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Caoimhe Nic Ainmhire

fed up. doesnt know anything anymore.

8/29/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Gregory Rafferty is baaang tidy!!
Me, Myself, and I

My Life = My Party.
Why waste it when you can be wasted ;)

My fantasy:
Lady Gaga,
In a pool full of boost.

Oh yeehhh. Let the imagination round wild ;)

"I'm glad Lady Gaga has a Penis, now my fantasies can come true" ;)

Sing With Me
Sing For The Year
Sing For The Laughter and Sing For The Tearsss.

I Can't Be Tamedd

Leoinse <3
Known the lil woman man since 1st year. Best 4 years a my life hi, i supose. Gotta say, for bein the biggest loser ever, she has a mighty fine family. Lol I must say, she is mad about thee oul tea and prefers a good Boobie now and again. But nothin compares to her love for me xD Shes a bit of a J-Walker yano, i've tried to warn her, but she just wont listen to me, as her ma says.. Shes a wee slut. Lol :P Pure dosey, nohin compared to my smartness.. ATALL. Lol Still future song writers, on the build up, Oh aye. Lol im Moving to L'guile with her. xD So shes never gettin rid a me xD
The Mighty PortStewart Trip 2kaii9
Ohh PORT. Howw soo much stuff can be crammed into 6days. One word fulfills port.. STEAMBOAATTIINNN. Posh fucks. RIP cheeky cow nags. ;) Port wouldnt be the same without a 32year old packii portugese man. PABLO.. NO.. pedro. PEDROPHILE. "hahaa i get it..pedrophile hahaa.." ohh go back to your home country. Hmm i love me some aborted faetus face.. Emma got clean, for once. a lickings all it takes ye know, an earrr lickin. Aww i love stealing other peoples taxi's then not even gettin into the place. Goood times. then i met Brian, an excuses not to get in the draammaaa. lol Dear Posh Huns, Please dont steal our drink anymore, thank you Taigs x. Some people have no manners.
I Love the letter G
I love the letter G because thats the letter Gregorys name starts with...at least i think it is, i mean the doctor told me i might get retarded :(

Well some reasons i love gregory aaare that he's extremly handsome young man...i personally (Caoimhe) should think he should go into modelling possibly with vogue

He also buys me lotsa ice cream and various rewards for things i do well (like tell gregory when he gets fat then bounce around on his big bellyyy, but that wont be for years until he squirts out a few children :)

Finally i would just like to say he the finest hurler ive ever seen bejaysis

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  • i "do" have a life. :D

    Firstly, whats your name?
    Caoimhe Maire Convery ;)

    If you where to choose from your bestfriends or boyfriend which one would you choose?
    Besties, :DD

    Any siblings?how many?
    3 brothers.. lovely.

    How long have you known your number one?
    5 or 6 years. :)

    Where and how did you meet?
    Noo idea, through eilis?

    How many people do you honestly trust?

    Is there anything annoying you today?
    Hmm, nope there actually isnt. :)

    Do you think the last person you kissed is nice?
    He seems like a lovely chappy.

    What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?
    Orange JUICE. :)

    Did you sing at all today?
    Like an angel. :DD

    When is the last time you cried?
    ... been a locka days now. :)

    Last text from?
    Gregory. :L :L

    Are you scared of spiders?
    Noooo, grow a set.

    Whens the last time you thought about a ghost?
    Probably the time we were at the wee cabin.

    When was the last time you were so drunk you threw up?
    hmmm.. dont know?

    Do you miss anyone?
    I do, but i dont. Lol

    Do you curse wile lot?
    aye, and i get slapped when i do. but yet chrisy doesnt?

    Where is the person you have feelings for right now?
    Noo ideaa.

