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Luke McGuire


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  • Male, 21, Luv 541
  • from Morecambe
  • I am In a Relationship
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Bitch please, You must have a mental diesease.. Assume the position and get baak down on ur knees !!
Me, Myself, and I
- Luke McGuire
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ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X

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  • Blue Euphoria
    Blue Euphoria

    Hi Luke McGuire , Just a quick message to announce that we are pround to reveal Blue Euphoria's very own Rave and Clubwear label! Be the first to stun everyone with one of our outfits! You can't get them anywhere else! Remember to let us know what you think! Blue Euphoria xx

  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X 7/16/09
  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X
    luv ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X

    Gawjusss ILoveYou Soo Much xxx

  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X
    luv ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X

    :D haha sorry babe its on now tho omg was so gud to hear your voice tdai haha iloveyou so much more than anything babieeee COME HOME ! :( xxxxxxxx

  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X
    luv ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X

    Yhuup oryyt okiii x yeahh i nooo lol yeahh u will get one dnt u worrry ;) i miss ur kisses i wnt one now :( blow me one frm portugal babez x yhuuup seee yah soooonnnnnnn love yaaa xxxxxxxx

  • LiilL Miss Shortstuff
    luv LiilL Miss Shortstuff

    HAHA!!! yhur a bloody idiot arnt yhuu n where were you goin on a plain to haha yeh well txt it me myn iss 0790146395 p.s i love you nose hahaaa

  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X
    luv ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X

    Gawjussssss okii babbeyyyy omgg i hayte my laptop onli chance i get to properly tlk to u n it fuks up :( okii babeee i onli gt like £2 credit left cz i tryed mattys fne tdaii n it tuk loadsa my cred x speak to you tomora i noo babeyyy i love you soo much moreee gawjussssss miss you like madd !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X
    luv ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X

    Godd Im Missing You Loads Babiee Can't Wait Till You get Bak ;) I tryed doing this code thing too try ring yah but it wudnt work :( i need you home its only been a day n i want you home already :L hope your having a good time gawjusss love you more than anythinggg x xx

  • LiilL Miss Shortstuff
    luv LiilL Miss Shortstuff

    lool i miss my lukies nose hahaxxxx i wanna push it haaaaa we realii do need a catch up lol ill give youu a bell... if i have yah number hhaaaa love you bud x

  • Leanne
    luv Leanne

    ooo everywhere and anywhere :) oo good good :) nothing much, school &+ just the usuall you and hayley going good?, youz look so cute on yah pictures :) xx

  • Keri McDaid.
    Keri McDaid.

    God, i was just looking on your profile n i wrote that to ya bout Portugal and its only 11 days now or something! lol wooop :D x

  • LiilL Miss Shortstuff
    luv LiilL Miss Shortstuff

    nahhh av i fuck lol westend usually wbu were have yhuu been all my life boio not seen or spoke to u in ages hahaaaa tah for the love.Love

  • Leanne
    luv Leanne

    OMD not tlked to you in likee foreverrr (: amm gd , hows yourselff ? been up too much w.b x

  • Keri McDaid.
    Keri McDaid.

    4 weeks till were in portugall ! :D lol not long now :L x

  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X
    luv ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X

    I L O V E You Bab E E E 'hh x Xx Xx

  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X
    luv ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X

    =) Nm Yu ?x xxxxxx

  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X
    luv ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X

    LoveYou So Much Bab'e xx

  • LiilL Miss Shortstuff
    luv LiilL Miss Shortstuff

    fook all stayed in on the sofa got realllii bad tummy lols soo i had to reast which has bloomin made it worse im gnna go have one of ma tables they are ace nok yah out lol but they aint for this but it will do the trik haha lols have fun at college Mr Tent lol x

  • ILoveyou Luke Mcguire X 3/2/09