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Stolen Order

Happy New Year Folks!(getting it outta the way early)

12/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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Inverness, Highlands UK
Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Metallica, Megadeth, Kiss and many many more Hard Rockers
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Scotlands Answer to Guns n Roses - Sunday Mail
Me, Myself, and I
"We have played with Stolen Order a few times, a great kick arse live band! We must have played with 100+ different support bands over the last 6 months, there isn't many we remember but we always look forward to playing with Stolen Order again" - Heavens Basement

"Scotlands Answer to Guns 'n' Roses" - Sunday Mail

"These lads have great showmanship, one of the best live bands I have ever seen.. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!" - Roberto Cassani

After a period of song writing and playing their local scene, Stolen Order have picked up a reputation for their energetic stage presence and high octane songs. So much so, to this date they have supported some big name bands such as Heavens Basement, Therapy?, Bullets and Octaneand Wishbone Ash; been featured in several newspapers and magazines(including a 4K review in Kerrang! magazine); and played several festivals such as the Belladrum, Vunk and Skye Festivals......

For full bio Visit www.myspace.com/stolenorder

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  • Stolen Order Monthly Newsletter - Issue 3

    Ah September!.. what a month that was.. I suppose i better get on with telling you how it went then!

    Lets Start with the gigs I think this time.

    The 11th September was slightly different on the gigging scene as I(Toby) brought my acoustic set out to play at the Bothy in Inverness. fun was had by me and all the other drunks that popped along, thanks again guys for singing along and having a laugh with me!

    After a couple of cancelled gigs due to last months events we where left with the 18th and 19th with Ten Tonne Dozer in Inverness and Invergordon. But damn where these gigs fun!! I think the Market Bar was the only venue in Inverness to have anyone out that night as the metal masses came out to show there support!! thanks guys! What a set from Ten Tonne Dozer as well and special note has to be given to Stuart "Manchild" Munro for an excellent performance on guitar for us.

    It was good to also see James Dice there too having a few drinks and checking a Stolen Order set from the other side of things.

    Invergordon was the next night and Ten Tonne Dozer pulled it off again! great set from the Shetland Metallers! Thanks to all who attended this show and showed the Stolen Dozer tour Invergordon has its worth in Scottish Rock Band Tours.
    And as for the after party ;) Well you know what we are like.

    Practicing in September revolved around working with new guitarists and we can now confirm we do have a new guitarist :O

    Yes the eagle eyed will have notice me mentioning Stuart "manchild" Munro slightly earlier, we would like to confirm he will be becoming our new guitarist and we are very happy to have him on board.

    Really we have just been busy with Stuart getting him ready during September so i have no more to say :P

    I'll get Octobers Monthly Newsletter sorted a bit sooner than this one, sorry bout the delay ;)


    To finish this off i thought i'd ask you guys something.

    We are looking for a street team to be put together.. at any level possible.. so if you think you can do anything to help in this situation please email us, myspace us, bebo us.. whatever! if you get into contact with us we will reply

    Thanks for reading! catch you soon!
    Toby Michaels

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  • Monthly Newsletter - August 2009

    Stolen Order - Monthly Newsletter - Issue 2

    August has possibly been the biggest month for changes Stolen Order has ever had.

    I'll start from the beginning, funny that, starting at the start...

    Our practises in August consisted of writing a lot of new material and improving our live set for you guys, so watch this space for a new and improved band.

    We had a very lovely quote given to us by Heavens Basements Awesome Chris Rivers which you can check out basically anywhere we are online! I (Toby) also got a lovely phone call from him too and can't wait to go see them in October in Glasgow!

    The 13th of August was a great fun gig for us with friends Roadway at Mad Hatters in Inverness. Which doubled up as a wee bit of a piss up for my birthday!! As did the 14th when we went to party and celebrate Ceejay Starr's Birthday(Head of our soon to be street team). Much alcohol was consumed and much fun was had.

    The 15th didn't really change much either for me, what with it being the day of my 22nd. I don't think i could have had a much more fun 3 days!

    We then a week after got to celebrate Mrs Carsons birthday, and boy did we celebrate! With all her lovely friends out to drink with us and catching all the regular locals out that evening, we had a most bitching night. And we hope Ashley did too!

    Very, very soon after this things hit the wall a little though... in a mutual decision Stolen Order said goodbye to James Dice. Foreign territory for a band who have never changed there line up in 5 years! As we had a gig on the 28th we decided however we would let him go out with a bang, as there wasn't and never will be any bad blood between us and our friend.

    What a fun show that was! thanks to Blue Hour for supporting us, i expect they will do well for themselves. And i forget how many times we have said this but Good Luck James Dice.

    Anyway lets not dwell on that.. Stolen Order are going to get back on with things like the relentless machine we have always been.

    The End of the month has seen us begin work on trying out new guitarists and we will continue to do so for a couple of weeks. We have also confirmed 3 Invergordon art Centre gigs for 2010 and are working on A LOT of other gigs for the new year too.

    But of course this doesn't mean we are forgetting about 2009, as you know we have our September mini tour STOLEN DOZER with Ten Tonne Dozer and I have an acoustic gig before that in the Bothy(above mad hatters) in inverness.

    We also have several dates in october, november and december confirmed and being confirmed now!

    So all in all one hell of a month!


    To finish this off i thought i'd ask you guys something.

    We are looking for a street team to be put together.. at any level possible.. so if you think you can do anything to help in this situation please email us, myspace us, bebo us.. whatever! if you get into contact with us we will reply


    Thanks for reading! catch you soon!

    Toby Michaels


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  • Farewell James Dice

    As those who have read his blog you will now be aware that James Dice has decided to leave Stolen Order.

    This decision comes with deep regret from both sides, however it is the best decision that could be made for all. We will not however be going into detail with the reasons for the decision.

    Instead we would like to thank James Dice for his part in the band since we formed back in 2005 and wish him all the success in the world in whatever he does next.

    We have had some brilliant times as a band and as friends, and the times we have had as friends will long continue. He is a model professional and a great guitarist, as well as an all round great guy. He will go far in whichever new endevour he choses.

    We'd like to ask anyone who can make it to come along to Mad Hatters in Inverness on 28th August(this friday)for our headliner gig as a mark of respect to him and to show support and wish him luck.

    It will be emotional but it will also be a day to celebrate what we have done with him in the band and a thanks for the time, dedication and above all, friendship he has shown us all over the past 5 years.

    Today we lose a guitarist, 5 years ago we gained a friend, long may he be a friend

    Toby, Gash, Minge, Carson

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    Oh gutted just read the update about the gig next time :)

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