    Have you ever drank with your number one?
    :O Flat out on the water. ;)

    Are you too forgiving?
    With some people, but thats in the past. :)

    Do you have trust issues?
    Ahaa, yehh

    What are you currently doing? (Besides this)
    Lying in bed, listening to Cool Fm

    Who do you like to spend your nights with?
    Absolutely anybodyy. :L

    If someone liked you right now would you want them to tell you?
    Awk ayee sure go for it. :L

    Are you a cuddler?
    Hells yes. :D

    When was the last time you were mad?
    Ahaa, 2 weeks ago, peters car felt my wrath. :L . :DD

    Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
    Possibly, but then everything would change, so dunnoo.

    What are your plans for this weekend?
    Yeeoo, early start to the weekend. Scotland on Thursday. Heaven on Friday, Elk on Saturday and Hotel on Sunday. :D

    Whats your favorite country song?

    Are you dating the person you texted last?
    I am not. :O

    Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
    Some people suit saying it, but others your like wise up. Lol

    Is cheating ever okay?
    NO. Full stop, NO NEVERRR. :DD

    You win backstage passes to meet the Jonas Brothers, you?
    Trade them for suhin actually worth suhin. :L

    You wake up, all your hair is gone, your first reaction?
    Probably pull at my baldness cause id think some1 put a bald cap on me in the middle of the night. Lmaoo

    Have you ever kicked a wall, door, etc.?
    All the time.

    Are you afraid of the dark?
    Nopee. :D

    Can you run a mile without stopping?
    A mile? Ofcourse... pfft. :L

    Is there anyone you wish was still in your life?
    Awk if they were meant to be then they would be.

    Do you talk to the person you like everyday?
    I Like A lot of people. :)

    How many different houses have you lived in throughout your life?
    3. :)

    Have you ever kissed someone 20 years old or older?
    LOL thought that said 20 years older.. Lol But yess, ye s i have :L

    Would you do it again?
    Damn straight, hes a babe. :L

    Next time you will kiss someone on the lips?
    When im 30 ;)

    What did the last text message you recieved say?
    "Il scrub you if ye dont shut up! lmao waitin on bus now t take me there :( x" (Gregorys off to scrub some toilets.) :L :L

    How many kids do you want to have?
    3 or 4.

    Last person you shared a bed with?
    peter and michael? :L

    Have you ever had a hickey?

    Are you a lover or a fighter?
    i try to be a lover, but i can be a fighter. :)

    Could you go out in public looking like you do now?
    I could.. but id get some stares. Lmao

    Did you sleep alone last night?
    Nope, i slept with chuckie. :)

    Who was the last person you took a picture with?
    Hmm sunday night, not quite sure what order them photos came in. Lmaoo

    Something you're happy about?
    The next few days :D

    What are you feeling at

    0 Comments 156 weeks

  • Borred.. :(

    ""Introduce yourself.
    They Call Me Gaga ;)

    What time were you born at?
    Ayee i mind.:)

    Whats the worst thing about hugs?
    Letting go. :(

    What can you hear?
    Eminem - Seduction

    Have you seen the new alice in wonderland movie?
    Cant say i have

    What's your realtionship status?
    Single? Fucked up?

    If someone liked you, would you want them to tell you?

    In one word, describe how your feeling atm.

    Is anything getting you down atm?
    Yes and No

    Do you hate it when your friends bring up things you have done in the past?
    Nahh cause its normally suhin to laugh at. Lol

    Has anyone ever lead you on?

    Do you like cuddling?
    Absolutely Love it.

    Would you prefer sledging in the snow or sunbathing on a beach?
    Sunbathing, obvs. Lol

    Surfing or skating?

    Have you ever wandered through a cave?
    Cant say i have naahh

    Do you leave kisses at the end of comments or texts?
    Yehh, to the majority of people.

    Peter rabbit or chester cat?

    Where's your favourite place to be?
    The Rock's At Portstewart Looking Over The Sea.

    Where is one place you'd love to go?

    Is it easier to write in print or in cursive?
    Print, cant write in cursive atall. Lol

    Do you find it hard trusting people?
    This past while, ayee.

    And how many do you trust fully?
    Fully? No one.

