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  • Male, Luv 727
  • from Yings house
  • I am Single
  • www.bebo.com/yingISghey
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
when i grow up i wana be just like her!

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  • a poem for eddy :D

    to my dearest eddy:

    thankyou for all the good times and the bad
    you were there for me, whether i was happy or sad
    you taught me things i would've never known
    your love and friendship is all thats shown
    but these things mean a lot to me
    it has shown me a true friend as you can see
    you're always on my side, by my side
    and together we will ride
    through the thick and thin
    through all the situations we've been in
    you'll do anything it takes to put a smile on my face
    a friend like you, i will never replace
    cos we are as tight as you can get
    a person like you, i will never forget
    i'm privileged to have a friend like you,
    you're someone i would stay true to.
    i wouldn't trade you for anything
    not even the hottest clothes or a diamond ring
    you've brought me the happiest days
    i'm never gonna leave you, forever i will stay
    cos you're worth more than a million
    you're one in a billion
    so Eddy my dearest friend,
    i will stick by you until the end.

    love ya shietloads fag <3

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  • My Report =DD

    Biblical Studies: Mr Jackson
    Assessment Mark : 77%
    Yearly Average : 50%
    Quartile : 1st

    English: Mrs Brake
    Assessment Mark : 60%
    Yearly Average : 53%
    Quartile : 2nd

    Maths: Mr Thackeray
    Assessment Mark : 92%
    Yearly Average : 63%
    Quartile : 1st

    Science: Ms Giles
    Assessment Mark : 75%
    Yearly Average : 61%
    Quartile : 1st

    History: Mrs Keers
    Assessment Mark : 67%
    Yearly Average : 67%
    Quartile : 3rd

    Visual Arts: Mrs Hall
    Assessment Mark : 77%
    Yearly Average : 67%
    Quartile : 2nd

    Music: Ms Reece
    Assessment Mark : 85%
    Yearly Average : 65%
    Quartile : 1st

    Technology: Mr Deuis
    Assessment Mark : 67 %
    Yearly Average : 69% <----- ROFL DEUIS DOESNT LIKE ME ><"
    Quartile : 3rd

    Italian: Ms Randall
    Assessment Mark : 67 %
    Yearly Average : 65%
    Quartile : 2nd

    PDHPE: Mr Manuel
    Assessment Mark : 75%
    Yearly Average : 65%
    Quartile : 1st

    `` Well Overall i got average and Above, Some areas i could really work on. But what i found was i only got 2 '1's in -Follows instructions and remains on task- [ Ms Reece & Mrs Randall Kool Yo =] and the rest i got 2 and 3. SHOCKINGLY~! MR THACKERAY GAVE ME 3 ! wouldnt blame him :L all those times of laughter and choco giving :L shhhhh =] && Technology. :L FUnny times. despite our differences Mr Deuis ur still kool xDD Well Yr 8's Been a good year.
    theres been loses and givings ><" Ying & Joel Will be Missed D:
    ``but despite all that we keep all of the memories we had in yr 8 [excursions, incursions]
    - Andres & Kevin = U Guys are like hectik, we laughed everyday no matter what circumstances =] " THANK GOD THERE NOT BOOBS" ROFL Good times =] see ya next year mateys =]
    -Ying Best Friend Gunna Miss U Heaps and Heaps ><" But ayy u get to meet new ppl =]
    so Frends for ever =]
    - Steph. Me & U tight =] even though we had our ups and downs.. ur kool =] Techness x]
    - Bethany Tan & Tracy = Good times together. asian corner =] // i hear dimsims x]
    - Best Thing That Happened = Teresa =] I Love Her x]

    ``Good Times Guys. Love You All x]
    Cya in YEAR 9 XO!

    26 Comments 294 weeks

  • ii. lOve eddy ♥


    o6/o5/o7 12: o6..

    its my b'dayy 2dayy bitchess.. =)


    1 Comment 325 weeks

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