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Stephaniie X

18 on friday argh!

1/25/09 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 381
  • from Born in Cornwall..Bred in Barrow..♥
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 12,067
  • Last active: 8/2/09
  • www.bebo.com/steph56
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Ello Ello ;) ,,
Stephaniiie Taylor

♫ I Cant Take it Any Longer
Thought that we were Stronger,,♥
All we do is linger,
slipping through our fingers
i dont wanna try now..,,♫♫

Not long now till the big 18 !!!
Exciting stuff! Army Medic soon!
I wish i hadnt chose hard subjects at college
as im thick.,,
ah well!
The Other Half Of Me


OUUUF shes,,Goin Sick' ♥

Family. Irish Accents. Chocolate. Being Blonde. Malibu. Random German Phrases. Jordy-B. Skins. Summer. BBQ's & the beach. Laughing till my belly hurts. Pink. Shaun the sheep. Valentines Day. The cold side of the pillow. Romance. Long phone calls. Hugs off tall people. How Cat understands me ♥. Parties. Dancing stupidly. Borat. OASIS - The Band & The Drink. Singing to the T.V. Shoes. Being A Daddys Girl. A tan. Wearing lots of Mascara. New clothes. Payday. People playing with my hair. Music Channels. LEE EVANS. Vodka. FindingNemo. Channel 4 & E4. Big Brother. Cornwall. Strawberries. Swimming. Catch ups with people i miss. River Island. Brightly coloured nail varnish. getting dolled up. Sparkly things. Primark Bargains. Karma. Earning my own money. Duty free at the airport. Dresses. Maryland cookies. Costume Jewllery. Askin Lots of Questions. When people laugh at my Dizzy moments. The Body shop.
,, MY GIRLS.. <3
Cat, Caz, Paige, Eriin, & Kim.
This Year :D
This Year :D
AS Results - Wern't Too Bad !
August 25th - Kavos with the girls - WAS AWESOME
Got a Car... & a Tattoo .. :D
Still to come...
November 12th LEE EVANS!! With Bee <3
Not Long Till..
Im 18! 30th of Jan!
Party on the 31st, get yourself there!
Holiday with the 9 lovely ladies!
Holiday with B! :)

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  • Quizziicle ;)

    1) Do you think you're mature?
    Definatley Not :)

    (2) Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks?
    Yes... mwahhhhhh. kisses r good.

    (3) Who was the last persons house you went to besides your own?
    ermm,, Broughys. i thiiink.. :D

    (4) Miss someone?
    Hmm... Yes. My brother mainly.. wota loser living down south :(

    (5) What's on your mind?
    What my exam results r guna look like.. :O aghhhh

    (6) Is there something you could’ve done to make your last relationship work?
    LOL .. nope!

    (7) Do you like someone right now?
    yeah.. love him lots dont i :D

    (8) Listening to music?
    no but i was b4 in the shower, avin a dance aswell tbh

    (9) What are you doing tomorrow?
    goin to the bloody beach for once whoooooo. then goin 2 c our B :D

    (10) What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
    hahah any,, i LOVE it... choccie is a good choice, as is toffee

    (11) Anything annoying you right now?
    my hair .. GRRRRR

    (12) Favorite color/s?
    Pink & white :D

    (13) What did you do last night?
    errmm,, went on a mass off walk wiv B, then chilled out coz i was knackerd..

    (14) Who did you ride in a car with last besides your family?
    Laurens dad

    (15) Have you ever bought anything from a sex shop?
    HAHAHAHAHA...... no

    (16) What’s the color of you’re shirt you are wearing?

    (17) What did you do Sunday?
    it was sunday yesterday. and ive told you already what i did

    (18) Do you have any bruises?
    yeah :(

    (19) What were you doing at noon yesterday?
    walking to the shop

    (20) How long does it take you to get ready?
    bout an hour and a half :O ,, thats quite long intit?

    (21) Have you been outside today?
    Yep,, sunnin it up

    (22) The last text you received on your cell was from?
    Got one from broughy and cat at the same time bout 10mins ago... they always do that...

    (24) Last movie you watched?
    Coyote ugly LAVV ITTTT

    (25) What do you miss?
    My brother & sister.. :( Seeing my friends daily, school, my mum,,:'(

    (26) Are you wearing any jewelry?
    yeaaaass, earings, necklaceeee

    (27) Last person you hugged?
    Broughy :D

    (28) The last place you went to?
    Spar hahah

    (29) Who/What made you upset today?
    old friends

    (30) Do you sing in the shower?
    Yeah all the time

    (31) Has anyone ever sang or played music for you personally?
    No... :( i wish someone would thogh,,, hint hint haha

    (35) If you could fix things with anyone who would it be and why?
    Nobody.. What goes around comes around.. :D

    (36) Do you have regrets?

    (37) What color are your bedroom walls?

    (38) What should you be doing right now?
    sunbathing.. 8)

    (39) Do you get along with your parents?
    yeahhh,, ther klass

    (40) Whats the car of your dreams?
    hahaha wouldnt say of my dreams but atm i want a saxo..
    but im my dreams id have a merc :)

    (41)Ever wanted to be a teacher?
    (42) Ever been stuck in an elevator?

    (43) What do your cousins call you?

    (44) First thing you notice in the opposite sex?

    (45) Favorite physical feature on yourself?
    hair? :D

    (46) Has anyone ever told you they like you more than a friend?
    yea lol,,,

    (47) What did you last eat?
    cereal :D

    (48) What are you looking forward too?
    Summer holidays

    (49) Have any tattoo’s?
    planning one.. but my dad will kick off

    (50) Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?