    How old will you be in 2012?
    Dead, sure the worlds ending.. Lol 18.

    Told yee..

    What would you do if the doctor told you that you were pregnant?
    probably run away. :DD

    Are you good at hiding your feelings?
    Depends who with.

    Who's one person who you can go to knowing that they will cheer you up?

    Who was your last hug with?

    And your last high five?
    Was either last night or with the dude at walshes. Lol

    What do you miss most from 2009?

    Can you play pool?
    Yes, not very good tho. Lol

    How many meals do you eat a day?

    How much do you weigh?
    8 stone.

    Would you like to know the date of your death?
    Suppose, means you can live yer life until then.

    Do you get jealous really easily?

    Does anyone hate you?
    I'd say a good few do.

    Do you get alot of dirty looks?
    Yes, i must look like a bitch. Lmao

    Texts in your inbox are from?
    Leoinse, Queenie, Darren, Eilis, Mammy, Peter, Et, Aaron, Ciaran, Deirdre, Andi, Clare, Emma, Chrisy, Paul, Enda, Glen, Roger, O2, Sean, Gregory and Frankie, so like not that many. LMAO

    What year is the last person you texted in?
    Just finished her first year at tech.

    Why were you last annoyed?
    Aww so many reasons. Lol

    What's bothering you right now?
    Nobodys bithering with me to bother me.. Lol

    When your upset, how do you act?
    Either go really quiet or completely off the head.

    Have you ever wished someone would die?
    Ayee, but ye dont mean it like.

    What are you doing for your birthday?
    Hmm, no idea yet.

    What other languages can you speak?
    None well. Lmao

    Last person to put a smile on your face?
    Properly, Et.

    Who's your bestfriend?
    Leoinse. :DD

    Are you hiding any secrets?
    Ayee, one. =/

    Wallpaper on your phone?
    Our Day Out Photo.

    0 Comments 158 weeks

  • Hate Sundayss

    some random girl comes up to you and says; who the fuck are you? what do you say/do?
    Im Caoimhe Fucking Convery, Who The Fuck Are You??.. Lol Naw probs say whats it to yee

    have you kissed the last person you text?
    I havee

    do you hate the last person you had a conversation with?
    Not atall

    you agree that Justin Bieber is hot?
    i agree that if i was 12 he would be

    is there someone who continuously lets you down?

    if you hada sleep with a teacher at school?who would it be?
    MR BRADY.. & MR LUDLOW offttt

    are you someone who worries too often?
    Hell nawww

    would you run down the street naked if it meant earning ?15,000?
    Fuck yes :L

    what does the last message in your sent box say?
    "Hmmm, could think of a few but depends which one you wanna ask. Lol xoxoxo"

    if there were no letters on the keys on your keyboard could you still type?
    Ayee bearly looked at it anyways

    whats your favourite place to eat in town?
    MAINWAY. The mainway is noo more :(

    do you still talk to the person you fell hardest for?
    I do yepp

    your friend kisses him & knows you like him, what do you do?
    its happened.. nothin i can do.. but obvs be pissed off

    does it matter to you if your boyfriend/girlfriend drinks?
    Matters if they dont ;) waheeeyy :L :L

    is there someone who has seen you at your worst?
    Hmm, they've seen me bad but not my worst

    do you like getting told what to do?
    Nope. especially not by boys.. Wise upp

    who was the last person you talked to in person?
    Mammy just arose from the dead .. laughed at her

    what were you doing last night midnight?
    Trazzing it up.

    when you trip, do you get embarrassed or just play it cool?
    I get embarrassed and pretend to be cool :L

    did you reject or accept your last friend request?
    accept, obvss

    is tomorrow going to be a good day?
    School, doubt itt

    what does your 20th text say and who is it from?
    Ahaa, well it says "I like you :P x x x x x" but il not say who its from, :L

    are you good at hiding your feelings?
    Can be yhip

    the first person on your friends list just called you an asshole. What do you have to say to them?
    suck meehhhh

    are you wasting your time on someone?
    Bloody well hope not

    your best friend tells you she is pregnant. what is your reaction?
    Think shes takin the pisss

    what is the last thing you spent money on?
    a shot lol

    have your brothers or sisters ever told you that you were adopted?

