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SupermaR Number Thirteen


6/23/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 234
  • from kamloops BC
  • I am Down for Whatever
  • Profile views: 14,359
  • Member since: January 2005
  • Last active: 11/21/11
  • www.bebo.com/SupermaR_13
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need u 2 be my personal trainer for weights and dancing
Me, Myself, and I
they call me marlon few say supermar and other nicknames
once you know me very well you'll notice im a guy who likes to laugh and have a good time only
tell me a good joke and i'll be slapping my knees off
i like to watch movies

|__Phoenix Suns fans _|_| __\
|_________________ |_| ____|
any with the right beat
a knights tale, superman returns, and other kinds like comedy, action, and yeha
try my best for all but you win sme and you lose some
being energetic and on fire sitting on the bench during the games
Happiest When
being active and also music and hanging with friends and fam
need a hero|?
i'll try my best but no garuntees

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Allen Iverson

The Answer, AI
Position : Point Guard/ Shooting Guard
Fast as lighting. The street is where you were born. those street cross-over can kill anyone. you can get past your opponent so fast its like you make them in slow motion. You are small but Very Incredible.when you lay it up, spin double clutch reverse. its no problem for you.

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Jeremiah Jack

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SupermaR Number Thirteen

Beer Pong
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I will tell you why women, you win 99.9% of all fights. because you are mental terrorists. you are brain ninjas.

When I was little my daddy bought me all the f****** noodles I wanted. And do ya know why...COZ HE'S A SMART F****** GUY!!!!!

OK, stop doing that. People around us, people around us.

Fuck bees! I would punch every bee in the face!

There are three things in life that we are all going to do. We're all going to lie. We're all going to cry. And we're all going to take painful shits

Oh come on, Dusty! It's the bait crate! It's like... Comfort food for your penis

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles

Yeah but it's a fucking sweet car.

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  • Daniel Paul
    Daniel Paul

    dude what the shit in a toilet!

  • Emelia Ellzey

    They are giving away mac book air's http://alturl.com/tsuo8

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Jasmin x.0.x
    Jasmin x.0.x

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  • 'Best Girl'
    'Best Girl'

    Heey How it going:D ....... Do u got a cell:D

  • VicKi. Lacerte.
    luv VicKi. Lacerte.

    Bad Ass.. Mar Mar is online heres a randum heart<3

  • VicKi. Lacerte.
    luv VicKi. Lacerte.

    Oh gosh didnt drop in while..:o lol heres sum luv:D

  • -The-Answer-
    luv -The-Answer-

    hey wazzzzup Mar-Mar lol yeah so you know when them drop-inz startin?? holla holla pCe herez some heart i guess hehe

  • SoWhat
    luv SoWhat

    yeh pretty much.. lol but heres a random heart also So whats up

  • Miss.M
    luv Miss.M


  • Miss.M

    Your too sweet Darlin. lol

  • Miss.M
    luv Miss.M

    Sorry No i didnt. told you nigga buy me one lol.

  • Tha-Mothafuckin-Pimp
    luv Tha-Mothafuckin-Pimp

    hey wuts up man i lost my phone?

  • VicKi. Lacerte.
    luv VicKi. Lacerte.

    Heyy Mar how ar yu? been awhile since talked tooo yu... heres sum luv<3

  • Miss.M
    luv Miss.M

    Im trying Son! ahah. gees yo' calm down... lol. pc

  • VicKi. Lacerte.
    luv VicKi. Lacerte.

    Aye. Hows it going Mar? juss drop the Flat Ass sum heart. lmfoa. okee dokes.

  • VicKi. Lacerte.
    luv VicKi. Lacerte.

    Sum Randum. RED!.:L :P betchu boot yu got a lol. ttul.

  • VicKi. Lacerte.
    luv VicKi. Lacerte.

    Make a wish mar mar its 11:11. ahah wow really thats great! thats awsum!

    7/15/09 via Mobile
  • Miss.M

    Not Even Close To being worse to Kamloops Boii.. Joking. I'm kidding dude. White Boy! WOw! Thats His Name? lol. Rude. joking but yeah whats his name? Just Getting EveryTHing Planned orr what if i do come down lmfao. I Really do wanna Go Down My Care Broke down lmfao. No Worries it's Getting Worked on cha know. lol But yeah im purposly Burning My Dinner Right now. Sooo Entertain me. im kidding im going offline soon yo' ahha. But yes ill see about that cell phone lol. maybe supprise you some day txting from V's Cell ahha.

  • Miss.M
    luv Miss.M

    Nope i dont have no Phone yet Nig. lol Yo' your suppose buy one for me ;) lol. im joking yo' Big C might. Calm down just kidding.