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x Playboy babii's x

nt long t crimbo bunnies!!!omg weve nerli gtz 10,000 views!!!xXxXx

12/9/07 | me too! | Reply

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ﻻ*ღ♥ღρℓαувσу вαувєє'š-da best playboy page On Bebo ღ♥ღ*ﻻ
Me, Myself, and I
нєу!тнαиχ 4 νιšтιи мα ρℓαувσу ραğє!ιƒ уσυ [♥] ρ ℓ α у в σ у. тнєи ρℓz נσιи υš.αš єνєяуσиє киσωš ρℓαувσу αи∂ тнєιя тяα∂ємαяк тнє вυииιє(нυ ∂σєšит ρℓαувσу ιš тнє ƒ¢ки вєšт єνєяу тιиğ ƒм тнєιя т-šнιятš т ∂єя šтαтισиαяу мєαи уα ğσ σмƒğ ℓσℓ).∂ιz ιš ρяσв ∂ вєšт ρℓαувσу вαи∂ єνα & ι мєαи ∂т!∂ιz ιš α ρğ 4 αℓ ∂ вυииу ℓσνєяš συt ∂єя и вєвσ т єχρяєšš ∂єя ℓυν 4 ρℓαувσу,šнαяє ρι¢z,єт¢.втω ρℓz ℓєαν υš α ¢σммєит & ¢σммєит и ρι¢z и ∂σ ∂ иєω ρσℓℓš и ¢σммєит и єм.
αℓšσ иєω šкιи вυииιєš ωαт уα ƒιик؟؟šєχι я ωαн?втω ι мα∂є ιт!!ι мαкє šкιиz 4 7ℓυν!кєєρ נσιиιи тнιš ρℓαувσу ραğє ρρℓ ωє я нαƒ ωαє т ğти 1000 мємвα'z ωσσσ

bтω ιƒ уα ωαит уα ¢и α∂∂ мє и вєвσ @ http://www.bebo.com/x-R-to-tha-A-babii-x
ρš (ιм ∂ 3я∂ мσиιтєя и ∂ιz ρğ!)σя α∂∂ мє и мšи

[ρ] ιѕ 4 ρℓαувσу мα∂
[ℓ] ιѕ 4 gtn ѕ¢χ вσу'z
[α] ιѕ 4 αвѕσυℓтєℓу addictive
[у] ιѕ 4 class playboy bitz n bobz
[в] ιѕ 4 вєѕт ρℓαуgυяℓz
[σ] ιѕ 4 σνєя-тнє-тσρ ιи мαкє υρ in sexi make up
[у] is 4 how much u luv playboy cum n hu doesnt?lol

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  • playboy

    ρ ιš 4 ρℓαувσу
    ℓ ιš 4 ℓα∂уš ιи ριик
    α ιš 4 α¢є тнαтš ωαт ωє я
    у ιš 4 уєš ωє я ∂ вα∂єšт вιт¢нєš
    в ιš 4 вσуš ωнσ ωαт υš
    σ ιš 4 σνєя уσυ
    у ιš 4 уσυ ¢αит тσυ¢н тнιš

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  • skinz!!!!

    Leave us a lil commment

    Byethe way our skin is custom made & cant be approved by Bebo as it is copywrited (would love to make it available to all that like the skin but its jst not possible.....sorri bunnies


    oh and no hater comments plz.............if u cant say sumting nice dont say neting atal..OKAY!!
    if you wanted to try making the skin yourself ..heres what you should do
    .Firstly right click on the images of the skin, ie: the main image, the top image, the little icon that you click on to become a groupie, the lil flashing lines..and the other headings(with playgirl on it) when you right click on these images save them to your pc

    next step..go to change skin on your own profile-and click on become featured artist..you will be asked then to upload the images..

    next step..edit style sheet..these you will have to experiment with as this changes the colours of the text, the main bg(which is the biggest part) and other little part) of your skin)

    so once you have tryed makin your first skin..the next time will be much easier----i promise xxxxxxrachael:P :) :L :D

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  • wot d playboy bunny logo meanz && if yew wanna b a memba erez d enquirementz!!