    what kind of milk do you drink?

    where are your siblings?
    Err, chrisy's leavin erin home.. Ruairis on London playing Hurling and Seamys been in australia for bout a year and a half

    how is your mum?
    Hungoverrrr. She says its just a bad hair day thoo :L :L

    do you reckon people know who you are?
    id say soo aye.

    do you know anyone who goes by the name Biscuit?
    No, but rippin for them :L

    would you rather fly or be invisible?

    are you counting down for anything?
    PORT :DD

    do you still have the same bestfriend as of 14 months ago?
    I do surely. They've always been.

    do you grow your nails?
    Try too

    Patato, Potato whats the difference?
    the "A" ..

    0 Comments 177 weeks

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  • Gregoryy
    luv Gregoryy


  • Luke Moran 9/7/10
  • Peter Moran
    Peter Moran

    Awww now i wudn take it that far ;) :L

  • Peter Moran
    luv Peter Moran

    i cant call u fringy no more :(

  • James McKegney
    James McKegney

    Planet Love line ups quality

  • Kieran Kelly
    Kieran Kelly

    Wel porn star wdc?

    7/21/10 via Mobile
  • Luke Moran
    luv Luke Moran

    havn left ye love b4:o lol

    7/21/10 via Mobile
  • Peter Moran
    luv Peter Moran

    well i must call u ginger spice then :P . Slightly dinted ye bitch :L . Thought u wer gona put the windscreen through at one point lol xxxx

  • Micheal Oneill
    Micheal Oneill

    Lol neva z u did lol

    7/21/10 via Mobile
  • Micheal Oneill
    Micheal Oneill

    As do u wen ur drunk lol :L

    7/20/10 via Mobile
  • Peter Moran
    luv Peter Moran

    ginger spice loves wreckin my dash :o. How dare u lol xxxxxxxx

  • Micheal Oneill
    Micheal Oneill

    lol dont no lol :L

    7/20/10 via Mobile
  • Micheal Oneill
    Micheal Oneill

    wat po lol as soon as i got home e was going out wif em only got home at like 1 oclock lol

    7/19/10 via Mobile
  • Micheal Oneill
    luv Micheal Oneill

    JUUUICE lol :L

    7/19/10 via Mobile
  • Danny Mac
    Danny Mac

    yeah ritte! Ud b a gud wan! Lol Awk everi1 says dat. My i.d is fuckd :L got turnd at the last elk sure :@ Aye al b warnin lads ur on the prowl :L xox

    7/15/10 via Mobile
  • Danny Mac
    Danny Mac

    awk a suppose :P its unreal buh if i can hack the 2 days il b a proud baii :L Well im 20 on satrday so i dunn0 wer ta go buh probz 4 the elk cos its handy :P and easy ta pull drunk weman :L oj! Xox

    7/15/10 via Mobile
  • Danny Mac
    Danny Mac

    wot else can i blame :P aye she tul wans i knew i wuz er brother then went wey me infront of them an dur heads wer melted! :L Ano wil be unreal..went since 08 lyk.. Out this weekend? Xox

    7/15/10 via Mobile
  • Danny Mac
    Danny Mac

    oh dear gawd :O I drank from friday rite thru til satrday nite' no wander a look lak death :( its a wander claire went wey me :L Planetlove? :) xox

    7/15/10 via Mobile
  • Danny Mac
    luv Danny Mac

    oh gawd ur fota :O iv never been so fuckd :( lol

    7/15/10 via Mobile
  • Nicole Farren

    Ayee that sound like something you would be at alright. Tramp!:L Ayee good 1, i was behavin mysel all night unlike yourself ;) Standn ina corner suckn the face a some boy, i seen it all ;) :L xxxx