via Mobile