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omg bebo has changed soo much :S

10/7/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 250
  • from C'TOWN REPZ
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 7,752
  • Member since: November 2006
  • Last active: 7/26/12
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
'09 bro
[†] christ is my light

`` A ii R d s zZ B r u h :P

five 6 scream it out
cause im proud of it and ima shout.
so move bitch get owt ma way
cause 2five 6 are here to stay.
me and ma crew think were rebel
well my boobs are as big as a pebel
The Other Half Of Me


fukkin luv this chikk

volcome fukkin madd!!!


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  • 2 FIVE 6 MAFIA!!!

    2 five 6 mafia let me see ur guns boys
    or are they jst reject shop toys
    iimma christ souljah now dats wassup
    haterz tryna get me fukin locked up
    dont hate bitchsz
    cause u got me in stichez
    im laughin at u fagss
    cause ya look like ragss
    i onli hanq wid gungsters thats my shiet
    causee baby u kno me, im fulli sick

    now babbyy its just u and me
    canttt youuuu seee
    this is where im supose tahh bee.
    were on own own
    pass me dat thrown
    cause haters im apart of 2 five 6 mafia
    dat be my family my friends my life
    dnt diss me niqqah cause I GOT A KNIFE !

    haterz we be reppin cmore, airds da burn and more
    bitch u on my door step beggin for more
    u see ma face
    tie ur shoe lace
    cause u gona get chased

    and u shulda brang spare undies jst incase
    u shit ya self niqqah
    and u needaaa ciggah
    and my dick is biigaahh
    and i gottaa beddahh figuree

    now babbyy its just u and me
    canttt youuuu seee
    this is where im supose tahh bee.
    were on own own
    pass me dat thrown
    cause haters im apart of 2 five 6 mafia
    dat be my family my friends my life
    dnt diss me niqqah cause I GOT A KNIFE !

    five 6 scream it out
    cause im proud of it and ima shout.
    so move bitch get owt ma way
    cause 2five 6 are here to stay.

    0 Comments 209 weeks

  • haha

    Roll Call // science class.
    rachie . dean . jacob . brit
    jacom . jacob . tim . pamela
    ana . laeeqa . jessica . ranga

    - were all split up aha gonaaa misss yous dearly science friends aha. && cherish all the great moments we used to spend together !! aha why would mr sami seperate us all we do nothing to him !! onli like locked him out of the classs room, told him to fuk off , played karaoke in detention ( jacob ), pole danced on the table legs, made mr sami like cry , dieing tampins in red die then throwing them roudn the classroom and out side the hallway , gettin acid everywhere, told him we hate him , told him hes racist and thats pretty much it. so why would he seperate us erhh gonaaa miss this class man ahaha.

    0 Comments 209 weeks

  • do this plz


    1.if i came 2 u in tha middle of tha niite?
    2.i said i love yuu?
    3.i kissed yuu?
    4.i hugged yuu?
    5.i said to yuu that i culdnt live wit owt yuu?

    1.love me?
    2.lyk me?
    3.get tipsy wit me?
    4.dance wit me?
    5.watch a movie wit me?

    1.stared at me?
    2.thought bout me?
    3.had a dream bout me?
    4.hated me?
    5.wanted 2 ask me owt on a date?

    DO U LYK MY:
    5.every thing?

    2.more den frens?
    3.mates til da end?

