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Fran Hess

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  • Female, Luv 211
  • from Robin Hood Land - Nottingham
  • I am Single
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About Me

and her coat of many colours!
Me, Myself, and I
I am having the best two weeks EVERRRR, I never want Joseph to end. I am having the best time.

I'm not on bebo much so if you don't get a reply, that is why. I'm copy and pasting my myspace profile cause I cba to write this. I'm a newly appointed true facebooker.

I'd be quite worried if I could some myself up in a bebo profile, so I'll do the best i can by just sticking to the facts:-
I'd love to say that they were that I'm 5"8 with long legs, dark and sexy, however its more like 5"5, annoyingly short legs and brown hair. Although my hair seems to change colour numerous times in the year. I seem to get quite unhealthy obsessed with musicals and films. Reading this it may not come as a big shock to you that it has been my ambition since I was a about 5 to perform on stage. Another, is to win an Oscar.
My skin
  is so sad i know. Then again it is the best musical, everrrrr i promise you!
  'She was too good for Hollywood, but somehow she graced it, her life shone on it, and it became a different place when she was around. Once she was asked to pick a single word to describe herself. She smiled and said, "Lucky." So, too, was the world.'                                                               
Happiest When
wif jke ppz init

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  • Poppy

    Hi Sorry if this is a bit weird, but I'm trying to find Ben. We were best friends when we were 5, living in Norwich. Do you know how I can contact him? And sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree!

  • LaurenAmber.

    Hellloo there :] Gosh i can't believ it's the last week of Joseph already! =o Me & Georgia don't want it to end (N) Carn't believe we don't get to do the last every performance aswell! Haha,we got a picture with nat and guess who didnt :] loool. Msg Back xxxx

  • Danii
    luv Danii


  • Smartz'

    your dead pretty. ive met you before :) we were talking about eyebrows if you remember? lmfao xxxx

  • Pippa
    luv Pippa

    Heyy, Allreet!? Long time... Your in the joseph? Dammit you poo i was sposed to be in that The day of audition guesse what i had? Tonsilitus. How crappy! Audition was at arts theatre wasnt it? xx

  • Lexii
    luv Lexii

    you take after izzy stevens babz...its inevatable theres your answer straight up no-one on this whole planet would of been able to answer that with a sane answer :) except me ofcourse :)

  • Landy
    luv Landy

    Not spoke 2 u in aaaaaaaaaages So Fought I'd say hello so Hello :) Hows it going? Much love Franabis :) xxxx

  • Seetul G
    luv Seetul G

    fran HUSSY is FIT.