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Kinkii Kay

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  • Male, 22, Luv 154
  • from Coburg
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 6,933
  • Member since: October 2006
  • Last active: 5/31/12
  • www.bebo.com/miztakezinc
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About Me

Can you spot me?
Me, Myself, and I
can u read sdrawrorrim ?
niveK: eman
yaK: aka
09\01\91: s.a.b
efat: raey
gnihc & teiv: hsan
esroh: ngis lamina

i love you anh hai (:

im a libran ^^

cooperative and good companionz, loving and romantic with a sense of fair play. libranz love to be in harmony with otherz or elze!
compatible signz - Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini,Leo and Virgo
lucki colour - green

so im easy to get along with.... i think lolz
ps libranz are also kinkii :P

god famili = my adoring sis ''mona'' and my kinkii bro "peter"
best friendz = sallieh and my kookii :P

'everyone is kinkii, it just takes the right person to draw it out :P

*frm mona*
anh hai i love you...
you noe this yr we would of known each other for 4 years?
i lalala aishiteru you
The Other Half Of Me
Manhiie Cooler Than Cool
status- single

hair colour
black and BLUE XD
Creative Writing.
In Process.
pickup line
come sit on my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up :P

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  • A Normal Conversation

    K - ' Man, 'girl 1' hasnt replied to me yet! she always snobs me off, like ill have a 'text session with her then after i send her a text saying ' what you doing?' she replies to me the next day!'
    P - ' Why don't you just go breaking with me then?'
    K - ' Cause i already called her out- it'll be rat if i don't go'
    P - ' True'
    P - ' What happens if she doesn't have credit? '
    K - ' She always has credit, she just snobs me off, she's like super delayed! '
    K - ' I'll ring ' Girl 2 '

    [ Rings Girl 2 ]

    K - ' Ay where are you? '
    Girl 2 - ' I'm in the car, going home, whats up? '
    K - ' Oh nothing, just wanted to see if you wanted to go to the city '
    Girl 2 - ' Girl 1 and her friend are going to the city, why don't you ring her? '
    K - ' I texted her, she didn't reply to me '
    Girl 2 - ' Its cause she doesn' t have credit '
    K - ' ... oh she doesn't have credit ... '

    [ ' P' in the background ]

    P - ' Yeh, BITCH! What the fuck did i just say? you just got PAWNED! hahahahaha'
    K - ' ... Well usually she has credit ... '

    [ Back to Mob Conversation with ' Girl 2 '

    K - ' Well thanks anyways, hope you're coming on Sunday. '
    Girl 2 - ' What are the details for Sunday? '
    K - ' Ask ' Girl 1' bout it '
    Girl 2 - ' Okay then, bye bye '
    K - ' Okay, hope to catchup soon '

    [ Ends conversation with Girl 2 '

    P - AHHAHA PAWNED! so what are you going to do? come breaking with me? '
    K - ' I'll decide soon '
    P - ' Well yes, that's why i asked you ' what are you going to do? '
    K - ' Well ill decide before we get to the bus stop '

    [ Dit Dit Diit RoughRiders Stevo ]
    P - ' You got a message bro '
    K - ' Ay, its from ..........
    ' Girl 1 ' ...
    she has credit! see! she's just like SUPER DELAYED!
    P - ' Damnit ... '



    - Kevin aka ' Blue Haired Kevin ' or ' K. ' AS K -

    - Peter aka ' BBoy Peter ' or ' G.C Clown ' AS P -

    - Anonymous AS Girl 1

    - Anonymous AS Girl 2

    0 Comments 245 weeks

  • to someone special, that is distant by the vast sea

    do i miss u ? count the stars, mutilply by ten
    cause i do more now and then, i could paint a rainbow, shine the sky and set the stars in space, faster then explain.. how much i miss your face.
    watch the moon, someday soon, he would start to smile, when i say ... ill see u in a while but til then i miss u, dry my tears, hide my fears away until that happi day
    to the rainbow there, heres where i would go. i do ... miss u so

    1 Comment 269 weeks

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  • .OhmyPababy

    no you shhhhheshh :)

  • .OhmyPababy

    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhesh :)

  • 7/19/09
  • .OhmyPababy

    hahaahaha thumbs down :P kidding

  • .OhmyPababy

    oops you missed :L midding hehehehe

  • .OhmyPababy

    "thumbs down" :D kidding

  • .OhmyPababy

    LOOOLS wowow ;) hahahahaa

  • S.

    Hii :P ............. talk to u later in the house LOL bye kay

  • .OhmyPababy

    hahahaahhahaa yeha i like ghost movies :) nah dnt wanna watch the unborn LOLS == all those american movies are jst like those asian movies the eye/alone and shit hahahahaa =] unborn reminds me of the eye because the baby wanted to born etc; hahahahahaa

  • .OhmyPababy

    hahaha no your not you wish you were (: lOOOOLS! yes i do its like a very old movie hahahaa :P

  • .OhmyPababy

    hahaha im not short D: im super tall :) heheheehheeh wowo you are mini LMAOS

  • .OhmyPababy

    i know aye D: omgosh so short ==

  • .OhmyPababy

    duhh lmaos rofls ;) LOOOOOOLS! having fun? lols

  • .OhmyPababy

    oii NOOOO not even hahahaha :L :L i was bored so i jst burned around melbourne :P

  • .OhmyPababy

    hahahaa idk really its gone abit bigger ROFLS ;) galatic circus D: i havent been there since last month hahaa :D

  • .OhmyPababy

    hahaha ohh i see then :) nahh i jst came back from epping plaza and broadies :) ehheheehe