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9/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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15; Blondiee; BrightBluee; Shorty.o_O
I Miss People A Lot. (U)
I Love My Friends&Family (L)
More Than Anything.
Screw Forever And Always.
It's Now Or Never.!

If You Fancy A Chat..
Msn? kat_lvz_greenday@hotmail.com

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Jordannn -iloveyou, i pinky promised (LL)

.BeccaKatieJordanAshleyMatty DanielDanChris.= ♥
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.♥I Miss You So Much
[15.7.2008] Daddy♥, r.i.p I will always love you and you will never be forgotten. Missing you so much. Forever in my heart.♥. [22.10.02] Grandma & [17.1.09] Gran. miss you (U) Loved always. xx

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  • Life (: I felt the need.

    There are over 6 million people in this world. And everyone of those people know in their heart just who they are meant to be with. So what happens when the one person your meant to be with falls for someone else? Or doesnt quite realise that your the right person? Or even finds you and then walks away and pulls your heart to peices. Well it happens to everyone doesnt it. Young love, heart break, Arguments. Maybe we are all a little too familiar with all of these thngs. In a perfect world no one wuld ever feel any of these things would they. I mean people die, get ill, grow apart, move away, People can be evil and heartless and cold blooded, but all of these leade to the same feeling, Pain.

    What would happen in live if there was no pain, no hurt, ever. Everyone would get their fairytale endings? Live happily ever after? Cause thats what we all want isnt it? A perfect live all planned out perfectly with no mistakes and no regrets. But, tbh to me the idea of 'perfect' is first of all totaly unrealistic, beacuse one persons perfect is another persons nightmare, and secondly kinda boring. I mean who wants to wake up in the morning, every morning, live out and perfectly planed day then go to sleep, only to wake up the next day to the very same thing.

    Everyone seems to be complaining that life sucks, everyone aruges, people hurt each other, mistakes are made and people regret things, and those are all totaly true things. I mean who's life is really so perfect that they can honestly look back and say they have never been lied to, never made a mistake or regreted anything, In my opinion, their isnt a single person who can say that. Without all of these things that at the time seem unbelivably unfair and painful why would life be worth living at all? with live comes death. With love comes heart break. With friendship comes lies. With everyone comes arguments. It the facts of live. Live it, embrace it, forget it, remember it, love it. You choose.

    2 Comments 217 weeks

  • Me?

    i love;
    Make-up; ghd's; skinnies; bright colour; eyeliner; music; braclets; my bed; sunny days; hearts&bows; photos; memories; happy poeple; noise; smiley faces; rainbows; blue skys; lily allen; msn; bebo; myyearbok; jimmys; socks; ri; topshop.

    i hate;
    Rainy days; dentist; hospital; needles; blood; birds; sad people; bitches; boring things; dull days; mess; my hair; school; science; stuck up people; tea; peanut butter; wind.

    Tbh, life is wankk but you gotta keep going with your head up and just make the best. I love my freinds and family more than life and without them i would be totaly lost. Music gets me through life at the best and worse times, i honestly couldnt live without it. I spend waste my life shopping, going to the pics and town, out with my mates and on here. I know how hard life can be and i still manage to smile and get on with it so i dotn see why other people cant. Misrable people drive me mad, cheer up and move on, everyone else does. I hate things changing all the time, looking back hurts like hell but the memories are the only things that give you the power to keep moving on so just keep strong. Never let anyone see how weak you are. Always be brave and even when you cant be, pretend 'cause no one ever really knows the difference.Winners never quit and quitters never win so don't give up on anything that really matters to you 'cause your the one who will be hurt.
    Okayyy, So to you that might be the most negative outlook on life ever but to me its the most posetive. It keeps me going and i know that there is always someone worse off than you so i dont dwel on silly problems that cant be changed cause id rather smile about the good things than cry about the bad ones. Okayyy?
    Don't think you could know me anybetter..... or.. maybe thats just what i want you to think ;) WootWoot. being secerative is funnn :D Haha.
    Loveee en that :) <3

    The bestuns x)

    BeccaCharlton; I absloutly love her and would do anything for her. Known her since year 7 and yeah weve had our sill ylittle arguments but we always end up back best friends. summer '08, Berlin, drunken times (: oh & just for the record, No we are not twins.. or sisters and we are not related. The only things the same about us are that we are short and have blond hair and blue eyes so get your eyes tested. (y)
    iloveyou Becca.

