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Bruce- Box

Click "me too" And Support the girl Whos Missing In Portugal xx

5/16/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 591
  • from the land of the Bruce-Box
  • Profile views: 12,590
  • Member since: November 2006
  • Last active: 5/24/07
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I


Expect no sympathy from me, I'm an mc,
This is how I'm supposed to be
Cold as a G, my heart’s frozen it don't even beat
So expect no apologies

hate it or love it the bruce-box is on top and im goin to shine homie untill my heart stop

go ahead envy dony hes raps MVP and he aint goin nowhere so you can get to know him

ya'll know me still the same old G
but i been low key

well what the craic im Bruce-Box im 17 livin in birr (shithole). Live for the weekend goin out with lads gettin well drunk........................
 .....................AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE SUMMER. we can go drinkin in the park again and have a bit of craic

The Other Half Of Me
Jordan Culbert

Jordan Culbert

<<< drunk as monkeys..the brother i never had

the game, 50 cent, eminem, dr dre, D12, xzibit, Tu-Pac and dance
green street, 8 mile, friday, next friday and friday after next, the green mile, the hole nine yards, dude wheres my car, spin the bottle, adam and paul, the thin red line, full metal jacket, family guy, Ali G , just friends , little man, aganist the ropes and i fuckin love SIN CITY
runnin after cats with dony HA HA HA
Scared Of
havin to get out of bed after a night out
Happiest When
out with the lads gettin well oiled up with drink, playing a bet of rugby with birr, when im in bed i love me bed
Jordan, dony, pete, joe, conor, cian, brewer deacon, dec, pudzee (up the pudzz), emmet, benny, barney, ronan (A.K.A roman) and kayleigh ................... if i left anyone out, sorry but i suffer from memory los
going into town in the winter because theres fuck all to do(but i go in anyway)

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  • doooooooooo it

    A: Likes to drink.
    B: Likes people.
    C: Is wild and crazy.
    D: Has one of the best personalities ever.
    E: A damn good kisser.
    F: People adore you.
    G: Never let people tell you what to do.
    H: Have a very good personality and looks.
    I: Loves everyone.
    J: Lives life for fun.
    K: Best in bed.
    L: Loved by everyone.
    M: Makes dating fun.
    N: Dead sexy.
    O: Really silly.
    P: Popular with all types of people.
    Q: A hypocrite.
    R: Fucking crazy.
    S: Easy to fall in love with.
    T: Loyal to those you love.
    U: Really likes to chill.
    V: Not judgemental.
    W: Very broad minded.
    X: Never let people tell you what to do.
    Y: One of the best damn bf/gf anyone could ask for.
    Z: Always ready.

    1 Comment 326 weeks

  • Hate it or love it

    Let's take'em back
    Uh huh

    Coming up I was confused
    My mama kissing a girl
    Confusion occurs
    Coming up in a cold world
    Daddy aint around
    Probably out committing felonies
    My favorite rapper used to sing
    Check, check out my melody
    I wanna live good so shit I sell dope
    For a four-finger ring
    One of them gold ropes
    Nana told me if I passed I get a sheep skin coat
    If I could move a few packs
    I get the hat
    Now that'll be dope
    Tossed and turn in my sleep that night
    Woke up the next morning
    Niggaz done stole my bike
    Different day, same shit
    Ain't nothing good in the hood
    I run away from this bitch
    And never come back if I could

    [50 Cent]
    Hate it or love it the under dog's on top
    And I'm gon shine homie until my heart stop

    [The Game]
    Go'head'n envy me
    I'm rap's MVP
    And I ain't going no where
    So you can get to know me

    [50 Cent]
    Hate it or love it the under dog's on top
    And I'm gon shine homie until my heart stop

    [The Game]
    Go'head'n envy me
    I'm rap's MVP
    And I ain't going no where
    So you can get to know me


    On the grill of ma low rider
    Guns on both sides
    Right above the gold wires I four-five'em
    Kill a nigga on ma song
    And really do it
    That's the true meaning of a ghostwriter
    Ten g'z will take your daughter outta air forces
    Believe you me homie, I know all about losses
    I'm from Compton, where the wrong colors, be cautious
    One phone call, have your body dumped in Marcy
    I stay strapped like car seats
    Been banging since ma lil' nigga, rob, got killed for his Barkley's
    That's ten years
    I told Pooh in '95
    I'll kill you if you try me for my air-max 95's
    Told Banks when I met'em I'm a ride
    And if I gotta die, rather homicide
    I ain't had 50 cent when ma grand-mama died
    Now I'm going back to Cali with ma jacob on
    See how time fly?

    [50 Cent]
    Hate it or love it the under dog's on top
    And I'm gon shine homie until my heart stop

    [The Game]
    Go'head'n envy me
    I'm rap's MVP
    And I ain't going no where
    So you can get to know me

    [50 Cent]
    Hate it or love it the under dog's on top
    And I'm gon shine homie until my heart stop

    [The Game]
    Go'head'n envy me
    I'm rap's MVP
    And I ain't going no where
    So you can get to know me

    [50 Cent]
    From the beginning to the end
    Losers lose, winners win
    This is real we aint gotta pretend
    The cold world that we in
    It's full of pressure and pain
    Enough of me nigga now listen to Game

