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  • Female, Luv 314
  • from edington
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: October 2006
  • Last active: 10/9/12
  • www.bebo.com/emmaattwell
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Hey :)

Emma: Omg! Wat Was That!
Stacey: Umm..A Dog.
Emma: Dogs Dont Make That Noise?
Stacey: Yeh They Do If U Step On Them.
The Other Half Of Me
Jess. Oo

Jess. Oo

&lt;---- i love this girl soooo much xx

Loves &lt;3
family, mates, my dog :) , my other pets, funny days, mine and chars jogs, snow, msn, days at the park, mine and staceys hyper times, high pitched dogs :L , quavers, polos, coke, newlook , primark, hot chocolate, mighty boosh, skins, fluffy slippers, the laptop, my phone, ben and jerrys icecream, my chavy music :L , my shorts
people breathing on my neck:( , being upset, people upseting the people i care about, people upseting me, guys that treat u like shit, ppl talkin about me and kita behind our backs :L , boring days

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Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo "Knock You Down"

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Howard Moon: Where did you get those sunglasses from?
Vince Noir: A passing Coyote took pity on me.
Howard Moon: Took pity on you did he? He took a piss on me!
Vince Noir: I think in his own simple way he was trying to cool you down.
-Howard Moon
Addicted to The Mighty Boosh now has 35537 fans.

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Whats your real age

My result is: 7 years old

keep growing you are still reatarded and immature for your age

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Which Twilight Guy is Your Perfect Match?

Edward Cullen

Your perfect match is Edward Cullen! The most handsome and irresistable out of all the Cullens. He is true to himself and looks out for others. Edward is very romantic and mysterious. His liquid topaz eyes and porcelain skin will leave you wanting more! "You should probably know I'm breaking the rules right now. Well, not technically, since he said I was never to walk through his door again, and I came in the window... But, still, the intent was clear" ? Edward Cullen

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  • Jordan P
    Jordan P

    hey bb, u kk, lv ya xx

  • Jordan P
    Jordan P

    ite bb, gtta meet up soon, lv ya xxx

  • Jessikah-Lucie'

    ʏeaah innit add me on msn, its easʏerr.. simple-imperfection@hotmail.co.uk cheeeers xx

  • Jessikah-Lucie'

    nahh he wont mʏnd.. were talkin about him in a nʏc waʏ so he wont mind hopefullʏ :P but i love him so :P and thanks, ʏourr prettʏ too :) xx

  • Jessikah-Lucie'

    awwwwhh thanks, i REALLY-TRULEY love him, with all mʏ heart :) he means everʏthing to me :D and ʏeah but it was daark :P so ʏou couldnt propelʏ see me :P xx

  • Jessikah-Lucie'

    tha must'a be ageees ago then :L cos me and kʏe been together 7weeks on this sundaʏ :P and noo, im seriouslʏ not, if ʏou ever accuallʏ see me im not.. ask luke or someone.. i aʏnt xx

  • Jessikah-Lucie'

    aahh ʏeaah i know ʏou :P ʏou was with rosie at dellars when i was with kʏe, and ʏou walked over and said sumin to kʏe about tha ʏou though he was pissed when ʏou was on tha phone to him, but he was hʏ.. am i rʏt? and thanks.. but im reallʏ not.. ʏou arre (: xx

  • Jessikah-Lucie'

    thanks for tha add, but who are ʏou? xx

  • .Miss Stacey.
    .Miss Stacey.

    Haha Darren's Comments :L x

  • Mini Devo
    Mini Devo

    yeah you dfo honistly lol.. when do i lie lol

  • DooshhBaag

    Lmaaaoo haaaaa :) ,, Lo0l Its Cool Thouughh I Meaaann Comee On,, Whooo Antt :D ,, Owkaaчv Taaahh hunnчччч :) ,, Loveeчuuu xxxx

  • Mini Devo
    Mini Devo

    haha i dont know how it is you look like a ghost haha honisly lol... i was like omg she is either dead or dressing up lol then i relised it was just i picture and though omg haha sorry xxx

  • -

    Heeyaah How come you werent at school today then?. Fairenough lol. umm did quitee abit. but wish it was moree sunnier to be honist but owell. still had a good oneee. goood. ox

  • DooshhBaag

    OMFG :o Lo0l Bet Thaat FuuCckin Hurt Maatee :) ,, HaaaaaHaaaa Lmaaoo,, Thaats Just Mee Lo0l,, Yeaa Yeaa It Waass Defo A Greaat Niight,, Owkaaчч Sweet Owkaaaчv Yeaa Yeaa Maakeee,, Suree Youu Doo Loveeчuu WriiteeBaaCck Giivee Mee Your Numbeerr Or Saank : ) Xxxx

  • DooshhBaag

    Gooddd Goodd Baaabeee,, Yeaa Taah Im Sound : ) ,, Lmaaaoo Isit Hun,, Haa FuuCck Mee It Hurts Wheen Youu,, Faal Overr Lmaaaoo : ( ,, Well Youu Betaaah Lmaaaoo,, Baabeee I Misss Our Laauugghhs Lmaaoo,, WriiteeBaaCck LoveeYouuLoaadss xxx

  • luv -

    Helloo hun. yeaa right been awhile aint it, hows was your summer holidaays? what you get up too? im pretty good thankyouu me loveeely. yourself? Loveee you

  • DooshhBaag

    Heelloo,, Youu Owkaaayy??,, Been Upp Too MuuCch Hun??,, I Seen Ambeeerrr&&JesssiiCccaa Thee Otheeerr,, Daayy Lo0l Ambeerr Goes Out Wiith Myy Next,, Door NeiighBouur Lmaaoo,, Gota COmee Out Soon Pleeaassee,, LoveeYouu Soundyy Xxxx

  • Mini Devo
    Mini Devo

    your picture is scary..:(

  • Mini Devo
    Mini Devo

    well i cant because i have no credit lol and i wont for a while lol

  • luv Rosie

    Hey babe you ok wuu2 wmb love you