    6 Comments 260 weeks

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100 Stupid Questions

Are you scared of creepy creatures?: yeshh whu isnt?
Are you scared of cockroaches?: omg eww
Do you get scared in the dark?: nope :)
What is your favorite day of the week?: friday last day of the week
Your dream car: a hippy car haha jks hummer
Your dream vacation: dnt hav 1
In your next birth, you would love to be: umm...
In your past birth, you must have been: ???
Your favorite pizza topping is: cheeze hehe
How many kids do you want to have?: one
Last TV channel you watched: MTV
What are you wearing right now?: my school uniform
What do you wear at night in bed?: pjs
Your favorite toy in childhood: barbie hehe shes a bitch:)
How many teeth do you have?: 26
When did you last visit the dentist?: a month ago
Which toothpaste do you use?: wollies hehe
Your preferred toilet paper brand: ii dnt noo?
Three things you can: computer,money and GOD
If you had one person to take with you on a deserted island, it would be: a guyy
Your dream celebrity date: usher yummy
Do you believe in aliens?: yeaa mann
Do you believe in ghosts and such?: yea ii do
Favorite cocktail: any cocktail haha yummy
Favorite fruit: watermelon
Favorite flower: sun flowers
Have you puked at a party?: nope haha
You would love to get a tattoo done on your: back
Have you pretended to be sick to avoid someone or some meeting?: yea not to go to school haha
Do you cry easily?: nope
Do you swear a lot?: sum times
Favorite body part in the opposite sex: hmm.. there arms and abbs
Corniest pickup line used by you on someone: haha ii dnt noo
Corniest pickup line someone used on you: haha dnt no
What: ranga haha or bluey
What: ranga:)
Have you ever been caught in an embarrassing situation by your parents?: yea ahha all the time
The food you hate to eat: corn
Your favorite breakfast cereal: fruit loops
Do you have any pets?: yes
If yes, describe your pets: a doggy
Which is your favorite holiday?: New Zealand
Have you ever been drunk out of your mind?: yea mann whu hasnt
Ever been in a car accident?: yupp
The boy band you secretly listen to: noppe
The body part you would love to get pierced: my lipp and belly
When did you last diet to lose weight?: dnt hav one
What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?: hav a shower
Do you read newspapers or books in the toilet?: nope yurkk
Are you in love with someone these days?: mayybee
Would you date a hottie who is totally dumb?: noo fukk datt
Has anyone slapped you on the face?: yessh
What is the color of the underwear you are wearing?: black
Which is your favorite underwear brand?: bonds and rio
What is your favorite denim brand?: jayjays
If you could afford a fashion designer, it would be: guess
Your first cell phone was: a lg
Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone?: txt
Are you a sensitive person?: nope
Would you go for a one night stand?: ii dnt no
The romantic movie you like most: ??
The action movie you like most: sum jakie chan
Do you believe in heaven and hell?: yea ii believe in heven
Which is your most memorable trip with friends?: canbrra
Which newspaper do you read daily?: ii dnt read newspaper
The magazines you like to read: dolly
Your first job was: dnt hav 1 yet
Did you have a best friend in school?: yea ii do
Which email service do you use most?: hotmail
Have you ever walked to save money?: yupp
Where do you shop for clothes?: in a shop
What was your pocket money as a kid?: $5
Can you talk to someone for long hours on the phone?: ii sure can
Do you like taking stupid surveys like these?: sum times
If yes, do you have too much free time?: ♥
One memory you wish you could erase: yes
Any sport, you are really good at: dancing and footy
In your purse, you keep a photo of: my sis
Do you take any medicine daily?: nope
Have you ever lied about your age?: yes haha
The last person you kissed was: hmm..
The last country you visited: sydney
Do you need music while you are studying?: yupp
A song you loved as a kid: ii dnt no
Any kiddie song you still remember: nope
Habits you hate in others: eating with mouth open
On a scale of one to ten how obnoxious is this survey?: ??
One habit of yours, you wish you could change?: nope
Do you brush twice a day?: yes
How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?: about 1 hour
Are you a day person or a night person?: night partyin mann
Your favorite cartoon character: bugsbunny
Have you made a complete fool of yourself anytime?: yeaa haha
Any word or sentence you repeat often: fukk ubb
Describe your computer monitor: flat and black
One book you are dying to read: nupp
One movie you are dying to see: nupp
One music album you are dying to hear: nupp
How much time did you take to complete this survey?: about half an hour
Don: yupp haha

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  • Keiiraann

    rangaa suckss haha jks :L

    3/18/10 via Mobile
  • ' Dee CoCo
    ' Dee CoCo

    Bro go to skool

    2/26/10 via Mobile
  • YouSuck. 2/20/10
  • ' Dee CoCo
    ' Dee CoCo

    Wasseup Hun

    2/6/10 via Mobile
  • .
    luv .

    :) :) :) :) :)

  • PameLaahhvirginiafalenai

    I havent g0t any fink lyk bag shoes n all dat crap. S0z

    1/27/10 via Mobile
  • PameLaahhvirginiafalenai

    Wat srs hell noe man xtra dai off lol. Mondai mate

    1/27/10 via Mobile
  • PameLaahhvirginiafalenai

    Sup gurl hey u g0in sk0ol dis fridai. Im startin om mondai. u

    1/27/10 via Mobile
  • Gucci Mane
    Gucci Mane

    Aha nuh send et thru mail ?

    1/27/10 via Mobile
  • Gucci Mane
    Gucci Mane

    Phreakn heck okay gee thank you ill cu 2mrw . :] DAMIT i need some shiett . AHAH lya x

    1/27/10 via Mobile
  • Gucci Mane
    Gucci Mane

    are u sure ets 2moz um ma matey seid ets friday juniors start , and thursday seniors oh man ukno im nt ready i have no books nuffnk :) aha

    1/26/10 via Mobile
  • ' Dee CoCo
    luv ' Dee CoCo

    LOLS BRUH ! i miss you so fxkcn much ! yeah cume thursday nite shoppinq:)) and toms shops i think wbu! ausie day was gud until jus then:( :( mwa x

  • Gucci Mane
    Gucci Mane

    OML !! hello darls how are you ? shux im good thanks good 2 hear from you oh sorry ive been snobby darls :( when does scoo start is et thursday oa friday ? Ahah ilu missing you like crazy :( X

    1/26/10 via Mobile
  • .
    luv .

    thx foa love here it bakk if u wanna u can sed me moreee ayee????

  • ' Dee CoCo
    ' Dee CoCo

    omg i miss u !:( when u gona come over again xxxxxxx

  • .

    heyy wat upp what doing???? share da love jacom

  • Bbygirl.

    bahah yes! that was fxkn funny :)

  • ' Dee CoCo
    ' Dee CoCo

    coment my blog and rite a memory babe:)

  • - FM.
    - FM.

    ahaa it lookds goood in your dp aiee itt loooked blondeee (:

  • PameLaahhvirginiafalenai

    hey ett was me on msn hahahaha u didnt noe ett was me ay at 1st well all is gud ish dat u in ur dp damm ish good love ya