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Crysndaze Walker

Omg havnt been on hea 4yearz fcukn heil haha

8/4/12 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 34
  • from HeArTy CiTy Ov TaUrAnGa
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

we lyk dodgn
Me, Myself, and I
The Other Half Of Me
Itz Just A Dream
All music dats crackn at da Col Bar!
Comedy, Im a hardcase cracker who loves abit of laughter now and then.
Touch rugby, League, Netball, etc
Scared Of
A mean arse HANGOVA... Terible shite 2end up wif!!!!
Happiest When
Spending all the time that I have to offer to my two babies Miss Janaya Hinepukohurangi and Mr Dane Anaru.
Favourite Drink
WhIsKeY HeAvEn CaN Be SuCh A bLeSsInG!!!!
What I hate
All thoz sleezy ass drunkin bastids who try 2crack it wen ur owt clubbing!!! Go HoMe ChApS!

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  • Playdead bunnie

    4 days ago

    _ $$$$___________________$$$$__
    __________$$ $ $$ $$$$$$$ _____
    __________$____ $ ____________

    0 Comments 300 weeks


    How much Dope did the Dope Dealer Deal, when the Dope Dealer did Deal Dope?
    Too much Dope for the Dope Dealer to Deal, when the Dope Dealer did Deal Dope.............. SAY DAT TEN TIMES...ARRRGH, UR STONED!!!

    0 Comments 338 weeks

  • Whats there to say

    Pointless talking bout anything. People think I talk alot of sheit anyways

    1 Comment 346 weeks

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  • Nolan Johnson Walker
    Nolan Johnson Walker

    hahahahahahaha kaay thanks aunty uhmmm yeahr that blonde chick, yeah shes mine bt we dont go owt

  • Nolan Johnson Walker
    luv Nolan Johnson Walker

    chhhuuuur aunty heres some love .

  • Takirau
    luv Takirau

    bck at yahh :* :* :* :*

  • Awhina Henry
    luv Awhina Henry

    yay my new nephews cute as! thank goodness haha x

  • Shaquella Walker
    luv Shaquella Walker

    hae aunty hea da luv can i hav sum plez!!

    1/15/10 via Mobile
  • Carley Tanoa
    Carley Tanoa

    Hahaha Hey cuzzies I jst saw the reply that um i think was spose to b sent to my page but oh well all gud n the hood:P :P :P :P Well ne ways by the time u c this xmas wud b ova but i will write it up ne wayz LMAO So wot uz up to 4 xmas??? Is that us off to gizzy or have uz got other plans??? Well holla i will txt uz f uz dont reply much love to the nieces and nephews oh and spose to uz aswell LOL:L :L :L :L Well take it ezy and take care.... Much love Me & Darren Brad Oh sori no hearts left will on the rebounds

  • luv Maraea Evans

    "C text me where da heck are ya????????????? 0211824230 Miss you

  • Crysndaze Walker
    Crysndaze Walker

    Hey ma cuzzie its me again, me nt a bebo person lmao but i must say i do try an get bac 2 my cuzzies in NZ that is lol, sori cuzzies in Aus hahahaha NOT. As 4 cum'n ova 2 pic up Darren Brad i would if i didnt have a job, dammit, I'll hav hm n e tym apart frm my darling rugrats lmao... oh well my cuz im gona love an leave ya, take care my cuz.... I just spent 5mins on hea wow thats a fricken record lol....

  • Carley Tanoa
    luv Carley Tanoa

    Churr my cuz Well thats gud u still chq out ya bebo coz i thort uz forgotten ya password or ya username hahaha:L :L :L .. But newayz it is gud to hear from uz and hope all is fine ova there n the bop and the tsunami aint there... but i no uz r aiite and everything is ka te pai no news is gud news aye:DD :DD :DD .. Well Darren sed he will cum for a holiday wen u pik him up lmao :P :P :P But newayz i gotta roll out my cuz give a kiss to the kids and a big fat WASSUP to buddy and much love to all take care cuz Love me and Darren Brad

  • Bailey-YO

    Heey wht youu uhp2? Hows Dane? Hahaha.

  • Maraea Evans

    hey c, txt me ya number??????? miss ya

  • Takirau
    luv Takirau

    Chur cuz jst stoped by to drop sum luv ..Take care :D

  • Awhina Henry
    Awhina Henry

    need some recent fotos of dane, with his kina and cheeky ass face haha :L

  • Carley Tanoa
    luv Carley Tanoa

    Hea uz go jst stopn by 2 share the luv

    6/25/09 via Mobile
  • Carley Tanoa
    Carley Tanoa

    Hey my cuzzyz hw is uz? Well i thort since i scribbled on ya broz page thort id do the same on urz lol:O :P :D :L well hope all is gud wid uz and m sure we will catch up sumtime till than take care and much luv 2 uz and the farno sori wud share da luv but gave da last 1 2 ya bro so wen i av more i will stop bi and drop uz 1 k than beta go luv me and daz

    6/25/09 via Mobile
  • Darren Henry
    luv Darren Henry

    Hey my rntyz hw is uz? Jst stopd by 2 share the luv

    6/24/09 via Mobile
  • Awhina Henry
    Awhina Henry

    kia ora sis lol.. hws cry baby? mums 50th in july, or did ray alrdi tell you lol?

  • Amy Raimona
    Amy Raimona

    hey long time no bloody hear lol soooo hows my gorgeous nefew, heard hes a spoilt litl sooki buba lol my baby is grown up now and shes a litl bitch, stroppy as lol so wen you can bebo me. much luv g, and giv my nefew a big kiss and cuddl and tell him his auntis gona pik him up 4 a holiday and his cuzzis will harden him up lol xx

  • luv Jason Tapuai-Kuka

    not much... still doin the same ol' same ol' - nothing!lol prob see you on some random outing aye. ciao for now, black cow:L

  • Jason Tapuai-Kuka

    there's a starchy streak on the crutch of your g-string... you should clean it :L nah jokes, what u been up to manu-black-doo-doo?