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Elaine Laird Xx

Inerview for Queens in April =O xx

3/7/10 | me too! | Reply

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and baby when its love if its not rough it isn't fun! o)x!
Me, Myself, and I
-єℓαιиє ℓαιя∂, 10тн נυиє, тнояиніιι, ѕіиgιе .. o)! вояеδ чет?

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'Giяls ωho behαve, αяe иeveя яemembeяed '

'Beиeaтн тнe make-up && beнiиd the smile, im jusт тнe girl wнo wisнes for тнe world'

- Marilyи Moиroe ♥ !

'She was a smart girl... Til she fell in love'
- Sex and the City: The Movie
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get his other half!!!

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work up in the tower nearly a year and a half now. Thats all...
AS results..
AAB for anyone wantin to know woopdeefreakindoo :)

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  • Memory Box..=]

    ıεαvε мε α мεмσяч .. αитнíиg αт αıı, мε αиδ чσυ .. тнε αитícѕ ωε gσт υρ тσσ .. нαнα .. íтѕ αıωαчѕ gσσδ тσσ яεмεмвεя .. xXx //

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  • wat mey name means...

    ωαтѕ єα¢н ℓєттєя σf мєу иαмє ѕтαи∂ fєя

    є ιѕ fєя-»

    ℓ ιѕ fєя-»

    α ιѕ fєя-»

    ι ιѕ fєя-»

    и ιѕ fєя-»

    є ιѕ fєя-»

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  • Emmet The MasturBassist
    Emmet The MasturBassist

    Playing A Gig on Saturday:) Upstairs Castle Bar Doors Open 9:30 £3.00 Inn :D

  • Michael f
    Michael f

    ayy hows things havnt talk 2 u in a long time

  • Chilena Toland
    luv Chilena Toland

    hey sexi :) x

  • Kelly Ryan
    Kelly Ryan

    hey huni long time no c :D Wats da craic wif u and wat u up to? we must get a wee nyt out some time sori no love here but here xXx Mwah xXx

  • Shauna B
    luv Shauna B

    love:D :D :xoxo

  • Xx Ciara Burke Xx
    Xx Ciara Burke Xx

    Laineee :L :L all the single ladies o) did ye get stuff for the cocktails o) xxx

  • Shannon Harkin
    luv Shannon Harkin


  • Elisha Doherty
    luv Elisha Doherty

    wel hello missus ... haha she is cuttin jist fine lol :L :L :L and u haha yeah it was a gud wee nite now, but i wont be back in sugar on a wed nite again for sure it was really young :( :( :( so any outs for u at the weekend missus, fink i am going to take it easy and do some xmas shopping lol xx

  • Ross Laird
    luv Ross Laird

    Love you too wee Lainey! Not home at the moment so dont be online so much! Look lovely in the pics - not impressed with the flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( :B ;)

  • Vivien Narciso
    luv Vivien Narciso

    i love you!!!!! xxx

  • Nicole Downs
    Nicole Downs

    Elaine <3 ! - havent left u one of these in soo long ;( havent seen u in ages eithe :| needs d be sorted out ;O ? u still workin away pet ? iloveyou (L) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Tara Rodgers
    Tara Rodgers

    Wats the craic :D i have no txt d txt ye bk missus ..r yese reali i wus on about goin out too buh need d keep me muns fur saturday :D enojy urself anyways xo

  • Mickey Carr
    Mickey Carr

    Heyy smell:) them photos are up now if ye wani copy dem sum ones i dont even remember lol:L

  • Mercedes Xo
    luv Mercedes Xo

    Hiyaaaa awk its going d be beautiful ,aye he said he was going d get it fitted...cani wait d see them get them on bebo straight away ! ..lovee u xxxxxxx

  • Mercedes Xo
    luv Mercedes Xo

    Hiyaaa awk ayee ats ryteee he was sayin ,wat colour a dress u wearin :D wan bk Loves u .x x x x

  • Mercedes Xo
    luv Mercedes Xo

    Elaine ayee a suree was ,awk am grnad yeno wbu ! :D heres a wee lovee darlin !

  • Emma

    my 18th - this friday !! a bar crawl and then back to mines , let me know if your coming ; xoxo

  • Elisha Doherty
    Elisha Doherty

    heya missus .... wats the craic :D :D :D u heading out this weekend hehe :D :D sorrie luv is rare, getting u the next time lol xx

  • Xoxo Caitlin Xoxo
    Xoxo Caitlin Xoxo

    halo wee doll.. whats the crk ?? u missin me ? :D ;) xx

  • Taleesha
    luv Taleesha

    elaine (L) took me ages d wb cus we havent got internet in r new house yet boo hooo so am in the libary now on a saturday haha how sad is my life! .. unis sweet apart from the nine o clock starts but i cud be worse it cud be 7 0 clock in the tower haha hows school? has hasain been acting a creep? any other goss from the tower? xx