    KatieOwen; I've known her since year 7 but werent really that close untill last year. ICT and product design would bee a pile of wankk withoutt katie (: OKayy so ishe has this quierr obsession with chutt and dr pepper but still. What would i do without her?

    JordanSadler; She is amazing (: Can always make me smile and laugh and she is totaly madd! Known her since year 7, Me her and Amy used to be proper lil buddie XD go us.! I miss how we used to always be together : / But i still lovo you to bitts. (L)

    MathewStephnson; He is just mint (: Always there if you need to talk to someone or need advice and he always listens. I mean come on, Who else would really walk around rainton with me for 2 hours? Lmaooo (: x

    DanielLayfieldd; Good banter x) And wow the things we talk about in our little group. Cringe muchhh lmaoo. With hiss bit stressnesss he is ratherr mint :) Haha x

    LauraTumelty; N'awwwwh she is sooo damn cuteeee XD I love lilyfull lotss like ^_^ Ourrr bit drama lessons are rather coools.& All the randomness :L I lovee her rather a lot :D

    If you want a bitt talk here just ask :)

    More to come (:

    5 Comments 225 weeks

  • Random Quotes And Lyrics I Thought Were Worth Writing Down (:

    he isnt my boyfriend but.
    -i love his hugs.
    -his smile.
    -his advice.
    -his kindness.
    -& the times when we laugh together.
    -i guess i fell in love with our friendship :][L]

    ♥ You Will Not Give Up, 'Cause The Moment That You Do, I Would Give Up Too.
    Thats What I Do.

    ♥ The Worst Part Of Being Lied To Is Knowing That You Wern't Worth Truth.

    ♥ The 7 things I hate about you oh you
    You're vain, your games, you're insecure
    You love me, you like her
    You make me laugh, you make me cry
    I don't know which side to buy
    You're friends, they're jerks
    When you act like them, just know it hurts
    I wanna be with the one I know
    And the 7th thing I hate the most that you do
    You make me love you

    ♥ I've been to hell and back. I spill shit, trip up and embarrass my self. I can't just flutter my eye-lashes and get what i want. My life i smessed up. I've been through more shit that you see on tv. Nobodys perfect. I've been lied to, cheated on & had my heart stolen. I've fuckede up, fucked people up and been fucked up. But every hit was worth it cause i felt it. I knew it was real. Life is real & i'm living it wrong everyday. I'm fucking up royally & doing everything opposite. But do i regret one thing? Never. Because, at one point what i did was what i wanted. My life is mine and no one is going to tell me how to live it or fuck it up for me andmore. I'm who i want to be, and i'd liek to see you break me now.

    ♥ Don't forget, the songs that make you cry are the ones that saved your life.

    ♥ Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out
    Keep You From Playing The Game

    ♥ Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else's.

    ♥ maybe it's true what they say, there are those people you encounter in life who you never really get over. no matter how many better people you meet, people who treat you better and love you more, but in the back of your mind theres always that person you cant quite forget.

    ♥ My friends never see my cry...
    Yet my pillow nevers sees me smile

    ♥ I cried so many tears
    But it didn't bring you back
    You left two things in my heart
    A footprint and a crack

    The OC.♥
    you had me; you had me three months ago and you left. it has nothing to do with me, it's about you, and it's always about you. what you need and what you want. it seems that you only want me when you can't have me. you like the chase and that's all.” - the oc

    Why does everyone lie? You know, The bad guys lie to get into your bed, And the good guys lie to get into your heart. And im the idiot that falls for it every time. -[♥Brooke Davis]

    When your heart breaks, You got to fight like hell to make sure your still alive, Because you are, and that pain you feel, Thats life. The confusion and fear, Thats there to remind you, That somewhere out there is something better, And that something is worth fighting for. -[♥One Tree Hill]

    Do you ever look at a picture of yourself and see a stranger in the background, It makes you wonder how many strangers have that picture of you., how many memories of peoples lives have we been in, were we a part of someones life when their dreams come true?... or were we there when their dreams died ? -[♥One Tree Hill]

    ♥ Man it takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has. Lord it takes a lonely one to wish that she had never dreamt at all.

    ♥ 'Don't Wanna Love You If You Don't Love Me, Don't Wanna Need You If You Don't Need Me.

    ♥They Say Bad Things Happen For A Reason, But No Wise Words Gonna Stop The Bleeding.

    ♥ I used to be so strong; i used to be able to do whatever i want, and now i feel like i've been broken down little by little.
    - The Hills ♥

    ♥ Your Not Gone, But Your Not Here; At Least Thats How It Feels Tonight.

    ♥I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, you will h

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