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Beer in hair at Enemy = YUCK!!

3/26/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Lauren Dickson
    Lauren Dickson

    Heyloooo Hows u? When u back home? Im back on sat :) need 2 catch up!! Damn iv given my love away...i'll owe u that haha x x x

  • Katie James
    luv Katie James

    have i ever spoken to you on bebs? i dont think so! how exciting! or something... xxxxx

  • Albino

    Im guessing someone was rather drunk last night? Haha

  • Holly Robertson
    Holly Robertson

    emma where have you been ? av missed u not seen u in like months! hows uni ? when u down ? xxxxxxx

  • Porty

    look sister...you noisy individual you are nearly always a menace and especially where rugby is concerned! no i will not get facebook either!x

  • Porty

    just you remember little sister.....do not show me and hambooo up at the scotland game by being a menace or the beat down will be dished swiftly!x

  • Lauren Dickson
    luv Lauren Dickson

    hey you, hows emma? u stressing yet about exams? lol iv got myself in2 a wee bit of a panic now- got my exam a wk today and thats me :) when do u go back? will need 2 get some dvd nights sorted....and disney fil days haha x x

  • luv Anya-Panda

    Hello you, how are things going? Hope you're feeling better about being in Glasgow. Missing you guys. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jessie Young
    Jessie Young

    Hahahaha, tell Sam he LOOKS like a fiesh. And tell Nicola I love her and will she marry me? Not much gossip this end either, I haven't had any scandalous men stories to shake things up with (which I think is good. Australia has texted me twice since I left - I haven't replied). Lol, I KNEW I'd have to give you proper goddamned directions!! Hahaha... Anyway, what a relief that you managed to find her is all I can say. Shame the nintendo is gone, but then again, we can't have Sam being so fiesh and losing all the time can we..... Nah, I'm not bored, just restless. Have apllied for some jobs in a bunch of bars, so it looks like if I'm working in one come jan you're gonna have some wild nights! Yeah please tell grace, nicola, and sam that you must all come visit me here asap. Plan a weekend of it, book yourselves into a hotel or something - or stay at mine, either way..... Hahaha what's this about grace skiving!!?!? Tell ALL!!!

  • Jessie Young
    Jessie Young

    any luck love?? what news your end? SAVE ME FROM MY BOREDOM AND INFINATE.... DEATH!!?!?!!?

  • Jessie Young
    luv Jessie Young

    Lol hey, okay she's 5 university gardens, Dr Kirsty Blair and she's on the first floor to the left... Um. I'm ont sure what time she's usually in her office.. If not, there might be secretary person who can give it to her just beside her office.. Thank you so much lol, anyway yeah things are amazing, I'm working around the house at the moment, sanding down, painting, doing up rooms, it's a lot of fun. I just play loud music to keep me company! Have been up to Dublin a lot to see everyone, and am going again tomorrow... I might well be getting a job up there quite soon, I'm handing around my CV to a bunch of places, so, We'll see! I've been thinking about you guys. I really really hope you guys come over asap... BEFORE I go to New Zealand!! Which is end of february for about three months. COME AND SEE ME! or at least let's all go over to shetland ro surprise anya?? Any scandal you end??

  • Jessie Young
    Jessie Young

    Hello, my advisor says she didn't receive the form .. did you manage to get it to her!?!?!? x

  • luv Anya-Panda

    hey you how's things??? miss me much? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx