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Abdul Miah

bak to bebo i guess. Cooki!

10/12/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 134
  • from !!!London!!!!
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 4,395
  • Last active: 3/17/11
  • www.bebo.com/mr_huggy
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hi im Abdul
went John Roan the people i met there were the BEST!
Feel free to look around and leave comments if you like , i dont mind as long as it aint cursing on me or my people. k! lol


---//-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your
---|||---|||---Bebo If
---|||---|||---You Know
---\\\ ///---someone
----\\\//---who died
-----\\\---or has cancer
----//\\\----or you will suffer

¨( >< )
Rabbit blush, demands hugs! HUG ME!!!!!!
-- i love hugs =D

Ia m the master of giving Wonderful "HUGS" =D

if you dont believe then look at my bebo name XP o0o0o0o0o

ASK JAMMY TOO!!!! my MUMMY! I Love Her More Than Anythinggg <3

Jam"Oh yh baby thats me dont be mesin wit my baby"

!! just look around !!

│▒│ /▒/
  │▒ /▒/-┬─--¬
The Other Half Of Me
Danielle Tiley

Danielle Tiley

Dicky Danielle!

Rihanna, chingy, dmx, black eyed peas, latoya, shareefa, ludacris
 , T.I, papoose, Eminem, young jeezy, young joc, j-status, christina aguilera, christina milian, sean paul, kanye west, keisha cole, pussycat dolls, beyonce, p diddy, n-dubz, bow wow, ciara, pink, remy martin, cassie, chamillionaire,
 cherish, amerie, cassidy, 5O cent, g unit, joe, jojo, 2 PAC, B.I.G, fabolous, akon, AND MANY MORE!
ROCKY 1-6 ALL OF THEM ARE BRILLIANT FILMS NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY!!! , king kong, spiderman 1-2, kung fu hustle, romeo must die, little man, grudge 1-2, white chicks, step up, state property 1-2, mean machine/girls, the one, tokyo drift, over the hedge, resident evil 1-2, v for vendetta, borat movie, madagascar, scary movie 1-4, texas chainsaw massacre, just friends, get rich or die trying, honey, fearless, blade 1-3 and loads more!
i support manchester united!! and supported them 4 life! MAN UTD TILL I DIE!

i like playing cricket, basketball, football, t
 able tennis, swimming, dodge ball and sum other sports WELL..... anything can keep me having fun and occupied lol
Scared Of

the f*****g fat bumhead! hes like the hulk.....but real.....and...brown and has jet black hair....and wears nike tracksuits.....and has muscles the size of timbuk tu .....IM PETRIFIED OF THE F**K! he beats the living daylights out of me and bullys me and......thats it.

"i luv u bro"
happiest when
im with my mates, jus hangin around somewhere or going to the cinemas. mainly with My buds such as Jonathan, Daniel, Philip, Danny,
 Ben, Bilal, Bill, Alix!, Amy, Jizz
 y......my main man!Winnie, Riah, HELENA=Hot!and i can jus be here forever. However i have gr8 mates outside school especially JAMMY, LUE FRAN AND TONY ABIGAIL LEVIS RUTH RUDI and many more ! great friends!

I used to be a naughty boy and terrorise innocent childr...i mean people, but now all of that has changed i guess.....in some ways lol even tho i do do stupid things all the time like throw a stone at a car with a man inside it. :S or jus get into a fight with people i shouldnt do but thats me eh.
My addey
My addey is abdul.m_91@hotmail.co.uk
I dont mind........
If ur retarded, ugly (which u aint), over weight, pretty (Show off), skinny, bitchy, a dick head, rapist, racist, dirty, naughty, rejected, ginger nutz (LoL), blak, white, brown, yellow (ha ha...dry), bald, short az, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish...bla bla, doongey, cunt, pussy, sissy, fag, tom boy, scaby, rich, poor, lonely, down, sad, agressive, hippy, drug addict, alcholic, mental, disabled, slut, hoe, prostitute, hori, coconut, F.O.B, dog or cat (huh), loser, depresed person, skank, perv, asshole, brainy, geek, freak, Hindu, dopey cunt, gypsy, witch, gothic, emo, tranny, goof, terorist (wel not really), wanna be, phsyco, dumb, murderer or wareva u r...I don't mind, talk 2 me...lol, Im da bomb ass frend and I dont care and I dont mind...lol just dont curse!!!

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  • Someone

    You are EVERYTHING to somebody
    Right now at this very minute

    is very proud of you

    is thinking of you

    cares about you

    misses you

    wants to talk to you

    wants to be with you

    hopes you aren't in trouble

    is thankful for the support you have

    wants to hold your hand

    hopes everything turns out all right

    wants you to be happy

    wants you to find them

    is celebrating your successes

    wants to give you a gift

    thinks you ARE a gift

    hopes you are not too cold, or too hot

    wants to hug you

    wants to lavish you with small gifts

    admires your strength

    is thinking of you and smiling

    wants to be your shoulder to cry on

    wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun

    thinks the world of you

    wants to protect you

    would do anything for you

    wants to be forgiven

    is grateful for your forgiveness

    wants to laugh with you about old times

    remembers you and wishes you were there

    is praising God for you

    needs to know that your love is unconditional

    values your advice

    wants to tell you how much they care

    wants to stay up watching old movies with

    wants to share their dreams with you

    wants to hold you in their arms

    wants YOU to hold them in your arms

    treasures your spirit

    wishes they could STOP time because of

    praises God for your friendship and love

    can't wait to see you

    wishes that things didn't have to change

    loves you for who you are

    loves the way you make them feel

    wants to be with you

    is hoping they can grow old with you

    hears a song that reminds them of you

    wants you to know they are there for you

    is glad that you're their friend

    loves you......

    3 Comments 345 weeks

  • My Bebo Family

    my bebo family

    My boyfriend- BILAL & BILL
    My girlfriend-
    My bbz-
    My mummy- CHRISTINE
    My daddy- JONATHAN
    My big brother-
    My little brother- DANIEL
    My big sister- LUE
    My little sister- JAMMY
    My uncle- UNCLE DANNY
    My aunt- LUE (WTF)
    My cousin 1- CHRIS
    My cousin 2-
    My pet- TONY
    My son- BILAL
    My brother-in-law- ALIX
    My sister-in-law-
    My best bud- CHARLIE
    My other best bud- BILAL
    My bit on the side-
    My niece-
    My nephew- TONY
    My little chicken-
    My princess-
    My fairy god mother-
    my fairy god father-
    My younger bro-
    My sex bud- BILL AND BILAL
    My freak- FRAN
    My sexy bitch- BILL AND BILAL
    My lil cutie pie-
    My lovely gurlie-
    My lovely bby boi-
    My sex bomb-
    My chatterbox- FRAN LOL (PLS DNT HURT ME)
    My hot admirer-
    My messer upper-
    My cleaner-
    my chain and whip buds-
    My dealer- DEJI
    My Psycho- Fran

    2 Comments 350 weeks

  • For the people who wants to know and because they dont know "Ghetto Language"

    Air- To be ignored
    Anything- No good, ordinary
    Alow it - leave it
    Ang Tite - To big up someone
    Bate- Obvious
    Ballin- Crying
    Beef- Want to fight
    Beast- Ugly
    Bandolo- Fool
    Buff/Bum- Looking good/sexy
    Bare- Meaning alot
    Bad mind- Just plain rude
    Butters- Just plain ugly
    Blud/Bredrin- another word for freind
    Blaze- To smoke weed
    Boid - Taking the piss
    Baffelld- Confused
    Bless- Bye
    Blud/Bredrin,breh, star- friend
    Bizzle- Ok
    Brass- Thats rubbish
    Bounce- To leave
    Breaded- To be paid
    Breeze- Talking rubbish
    Bre- Boy
    Brapp- When something is good
    Cherps- To chat up opposite sex
    Choong/Chung- Over good looking
    Cuz- Cousin
    Chick/Gash- Girl
    Clash- Music battle(MCs OR DJs)
    Click- Crew
    Chop- To have sex with
    Cotchin- To chill/rest/take up space
    Crepes- Trainers
    Convo- Coversation
    Dapper- Dirty/ a compliment
    Doughnut- Idiot
    Drum- your house
    Extra- Over the top
    Endz- Your area
    Fool- idiot
    Gunn- To see someone get cussed
    Garms- Clothes
    Gash- girl
    Hyped- Over excited
    Hench- Muscular
    Hood- Neighborhood
    Hatin- Jealousy
    Heavy- When something is good
    Inabit- See you soon
    Innit- Term of agreement
    Innabizzle - bye
    J's- By yourself
    Jigga- Ok or Fine
    Jokes- Funny
    Joker- A funny person/Not serious
    Jacked- To take from someone with permission/steal
    Long/Long-ting- Boring or wasting time
    Major- Big/Worth it/Important
    Man dem- Your crew
    Manor-where u live- see ends
    Merk, Merkage- Beat or Destroy
    Minor- Opposite of major, Insignificant
    Nang- Good
    Nuff luv- Safe, big up
    Offski - When your going
    Peeps- Very close friends
    Peng- sexy
    Peng-a-leng- same as peng but better
    P's- Money
    Prang- Scared
    Pon- Short for upon
    Quick-ting- Something that wont take long
    Regs- Regular
    Rags- Standard
    Reppin- To represent
    Road- Street, Outside
    Raaah - Meaning surprised
    Skeen- Understand
    Shubz- Party
    Screwin- Annoyed about something
    Safe- Hi/thanks/bye
    Street rat- Person on the street 24/7
    Stoosh- Deep
    Sick- Not bad meaning, but bad meaning good
    Shook- scared
    Slew- To beat or better
    Swag- Rubbish/crap
    Sekkle - go away
    Trus- Trust me
    Two Twos - Even though
    Twisted- Confused
    U get me- Do you understand
    Village- Small and not very good
    Wha gwarn- [WAG1]wots goin on
    War- (MC term for beef)
    Wack- Rubbish
    Whine- dancing close
    Yard- Home
    Yout- Young Child
    Yet- Yes
    Zzz's- Sleep
    Zimme- get me
    Zoop Zoop- Bang bang/ Brap

    0 Comments 350 weeks

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  • luv 'S

    awww sorrry. just that i dont go on bebo as much anymore you got facebook? x

  • luv 'S

    lol gooood jus college and work youuu? south west, where you from? aww thanks you to!:) xxx

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    lol thats some bullshit that goes around if you open your mail lol. its koool.. but am good. how are you? x

  • 'S

    huh? kinda confused here! behaviour? what you on about?

  • Jammy Brown
    luv Jammy Brown

    hey hun... as much as i love you and all but i must say you look slightly spazzy in that pic xD soz love! you alright hun?? see you soon xxxxxxxxxx

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    luv Brie

    Hiya Babes.. Good Good..What You Studying At College? You Enjoy It? Thats Alright Lol..The Cold Is Gone && I'm All Good Now Thanks :) Yeah Definatly..Be Good To See You && Have A Catch Up! Lol..Okay Then. Love You xxxx

  • Brie
    luv Brie

    Hiya Darlin. Just College && That..What About You? Yeah Been Alright Thanks, Got Some Fucking Cold At The Moment Though (N)..You Been Okay? Just At Home At The Moment Watching Some Tv..You? Write Back..Love You xx

  • Brie

    Hiya Babes.. You Alright? Havent Spoken To You In Ages!!!!!! What You Been Getting Up To Lately? At College Or Anything? Write Back Anyways..Love You x

  • BilalBatman
    luv BilalBatman

    Miss You Dude !! =[