    The logo stands for alluring, fun fashion clothing and accessories. Denouncers of the company and subsequently the logo insist it is demeaning to women, but most women don't think of it that way. To them, the fashion designer brand name simply means that they like to wear fun clothing. It is an expression of freedom and has been since the logo first appeared as the playboy bunny outfits worn by the waitresses at the famous club back in 1964.

    Age requirement: 18-24
    In some Playboy Clubs the minimum age for a Bunny had to be 21 because of State Liquor License Laws. That is only ladies 21 and over could serve alcohol. The range 18-24 was the Bunny hiring age. Some women over 24 were hired as Bunnies while many Bunnies hired when they were young stayed Bunnies into their late twenties and even late thirties. The average Bunny 'Tour of Duty' was around 6 months. Some girls however stayed for over ten years. A few Bunnies were still Bunny-Dipping into their thirties, providing they still met the 'Bunny Image' - the young, fresh and beautiful appearance.

    What is the difference between Bunnies and Playmates?
    One of the most common misconceptions held by those who know little of Playboy and it's history is the belief that Playmates are Bunnies and vice-versa. The term 'Bunny' or 'Playboy Bunny' is often used synonymously as a descriptive term for any woman who has appeared au naturel in PLAYBOY. But Bunnies are distinct from Playmates who in turn are different from Playboy models.

    A Playboy Bunny is strictly speaking a woman who has worked in a Playboy Club wearing the Bunny uniform. Non-strictly speaking she is a Goddess in satin. In the 31-year reign of the Playboy Clubs over 25,000 women wore satin ears and fluffy tails. Although many were asked, very few chose to become Playmates or models for the numerous 'Bunnies of... " pictorials which appeared in PLAYBOY. They were cotton-tailed queens. The world may never see their like again... Pedantry alert: When referring to Bunnies and their environment use capitalization since the terms are proper nouns. Thus: Playboy Bunny, Playboy Bunnies, Bunny, Bunnies, Playboy Club, Bunny Girl and not Playboy bunny, Playboy bunnies, bunny, bunnies, Playboy club, bunny girl. Of course Playboy should always begin with a capital 'P' if you are directly referring to the magazine, the company, the Bunnies, the Clubs, the philosophy, the founder (Hugh Hefner), or the Playmates, models, staff, etc.

    A Playboy Playmate is a woman who has appeared in the centerfold pictorial of PLAYBOY magazine. A Playmate can only be correctly called a Playboy Bunny if she has worked in one of the Clubs. These ladies were called Playmate Bunnies (and they were paid a higher basic wage than non-Playmate Bunnies). Quite a few Playmates donned the Bunny ears and tail. There were over 25,000 Bunnies in Playboy's history and there are over 550 Playmates. The roll call of Playmate Bunnies includes our own Helena Antonaccio, Dianne Chandler, Carol Vitale, Karla Conway, Heather Van Every, Deanna Baker, Dolly Read, Connie Mason, June Cochran, Karen Christy, Lannie Balcolm, Kai Brendlinger, Terri Kimball, Avis Kimble, Jennifer Jackson, Laura Lyons, Janis Schmitt, Candace Collins, Laura Misch, Delores Wells, Patti Reynolds, Shay Knuth and Janet Lupo. Pamela Anderson and Marilyn Monroe were Playboy Playmates but NOT Playboy Bunnies. View the complete list of Playmate Bunnies.

    A Playboy Model is a lady who has posed nude in a Playboy pictorial (but not the centerfold), or has been featured in one of Playboy's many secondary publications / news stand specials. Many Playmates have appeared in Playboy pictorials and other official publications before and after posing for the centerfold. Farrah Fawcett, Bo Derek, Cindy Crawford, etc. have all appeared in the pages of Playboy but are neither Playmates nor Bunnies. In the strictest sense, a Playboy Model is a woman contracted to the Playboy Modeling Agency.

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