    Used to see 5-0 throw the crack by the bench
    Now I'm fucking with 5-0, it's all starting to make sense
    My Ma's happy, she aint gotta pay the rent
    And she got a red bow on that brand new Benz
    Waiting on Sha Money to land sitting in the range
    Thinking how they spend 30 million dollars on airplanes
    When there's kids starving
    Pac is gone, and Brenda still throwing babies in the garbage
    I wanna know what's going on like I hear Marvin
    No school books
    They use their wood to build coffins
    Whenever I'm in a booth
    And I get exhausted
    I think what if Marie Baker got that abortion
    I love you Ma

    [50 Cent]
    Hate it or love it the under dog's on top
    And I'm gon shine homie until my heart stop

    [The Game]
    Go'head'n envy me
    I'm rap's MVP
    And I ain't going no where
    So you can get to know me

    1 Comment 333 weeks

  • we are family, i got peole livin with me

    My mummy - Lauren :L :D
    My daddy - Blocky dony like father like son...... yeah right :L :L :L
    My big brother -jordan the brother i never had :( :(
    My little brother-conor
    My big sister -
    My little sister-
    My uncle- gary
    my Wife- pudz
    my nigger- benny
    My spa of a friend - dooley
    My cousin - brewer
    My daughter -
    My son - Tupac
    My brother-in-law - pete
    My want 2b gay friend- benny
    My best Friend -jordan
    My other best friend-conor
    My other best friend-dony
    My other best friend-gary
    My other best friend - brewer
    My sexy best friend- pudz
    my nigga- bennys baby
    My shrek- Dooley
    My green giant-siobhan
    My School Bud - none :(
    My fuck buddy- pudz (he likes the cock
    My slave -
    My sexy biatch -
    My other sexy biatch -
    My Black god mother -
    My god father - gavin
    My siamese twin -
    My valentine -
    My chatterbox of life - siobhan she never stops :L :L
    My hot admirer - conor.....ya sexy bastard :D :D
    My flurty frend -
    My sexy hunnys -
    My outsider - dolan( on ya wick )
    My stalker -
    My sex bomb -
    My wanna be Girlfriend-
    My gay bestfrend - jordan(love ya) :L :L :D
    My Blonde - orla

    6 Comments 337 weeks

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  • haha

    now dat ur 18 the pic says it all


    Alan B 0 Replies
  • conclusion....and t&c's

    p.s. it would be greatly appreciated if u cud comment bak 2 us after the use of this product....as u are d first MAN to us it....its usually jus lesbons and dykes that order them!!! (hpe i didn make u feel bad,....!!)

    (if u are allergic to this product...u cannot sew us...as we don't have ...

    Kayleigh Xx 0 Replies
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  • Alan B
    luv Alan B

    missin ya still brucey

  • XxAinne Babiixx
    luv XxAinne Babiixx

    Havent been on dis 4 ages p still missen u:( Sweet as a nut:) love u xxx

  • Alan B
    luv Alan B

    still havent 4got ya mush ! dis bebo criac is acient ! love ya brucey

  • Kim.
    luv Kim.

    4years already chic but still cant believe!! hope ur happy where ya are!! Love yaa!! :* xxxxxxxxx

    5/24/11 via Mobile
  • Kayleigh Xx
    luv Kayleigh Xx

    Still cant believe it Brucey!! 4 years today!! Still waiting for your mad head to pop up somewhere and tell us it was all a joke!!! :( missing you like crazy man!! Never be the same!!! :( Hope your well where you are!! :) Love you forever :) xxxx

  • Will Maher
    luv Will Maher

    haven bein on this in years ha hope your gettin on well up there bud..

  • Ciara Loughnane
    luv Ciara Loughnane

    havnt wrote in a while...still missin u like mad man :( xxx

  • Kim.
    luv Kim.

    Sum luvin chic!:* xxxluvyaxxx:*

    10/6/10 via Mobile
  • luv Shivz

    Miss ya babe.!!! xxxx

  • Lauren Ryan
    luv Lauren Ryan

    havent wrote 2you in ages,here having the laugh wiv the all the lads missin you so much!!Never stop tinkin bow ya everyday...xxx

  • Claire Dolan
    luv Claire Dolan

    >>>>>>>>&g  t;>>>>>>>>  > xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kayleigh Xx
    luv Kayleigh Xx

    Havent written in a while...!!!:( Still missin you so so so sooooo much!!=( Its hard to believe its three years on and nothing has gotten easier...!! Still waiting to see your smley head coming into wokies...or sids...!!!:( Love you so so much Brucey... xxx xx x

  • Kim.
    luv Kim.

    Sum luv 4ya chic..tinkn bou ya taday so sed id leave ya sum ..:DD :* LuvYaa:* x~x~x~x~x~x

  • XxAinne Babiixx
    luv XxAinne Babiixx

    Stil missin ya chik ya legend:* x x x x x x

    5/26/10 via Mobile
  • Lauren Ryan
    luv Lauren Ryan

    Thinkin of ya today bruce,Miss you still like Mad :) xx

  • Ciara Loughnane
    luv Ciara Loughnane

    gona have a mad session 4 ya 2day brucey..we al still miss ya like mad and always will xxxx

  • Ciara Loughnane
    luv Ciara Loughnane

    happy birthday brucey never stop thinkin of ya!!!x21 dat wud b sum session wit ya pee wee :DD xxxxxxxx

  • luv Shivz

    Sum birthday love babe.!!! xxx xx x :*

  • Lauren Ryan
    luv Lauren Ryan

    Happy Birthday hun..xx

  • Dony
    luv Dony

    happy birthday wick.. stil miss ya..