    0 Comments 268 weeks

  • :D Do iiiiittt

    1. Who are you?
    2. Are we friends?
    3. When and how did we meet?
    4. Do you hav a crush on me?
    5. Would u kiss me?
    6. What do u rate me between 1-10?
    7. Give me a nikname and explain why?
    8. Describe me in 3 words?
    9. What was ur first impression of me?
    10. Do u still think the same?
    11. What reminds u of me?
    12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    13. How well do u know me?
    14. What do u like best about me?
    15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    16. Would u ever go out with me?
    17. Are you going to put this on ur blog and see what i say about u?
    18. Any Last Words?

    3 Comments 279 weeks

  • 100 q's

    1. Full Name: Stephanie Louise Taylor :D
    2. Nicknames: Steff, Fanny, T, Fanny magnet haha, pork chops,Blondie.. the list goes on..
    3. Birthday: 30th January 1991 -
    4. Place of Birth: DEVON mayyttee! gud old southerner
    5. Zodiac Sign: aquarius
    6. Male or Female: female.. duuhhh!
    7. Year: erm ..12 lol
    8. School: am at college now mate, keep up !
    9. Occupation: Student .. 8)
    10. Residence: Costa Del Walney
    12. Hair Color: Blonde! :D
    13. Hair Length: long
    14. Eye color: Green.. sometimes it looks brown,, :S
    15. Weight: Too much! wept bout 9 stone sumert me thinks!
    16. Height: 5ft 7
    17. Braces?: nahh
    18. Glasses?: nahhhh
    19. Piercings: ears n belly.. :D
    20. Tattoos: nope 2 scared 4 that tar!
    21. Righty or Lefty: Righty
    MY FIRST..
    22. First best friend: Nath Beckman! Top Laddo
    23. First Award: Prefect? wheyy top klass
    24. First Sport: Swimming & netball!
    25. First pet: Jack the rabbit haha,, but it ran away .. gutted
    26. First Real Vacation: Benidorm.. whoo. not.
    27. First Concert: Peter Andre wota beast hahaha
    28. Love: .... Macca.. ?
    My Favourite..
    29. Movie: oohh erm Titanic!!
    30. TV programme: Skins & The Contender, but not the american one, thats shite
    31. Color: pink and blue
    32. Rapper: was eminem, but now hes shit so erm ,, fuk nos!
    33. Band: oh lots, but i like abit of maroon 5 atm,,
    34. Song Right Now: as i risee agaaiinn (8) sum dance song i like, ,duno wot it is
    35. Friends: my fave girllies, Cat, Kim, Caz, Eri, ... :D
    36. Sweets: newly found wine gums haha
    37. Sport to Play: hockey and netball..
    38. Restuarant: haha YATES deffo. does that count?
    39. Favorite brand: loads, dont have a paticular fave wear wot i fancy
    40. Store: river island,, topshop, new look,, :D
    41. School Subject: bit of physical educationnn!
    42. Animal: Dolphin :D but i sin a squirrel 2day so quite like them now
    43. Book: oohh ooohh Ross kemp on gangs ! meaatheaddd!
    44. Magazine: cosmo!!
    45. Shoes: hmm,my prom shoes that ive only wore once.. :(
    I am currently..
    46. Feeling: not 2 bad tar :D
    47. Single or Taken? taken .. aha!
    48. Have a crush: Yes
    49. Eating: LOL skittles!!
    50. Drinking: waterr ,
    51. Typing: wat do u think...
    52. Online?: nooooo. lol yer
    53. Listening To: my tumble dryer
    54. Thinking About: somebody
    55. Wanting To: some people!
    56. Watching: my computer screen ;)
    57. Wearing: lol witwoo pj's (thankyooou cat) :)
    58. Want Kids?: yer, twins wud do nicely
    59. Want to be Married?: yep wudnt mind like!
    60. Careers in Mind? army medic please!!
    61. Where do you want to live: anywhere nice!
    62. Car: a mini cooper wud go down nicely
    __* Which is Better With The Opposite Sex..
    63. Hair color: dark, brown
    64. Hair length: short!
    65. Eye color: dark brown or bright blue lol.
    66. Measurements: taller than me..
    67. Cute or Sexy: both ,
    68. Lips or Eyes: eyes.
    69. Hugs or Kisses: both please!
    70. Short or Tall: same as me or bit taller!
    71. Easygoing or serious: EasyGoing , but serious sumtimes
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: both, obv!
    73. Fatty or Skinny: average!!
    74. Sensitive or Loud? both, but at the right times
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship , deffo! <3
    76. Sweet or Caring: are they not the same thing, :S both. lol
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: haha Both
    ___ Have you ever..
    78. Kissed a Stranger: cant say i have!!
    79. Had Alcohol: Yes, plenty ..
    80. Smoked: yes, was sick, never again cant hack it.. stinkkks!
    81. Ran Away From Home: hah i sed i did, but i hid under my bed LOL
    82. Broken a bone: erm lol fractured my skull 3 times, explains a few things
    83. Got an X-ray: yer a fair few
    84. Been with someone: yep!
    85. Broken Someones Heart : dunno, maybe,, doubt it!!
    86. Broke Up With Someone: Yep!!
    87. Cried When Someone Died: Yes Yes
    88. Cried At School: yer lol 2much im a reet gurner me
    ___ Do You Believe In ..
    89. God: nope.. not untill i win the lotto
    90. Miracles: yep, sumtimes
    91. Love At First sight: yep

    0 Comments 289 weeks

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