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txt me im board hahhh

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About Me

AD MY NEW MSN PLZ xxkimjacquett@live.co.uk
Me, Myself, and I
((♥gσєѕ ву♥))..x..kim..x

((♥fιяѕт вяєαтн♥))..x..18th may.x

((♥ѕтαя ѕιgи♥))..x..star

((♥ρяσρєяту σf♥))..x.no one.x


((♥вєѕт мαтєѕ♥))..x..jack watson best mate anyone could ever wish for..x

((♥¢αℓℓѕ нσмє♥))..x..ρσυи∂ѕтσ¢к..x

((♥ℓσσкѕ тняυ♥))..x..вяσωи єуєѕ..


LanaH BeSt CoZZ

Kim:) We didn't start off very well. But now we are pretty good friends,
Im so happy that we put aside our differences because if we hadnt .. i wouldn't of met a friend as good as you. Your soo funny and such a genuinely lovely person. loveyaababe xx

hahahaha hacked by the one and only boi castle !!!!
i love you so much kimmy bbyy lol xxxXxxxxxxxxxxx
hope you love me to bby lol xxxxxxxx
Hacked My Megaan;)
kim kim kim :D haven't known eachother for very long, but tbh your an amazing girl. when we first met we were'nt even friends, but now i feellike i've know you my entire life. i actually love you babe, and i'll always be here for you wheneveer. loveyou ox
KimKimKim... we had our ups and downs. but thats in the past. youur a reall good friiend. whos always been there when i needed you! we have some good times. at flambards on the rocky boat with nikki:L and we were acting like it was the scarest thiing evrr. And many more good tiimes to come ;) Youur rather gorgeous tbt. Ilveu x
hacked by ....Lottie
haaaacked ;)
ahh kim, we didnt start off the best of friends but now we're good ones:) and im really glad we are; ahh your funny on msn :) its great to have you as a friend; i love you kim x

kim is sooo coool ily her coz she is sexy
and i own her titss xxxxxxxx
ly hacked by meeee aaron
Hacked by mattie markss :) x
Well babe where can i start we had our up and downs but we no we r goin 2 be rather good mates and i dnt no wt i would do widout u babe Love you hope we stay friends foreva
and u make me happy wen i am sad and our cam days r good aswell
ILoveYouBabe ::D

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