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" Click "me too" And Support MADELINE Whos Missing In Portugal xx "

5/31/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 135
  • from shefford!!
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About Me

**<3[[L!L]] Sophie [[Smith]]<3**
Me, Myself, and I
[..тнєу ѕнσυт..] : Soph
[..¢αη∂ℓєz ση мαн ¢αкє..] :16
[..ƒιяѕт вяєαтн..] :24th april
[..вяυѕнєѕ..] :вℓση∂є hair
[..ℓσσкz тняσυgн..] : hazel єуєѕ
[..ѕтαη∂z αт..] : ∂uησ
[..вσяη αѕ..] :α gυяℓ.
[x..ℓσνєѕ..x]: αℓℓ мα gαℓz и вσiz
[χ..ѕтαтυѕ..χ] In a relationship
[x..тєαм..x] :Arsenal
[..є∂υ¢αтє∂ αт..] :ѕαм ωнιт.
[χ..уєαя..χ]: 11
[χ..ƒαν ¢σℓσυя..χ] yellow
[..ση тнє мαρ..] :shefford-ghetto lol
[..¢σηтα¢т мє..] :soph-smith@hotmail.co.uk

*S.M.ii.L.E* =)..>.xo
S- You're loyal to those you love.
O- You are one of the best in bed.
P- You are popular with all types of people.
H- You never let people tell you what to do.
I- Love is sumtin u belive in
E- You have a nice ass
The Other Half Of Me
Tom Scurfield

Tom Scurfield

Love ya tom...best mates4ever xx

dis is a lil dedication 4 my girlies and bois :D jus 2 let u all no dat ur da best m8z dat i cud eva ask 4 always ere 4 u all wen eva u need me love u all XxRhyannexXCloxXJazxXRosannax
 KieranxXJordanxXTomxXKarlxX and all da rest of u Xx
well..me n clo are sisters by blood and friends by choice..we bin fru so much 2geva includin good and bad, ups and downs, laughs and crys love you always cloclo XxXSmithSistersTillTheEndXxX
...x ♥Lιfє♥ x...
...x ♥Tαкє Tнє [Gσσ∂] Wιтн Tнє Bα∂..*&&* |Sмιℓє| Wιтн Tнє |Sa∂|.. [Lσνє] Wнαт *ii* |Gσт|..*&&* |Rємємвєя| Wнαт *ii* |нα∂|.. Aℓωαуѕ [Fσяgινє].. Bυт Nєνєя |Fσяgєт|.. [Lєαяи] Fяσм *Mу* [Mιѕтαкєѕ] ..Bυт Nєνєя |Rєgяєт|.. Pєσρℓє [Cнαиgє]..&& Tнιиgѕ Gσ |Wяσиg|.. *ii* Jυѕт Rємємвєя.. Tнαт [Lιfє] Gσєѕ -[On]_x Don't Wait For The Perfect Moment..Take The Moment And Make It Perfect <3=]
T • A • U • R • U • S.: The Freak in bed

Aggressive. Freak in bed. Rare to find! Loves being in long relationships Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Sexy as ...u no!..... Loves to help people in times of need. Outstanding kisser. Very funny. Awesome personality. Stubborn. Sexual as ......... Most caring person you will ever meet! One of a kind. Not one to fuck with. Are the most sexiest people on earth!
Happiest When
im wid my m8z wid a glass of da good old lambers lol or Partying xxxxx love ya all xxxx
Lσνє hυятz....χ
♡__-●* _[ N є ν є я ]_ Giiνє Uρ If U Sтiiℓℓ Wαииα Tяу .. _[ N є ν є я ]_ Wiiρє Aωαу Uя Tєαяѕ If U Sтiiℓℓ Wαииα Cωу .. _[ N є ν є я ]_ Sєттℓє 4 Nσ Aиѕωєяz If U Sтiiℓℓ Wαииα Kиσ .. _[ N є ν є я]_ Sαу U Dσит Lσνє Hiiм If U Cαит Lєт Hiiм Gσ ..χ __ χ.. »Lσνє« } H υ я т z { ..χ *●-__♡
♥ℓσνє нιм ♥
ωнєи уσυ ¢αит ѕтσρ ѕмιℓιиg αfтєя уσυ тαℓк тσ нιм && уσυ ѕтιℓℓ gєт вυттєяfℓιєѕ ιи уσυ ѕтσмα¢н && тнαт нυgє ѕмιℓє α¢яσѕѕ уσυя fα¢є єνєяутιмє уσυ ѕєє нιм, уσυ киσω уσυ ℓσνє нιм ♥ Kιѕѕ мє ιη тнα яαιη, Lσνє мє ιη тнα ∂αяк, Hσℓ∂ мє ƒσяєνєя && ∂σηт вяєαк му нєαят.

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    Sophie is always ____
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    I think Sophie should ____
    Sophie probably tastes like ____
    If i could spend the day with Sophie i would ____
    Sophie is made of ____
    If i could be Sophie for a day i would____
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    Sophie really has to stop ____
    The song____by____reminds me of Sophie

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    7. Describe me in 3 words?

    8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?

    9. What was ur first impression of me?

    10. Do u still think the same?

    11.. What reminds u of me?

    12. If you could give me anything what would it be?

    13. How well do u know me?

    14. What do u like best about me?

    15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?

    16. Could you ever love me?

    17. Give me a nickname and explain why?

    18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?

    19.Anything 2 say b4 u go?

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  • Dan Burt
    Dan Burt

    OMG... this girl is topless on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on MingKornbautgcam@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Dan Burt
    Dan Burt

    I just racked $983 in a weekend in my free time! I went to - http://bit.ly/bavLXR You owe me one!

  • Baybii Amy.
    luv Baybii Amy.

    sophiess fit n i fancyyy herr :D hows u sweetiee?/ benn up 2 much?? w..b looveyu..//x

  • Can You Smell Beans Lizzie
    Can You Smell Beans Lizzie

    elloooo babes you orite? been u to much? x

  • Worth It
    Worth It

    Personal Invite From Worth it I took one look at ur dp and thought wow shes stunning Leave comments on picture even have a chance to put ur own picture up and win a place to be the display picture for the week Thanks, xxx

  • Babyy Liv
    luv Babyy Liv


  • Can You Smell Beans Lizzie
    luv Can You Smell Beans Lizzie

    yeah im dandy fanx, nothin much really boreeeed, have some love x

  • Can You Smell Beans Lizzie
    Can You Smell Beans Lizzie

    elooo you, you okay? been up too much? i miss you :( ox

  • Batman'
    luv Batman'

    I Love You Sophie Millionsssss...Ur A Angel xxx

  • Ashleyy

    :) yeahhh ta gd half term? xxx

  • Ashleyy

    hayyyyyer :) youuu ok? xxxx

  • Babyy Liv
    luv Babyy Liv

    heyy dere babbeyy..hope ur alright!! anyway we need 2 meet up this friday or sumink..aint seen u in ages!! hope ur ok lovellyy:D lovvelovelove youu! x

  • Babyy Liv
    luv Babyy Liv

    hello there twinkle tooooooeeesss!!! I L O V E you! xo

  • Tom Scurfield
    Tom Scurfield

    elo babz uok darlin? wubu2? u feelin beta? w/b x love ya x

  • Babyy Liv
    luv Babyy Liv

    aww bubba..whatss wrong with you!?:( get better soon ! big hug x u missed the whole schoool photo u muppet!:( i think we got media 2mowo u besttest be in hehe..we get our papers aswell lmao..:L yeye il ring u in a bit is ur house fone better now ?x lol i lovee u buba x